Minutes > May 28, 2008 MCVFA Board Meeting

May 28, 2008

     The regularly scheduled meeting of the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association Inc. was called to order by the Association President, Ms. Diana Pfersick, R.N. at 7:30 PM.  The location of the meeting was the Combined Training Facility located at 1190 Scottsville Road, Rochester, NY.

     The assembly was led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag by the Sgt.-At-Arms, Mr. Larry Zarnstorff and there was a moment of silence observed for the deceased members of the MCVFA (Inc.)

     With the taking of the roll call, it was determined that a quorum existed to conduct all business brought to the floor by the attending directors, delegates and representatives plus other interested parties.

     The minutes of the previous meeting were approved with no corrections or additions on a motion called for by the Chair.  1st Mr. A. Way.  2nd by Mr. L. LeonE.  The motion passed by voice acclimation.


     There were several communications read to the assembly for their consideration.  There was one receipt passed to the Treasurer for his workflow.

      There were no bills presented to the Secretary for consideration by the attending members.

Treasurer’s Report:    Mr. J. Princehorn

      The Treasurer read and discussed the entire financial status of the Association, complete with the reading of each check issued and the status of each investment account and general bank account…both checking and savings.

      There was a motion called for by the Chair to approve the payment of the financial obligations of the Association as outlined by the Treasurer, Mr. J. Princehorn.  1st by Mr. G. Klingenberger.  2nd by Mr. L. Hicks.

      There was a motion called for by the Chair regarding the acceptance of the report by the Treasurer, Mr. J. Princehorn.  1st by Mr. A. Way.  2nd by Mr. L. Hicks.  The Treasurer’s report was accepted as given…. after a lengthy discussion by the members attending.  Several of the suggestions from the attending members will be discussed at further meetings for possible implementation in the near future.


      The Treasurer, Mr. J. Princehorn then went on to discuss the present state of the financial condition of the various investment accounts that are held by the Association and their ability to “make the Association some money”.

      There was a suggestion from the Treasurer that an “Investment Committee” be formed to look at the accounts and with the assistance of the Association Financial Advisor……make recommendations to the members that would further the financial goals of the Association in the future.

      There was a lengthy discussion regarding such issues as making money, the possibility of losing money and need for some ideas from all points to come to an agreement on how to wisely invest the Association funds in instruments that will benefit the Association and its future.

     There was a motion called for by the Chair to authorize the formation of an Investment Advisory Committee.  1st by Mr. L. Hicks.  2nd by Mr. R. Pfersick.  The motion was passed by voice acclimation with the clarification that it will be….”Special Committee #2.

Mr. David Sweet, FASNY Executive Committeeman administered the Oath of Office to Mr. Michael Smith as Association 1st Vice President and to Mr. Stephen Jamieson as Director.



The Audit Committee has met but nothing has been finalized to date.  The Convention Account will be examined after the Convention in August.

Banquet:    Mr. D. Sweet

There were 95 attendees at the Green Lantern Party House.  It was a success by all accounts and plans for the 2009 Banquet are to be targeted for the 2nd weekend in May of 2009.

Budget and Finance:    Mr. L. Hicks

Mr. L. Hicks, in consultation with Mr. C. Dunn, wish to have a 6 month review of the budget so they can get a handle on the overall picture of the budget.  They are seeking a place to meet and will inform all as to their progress.

Constitution and Bylaws:    Mr. M. Smith

The Constitution and Bylaws are now posted on the Association Web Site, www.mcfva.com

There are changes needed to reflect the “Banking and Financial” changes that the Association is now involved in.


There was a motion to alter the Bylaws.  Both were to strike specific sections.

Article 6 Section 2…. Add Section 2A

Section 8 “Internal Discovery”

1st by Mr. J. Princehorn.  2nd by Mr. L. Hicks.  The motion passed by voice acclimation following discussions.

Emergency Medical Service:    Ms. D. Pfersick R.N.

There is a “Disaster and Trauma Conference scheduled for June 6 &7 2008 at the Combined Training Facility.  Cost is $15.00 per day.

