Minutes > January 21, 2008 Workshop Meeting Minutes

January 21, 2009

     The regularly scheduled Workshop Meeting of the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association Inc. Directors, Committee Chairpersons, Delegates, Representatives and other interested parties was called to order by the Association President, Ms. Diana Pfersick R.N. at 7:30 PM on the date stated above.  The meeting was held in Room 105 at the Combined Training Facility, located at 1190 Scottsville Road, Rochester NY.

     There was a moment of silent reflection called for and the assembly then recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag.

     With the taking of the roll call…it was determined that a quorum existed to conduct all business brought to the floor by the attendees.

     The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as to form and content on a motion made by Mr. G. Klingenberger and a second by Mr. R. Diehl.  There were no additions or corrections brought to the floor.


     There were communications discussed but the received communications were put over till the Quarterly Convention that will be held in Rush, NY on January 29, 2009.

Treasurer’s Report:    Mr. J. Princehorn

     The Treasurer gave a complete financial picture of the Association and the full report was sent to the Directors by electronic transfer.

There was a discussion of various accounts and the need for all committees to submit a budget request for the coming year.

The Treasurer’s Report was approved by voice acclimation on a motion made by Mr. G. Klingenberger and a second by Mr. M. Smith.


     The following Committees had no report at this time: Audit, Banquet, Constitution and Bylaws, Emergency Medical Service, Fire Prevention Education, Historical, Legislative, Membership, Public Relations, Resolution, Steering, Special Events, Topics, Transportation, Yearbook and Special Committees #1 and #2.


Budget and Finance:    Mr. R. Diehl

     Mr. W. Nichols advised the assembly that the $13,000.00 in the Yearbook Account (Convention Book) can be used by the Association as part of its regular operating budget, (2009).

     There were comments made by Mr. R. Diehl stating that the Budget regarding expenses not income can be passed and used to pay the Association obligations.

     There was then a discussion by Mr. R. Diehl concerning the budget items, check totals, reasons for the checks being issued and solicitor’s fees.  There were several suggestions regarding the current budget’s status and at this point there was a motion made to approve the budget with anticipated income.  1st by Mr. R. Diehl.  2nd by Mr. M. Smith. The motion was carried by voice vote.

Investment Advisory:    Mr. G. Klingenberger

     Mr. D. Sweet rose to suggest that the Association develop a policy and procedure for use by the Investment Advisory Committee in their work on behalf of the Association.      The Investment Advisory Committee is to make recommendations for use by the Directors to manage the investments of the Association.      As noted there is no policy or procedure to date for the Committee to use in its work.

Mr. G. Klingenberger stated that a road map is needed and will be worked on by the Committee in the near future.  Mr. G. Klingenberger did state that they would be wise to wait until the representative from Sage-Rutty comes to the Directors Meeting to discuss this very complex undertaking.

Comments by Mr. C. Dunn covered the need for a comprehensive plan that covers the who, what and when of dealing with the investments controlled by the Association before any action is started.  There were many comments from the floor regarding the types of investment owned by the Association.

Any additional thoughts, suggestions or actions should be held for 30 days, (comment by Mr. G. Klingenberger).

Mr. D. Sweet rose to state that FASNY uses the services of the law firm Nixon Peabody to advise on investment matters.  Their fees seem to be very reasonable, he stated.

As a closing to this discussion, Mr. C. Dunn again states that a plan must be in place as to the procedures regarding the purchase of any investment product whatsoever by any Committee or person or persons connected with or to the Association.  These words were agreed on by all.

It was reported that the Convention Committee has not been audited yet.  But a transcript was mailed by Mr. Nichols for records purposes.

There was a motion made to use the same list as last year to pay regular and routine appearing bills and obligations of the Association.  1st by Mr. L. Hicks.  2nd by Mr. G. Klingenberger.  The motion was carried by voice acclimation with no discussion.

There as a motion made by Mr. G. Klingenberger covering the payment of financial obligations of the Association.  “Any monies spent by the Association are to be paid by the Treasurer’s Office in the form of a check in keeping with normal business practices”.  There was a 2nd by Mr. R. Pfersick.  A roll call vote was requested by Mr. G. Klingenberger.  The result: 9 Yea and 4 Nay.  The I’s have it and the motion was accepted with no further discussions.

Hospitality Room:

     There was a discussion initiated by Mr. D. Sweet. “Do we need and or want a hospitality room in the future.  There were many comments from the floor both for and against the Hospitality Room.  There were comments pro and con regarding the cost, labor and fuss and muss surrounding the need for a room in the future.  The general feelings were mixed and the idea was tabled for one month to give the members time to think about this.  The subject will be revisited in a month for action by the Directors.


     Ms. D. Pfersick R.N. stated that she had met with the representative of Marketing Squad and they seem to be the “only game in town”.  After a long discussion of the subject in general, it was decided to put the question up to a vote.  “Shall a contract be signed with Marketing Squad for the year encompassing 2009?”  There was a motion made by Mr. M. Smith and 2nd by Mr. G. Klingenberger to sign the contract so the campaign can begin.  The motion was carried by voice vote and no further discussion.

     At this point, the meeting was given over to the discussion regarding “Strategic Planning” concerning the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association Inc. 

The question of who are we and what do we do was the starting point.  There were far ranging discussions of programs such as the “Adult Fire Education” subject, the “Civil Officer Training Project” (that has been brought up many times in the past) and possible future training programs for Exempts Club Officers, along with the legal problems that can befall them. 

Mr. C. Dunn rose to discuss the various programs that could be of great benefit to the various civil sides of the fire service.  One subject covered was the Fire Prevention Essay Contest and the benefit it imparts to the county’s youth in keeping the subject of fire safety in the forefront of practical education.

These and other ideas were advanced for discussion.

This is not a flash in the pan subject.  It will take much thought and reflection but time is going by and there must be a practical plan in front of the members as soon as possible.  Work will continue regarding this subject.


With no additional business brought to the floor….several members in tandem called for an adjournment of the Directors Workshop meeting.

The meeting was adjourned by mutual acclimation.

Respectfully Submitted,

J. K. Walsh

Sec. /MCVFA (Inc.)