Minutes > November 18, 2009 Board Of Directors Meeting






Vice President Lynd Hicks called the November 18, 2009 meeting of the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association to order at 7:30PM 


Sgt. at Arms Thomas D’Ambra led the pledge to the flag and Chaplain Pfersick opened the meeting with a prayer.


Roll was taken and it was determined that there was a quorum.  Present were Lynd Hicks, Charles Bommele, Alan Way, Gordon Burris, Greg Laskowski, Gene Renner, Dick Diehl, Bob Chichester, Royer Pfersick, Larry Ritz, David Sweet, Bill Nichols, Tom D’Ambra.  Excused Diana Pfersick, Michael Smith, James Walsh.


The minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and it was determined there were no corrections.  Dick Diehl made the motion to accept the minutes as presented.  Charles Bommele seconded the motion, which passed.


There were no communications to be presented at this meeting.


Treasurer’s Report:  Bill Nichols

Bill Nichols requested the dividends from the Convention Account be put into the Convention Checking Account as this account is getting a little low and he does not want to be hit with any bank fees because of a low balance.  Dick Diehl made the motion to approve Bill’s request and to approve the Treasurer’s report.  Bob Chichester seconded the motion, which passed.


Bills: Bill Nichols

Bill Nichols presented the bills for the evening, as there were no last minute bills.  Larry Ritz made the motion to pay the bills out of the proper account.  Charlie Bommele seconded the motion, which passed.




Budget Committee – No Report


Investment - No Report


Constitution and By-Laws - No Report


EMS - No Report


Explorers – Royer Pfersick

We had our first meeting of this year in Rush


Fire Prevention Education - No Report


Fire Prevention Essay – Alan Way

Chairman Way presented a written report and Dick Diehl presented a sample of a trophy to be used as the Don Fox Memorial Trophy.  Larry Ritz made the motion we go with Dick’s idea and to purchase two.  Royer Pfersick seconded the motion, which passed with all for except one abstention.


Hospitality - No Report


Historical - No Report


Legislation – Bill Nichols

There was some discussion on the Ryan White Act.  There was discussion on the Administration training the Association would like to sponsor.  Dave Sweet will check with FASNY on what they could offer and work with the President.  The President will check with Sam DeRosa on when the large room will be available.  Royer will look into refreshments.  FASNY has signed a contract with VFIS for a program for Civil Officer training and Dave will work on getting Monroe County as a site. 


Membership – Bill Nichols

The membership is coming in.


Nominations – Paul Tracy

All table officers need to get in letters, as this is the year everyone moves up.  There will be an opening for 2nd Vice-President and Directors in all Battalions.  They have to be to me by noon on the day of the January Quarterly, which is on January 28, 2010.


Public relations - No Report


Resolutions – No Report at this meeting but there will be a report at the next Quarterly.


Steering – David Sweet

I am still looking for resumes.  Please get them in as soon as possible.


Health Fair – Bob Chichester

It is my feeling we no only should do it again next year but we should rent a larger booth and we should start one plans right after the first of the year.


Topics – Royer Pfersick

There will be a speaker at the January Quarterly


Year Book – Alan Way

Alan presented a written report and the books were available at the meeting.  Mr. Dean needs to be contacted to pick up the ones he needs to hand out.


Dick Diehl made the motion to accept the Committee Reports as presented.  Larry Ritz seconded the motion, which passed.


The Quarterly schedule for 2010 was discussed and it is as follows:

January 28th – West Webster

April 29th – Penfield

July 21st – TBA

October 28th – TBA

Gordon Burris reported that on January 17th there will be a special fund raiser at the Barnard Exempts for one of their Explorers that has a brain tumor. 


Dave Sweet reported that Paul Ohmler (FASNY Director from Erie County is having some major health problems.  The Secretary is asked to send him a getwell card.


It was reported that Mike Smith is in the Friendly Home for Rehab. 


There was no more business to be brought before the Association.  Alan Way made the motion to adjourn.  Larry Ritz seconded the motion, which passed.


I apologize if anything is missing.  The recorder messed up and I missed a couple of reports.


Respectfully submitted,


Alan C. Way, Acting Secretary


Mr. Al Way