The following Committees had no reports at this time for a variety of reasons:  Explorers, Fire Prevention Education, Fire Prevention Essay Contest, Hospitality Room, Membership, Resolution, Siren, Steering Committee, Special Events and Special Committees #2.

Nominating Committee:    Mr. P. Tracy

There was no report from the Committee per se but there was a letter sent to the 5th Battalion organizations regarding the opening that exists for a Director to represent the 5th Battalion on the Board of Directors of the MCVFA (Inc.).

Historical:    Mr. A. Sweet

Mr. A. Sweet requests any old Rochester Safety Council Luncheon Programs be looked for that may be in private hands and forwarded to him for inclusion in the archives of the MCVFA (Inc.).


In Albany, NY, on June 3, 2008, the New York State Assembly will be holding a Fire Fighter-Emergency Medical Service Appreciation Event.  The report is attached to these minutes.

Public Relations:    Mr. C. Dunn

The web site is doing well.  There is decent activity of people signing up for the news and current information notification system, (by email).


There will be requests put in for rooms for the fall Legislative Conference.


It is reported that the progress is slow going at this date.

Special Committees:

#1 – Awards:    Mr. L. LeonE

No report at this time.

There was a motion called for by the Chair to approve the Committee Reports.  1st by Mr. M. Smith.  2nd by Mr. R. Pfersick.  The motion passed with no discussion by voice acclimation.



Finger Lakes Burn Association:    Mr. R. Pfersick

The Burn Walk is scheduled for June 8, 2008.  It will commence at the Irondequoit Town Hall and end in Sea Breeze.

Fire Advisory Board:

Their meeting was May 19, 2008.  The Novelty Cigarette Lighters are still an active issue.  On September 8, 2008, there will be a test of the Ginna Emergency Plan.

County Fire Chiefs:    Mr. A. Sweet

Their last meeting was May 14, 2008 at Barnard.  There was an overview of the whiteout on Interstate 390 near the airport that cost a woman her life and resulted in several serious injuries to other involved motorists who became involved in a series of collisions due to zero visibility.  Chief Harrington put on a very interesting presentation of the event.  The report was followed by a Q &A session.

Fire Districts and Fire Marshals had no report at this time.

Safety Officers:

Their meeting is scheduled for May 28, 2008.  New Safety Equipment will be discussed.

County Fire Police:

The May 3, 2008 Seminar had 145 attendees.  By all accounts….it was a well received program.  There are plans in the works for one to be held next year, (2009).

Their next meeting will be held in Scottsville on June 5th, 2008.


No report at this time.


The Convention will be held in Himrod, NY June 6-7, 2008.


The Convention will be held on July 23, 24, 25 and 26, 2008 in Albion, NY.


Chaplains, Coordinator’s Office, FASNY and State Fire Police had no report at this time for a variety of reasons.

Firemen’s Home:    Mr. D. Sweet

The Builder’s Plaque was dedicated last week.



1st Battalion:

Webster had a house fire.  There are pictures on Fire Wire.

2nd Battalion:

Chief John Greirson passed away.

3rd Battalion:

No report at this time.

4th Battalion:

Churchville went to Byron as a fire fill-in.

5th Battalion:

No report at this time.


None brought to the floor.


The Association needs to set goals for the future.

The Association is actively casting for new ideas.  Members are asked to think about goals and ideas for a mission statement.  Ideas due at the June meeting.

The Association President asked all present if they are happy/satisfied with their Committee assignments.  If changes are warranted, contact her to discuss them.

**** At the next meeting pictures will be taken of those who do not have one on file.  Also, if anyone wants a new one taken…..wear a shirt and tie and the green jacket for a new picture to be taken. ****


The President:    Diana Pfersick, R.N.

No report at this time.

1st Vice President:    Mr. Michael Smith

No report at this time.

2nd Vice President:    Mr. Lynd Hicks

No report at this time.


Mr. Lawrence A. Ritz thanked all present for their support.


With no additional business being brought to the floor there was a motion called for to adjourn the meeting.  1st and 2nd by acclimation.  The motion was carried by acclimation.  There was no dissent.

The Closing Benediction was offered by Mr. Royer Pfersick.

Time of adjournment………9:45 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

J. K. Walsh

Sec. /MCVFA (Inc.)