Minutes > January 28, 2010 - Quarterly Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2010


            The regularly scheduled Quarterly Convention of the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association Inc. was called to order by the Association President, Ms. Diana Pfersick R.N. at 7:30 PM at the West Webster Fire Department Facility located on Gravel Road on the above date.


            The assembly was led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag by the Association Sgt.-At-Arms, Mr. Thomas D’Ambra and the Opening Prayer for Guidance was offered by the Association Chaplain, Mr. Royer Pfersick.


With the taking of the roll call it was determined that a quorum existed to conduct any business brought to the floor by the attendees.


            Preceding the convention was a dinner of Roast Beef Sandwiches with all the trimmings courtesy of the efforts of the West Webster Fire Department.


            The attendees were welcomed to West Webster by the Fire Department President, Mr. Kevin White and the response was by the MCVFA (Inc.) 2nd Vice President, Mr. Lynd Hicks.


            The attending guests of the Association were introduced by Mr. L. Hicks


There was no Topics Speaker at this Quarterly Convention.


The minutes of the previous meetings were accepted as to form and content with no additions or corrections on a motion called for by the Chair. 1st by Mr. A. Way. 2nd by Mr. R. Pfersick. The motion was carried by voice acclimation. There was no discussion or dissent.


Bills and Communications.

            There was a discussion initiated from attendees on the passing of Ms. Loretta Ver Weire and the funeral visitation at the Grey Funeral Home in Scottsville NY.


There was one receipt for printing coasts passed to the Treasurer for his workflow and payment.


Treasurer’s Report.                                                                                    Mr. W. Nichols

            Mr. W. Nichols supplied a complete financial report of the MCVFA (Inc.) to the Secretary for the permanent files of the Association and discussed this report in full with the attendees. There was no questions at this time regarding the Treasurer’s Report from the attendees. As always, the Treasurer’s Report is available to any member of the Association by contacting Mr. W. Nichols.

There was a motion called for by the Chair regarding the Treasurer’s Report.

Mr. R. Diehl made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report and the motion was seconded by Mr. R. Chichester. The motion passed by voice acclimation with no further discussion or comment by the attendees.


The following committees had no reports at this time for a variety of reasons. Audit, Budget and Finance, Investment Advisory, Fire Prevention Education, Hospitality Room, Historical, Special Events and Topics.


Banquet.                                                                                                Mr. W. Nichols

            The annual banquet will be held in Fairport NY at the Green Lantern Party House on May 8, 2010. There will be a meeting scheduled at Mike Smith’s house in the near future to iron out the plans of the banquet committee.


Constitution and Bylaws.

            There is a need to update the bylaws of the association and if requested…..the Association Attorney is available to attend the Feb. 2010 Directors meeting.


Emergency Medical Service                                                Ms. D. Pfersick R.N.

            Swine flue is not, “On deck any longer” the first surge is now over and the 2nd surge is waiting in the wings for resurgence. The attendees were urged to get their flue shots if they have not done so in the recent past.

March 6-7 is the FASNY EMS Seminar at Montour Falls. The application/reservation form is available at the FASNY Web Site.



Explorers.                                                                                                Mr. R. Pfersick

            There is a brunch scheduled for Valentine’s Day at the Rush Fire Department.

Mr. L. Hicks asked if there was an insurance policy that could be supplied for the association records. It was reported that each post pays insurance money to cover liabilities incurred in its programs.


Fire Prevention Essay Contest.                                                                        Mr. A. Way

            The complete report of the committee is attached to these minutes. This report was supplied by Mr. A. Way, the Committee Chairperson.


Legislative.                                                                                                        Mr. D. Sweet

            On March 20, 2010 there will be a FASNY Outreach Program put on at the Combined Training Facility by FASNY. The site location will be Room 117 A and B. Coffee and donuts will be provided. The Start time is reported to be 9:00 AM and it should last until about 2:00 PM, (Estimated) The subject will be “Legislative Issues Effecting the Fire Service”

There are letters going out to surrounding counties informing them of this Outreach Program.


Membership.                                                                                                Mr. W. Nichols

            The report is attached to these minutes.


Nominating                                                                                                 Mr. P. Tracy

            The report is attached to these minutes with one addition…. There will be the need for candidates for the office of Secretary.


Public Relations.

            The Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association has its own page of “Facebook” although to access it you must set up a Facebook account. By recent reports there have been many visits to the site already and it was reported that it is a great way to get information regarding the Association before a great many people. (Three Cheers Chris Dunn for your work on this project)



            There was no list at this meeting due to the weather and conditions of the roads. The report was sent to the Secretary by mail. And is attached to these minutes


Steering Committee                                                                                    Mr. D. Sweet

            The committee is still looking for a candidate to replace Mr. G. Hendrickson.

The 2nd Vice President of Northern Central New York Volunteer Firemen’s Association  has resigned the position and there is a need to fill this position also. Candidates are being solicitude throughout the organization.


Transportation and 50/50

            The door prizes were won by Mr. F. Nundy and Mr. L. Hicks.

The 50/50 was won by Mr. W. Nichols.


Yearbook.                                                                                                            Mr. A. Way

            The report is in the file and Mr. A. Way states he has some extras with him this evening.


Special Committees.


#1. Awards.

Mr. L. Leone reports that he has no nominations as of this evening for either category, Firefighter of the Year or the Explorer Award.


#2. The “Dome” Project.

            Mr. R. Chichester reports that he’s not done anything lately regarding the MCVFA (Inc.) presence there but he does report that last year’s success demands the continued presence of the Association.


There was a motion called for by the Chair to accept the Committee Reports as given by the attendees. 1st by Mr. R. Diehl. 2nd by Mr. R. Chichester.

The motion passed with do discussion or additions by voice acclimation.


Reports of Representatives and Delegates.


The following had no reports at this time for a variety of reasons. Finger Lakes Burn Association, Fire Advisory Board, County Fire Chiefs, Drills and Officials, Fire Districts, Safety Officers and Fire Marshals.


County Fire Police.

            They had the first reading of their new bylaws. The next meeting is scheduled for March 4, 2010 at Sea Breeze Fire Department.



            Mr. D. Sweet is running for reelection as FASNY Director.


NCNYVFA                                                                                                            Mr. G. Burris

            The report was read, discussed and attached to these minutes


WNYVFA                                                                                                            Mr. D. Sweet

            The report is attached to these minutes.

Mr. Paul Homler passed away. There is a need to replace him. The WNYVFA has endorsed Mr. D. Sweet for Director, FASNY.

Their next meeting is scheduled for April 11, 2010 at the Shawnee Fire Department.


Report of Officials and Delegates.


            Chaplains, Coordinators Office and Firemen’s Home had no report at this time.


State Fire Police.

            Their web site is vfpsny.org

They are in the process of reorganizing their group.

March 20, 2010 is the date of the Fire Police Seminar at Montour Falls NY.

The Convention is scheduled for May 20-23, 2019 in Mayville NY.


Battalion Reports.


There were 8 reported fires in the battalion and West Webster’s new fire house id now on line.


2nd Battalion

            Brockport had a large house fire. A sorority house was the site and residents were burned out. Hilton had two house fires, (next door to each other).


3rd Battalion, no report at this time.


4th Battalion.

            Churchville had two firefighters injured at a fire scene.


5th Battalion.

            They report 259 calls…..no fires.


Old Business.

            There is a need for persons to fill vacant positions both local and sectional.


New Business.

            Ms. D. Pfersick R.N. discussed the various local and world wide, “Chemical Suicide” situation and the danger to responding emergency responders. She asked all attendees to be extra cautious of; “Person over the wheel” calls…….especially in remote locations.


There is a need for a July site for the Quarterly Convention.

The April 29, 2010 Quarterly Convention will be held at Penfield #1 and it will be the Election of Officers Meeting.


There is a Fire Police Seminar scheduled for May 1, 2010. It will be held at the Brockport High School.


Report of the Officers.


The Association President,

Ms. D. Pfersick R.N.

“Thanks for all the support”


The Association 1st Vice President,

Mr. M. Smith

Mr. M. Smith is excused due to illness.


The Association 2nd Vice President,

Mr. L. Hicks

No report at this time.


There was a motion called for by the Chair to authorize the payment of the Association financial obligations.

1st by Mr. R. Diehl. 2nd by Mr. R. Chichester. The motion was carried by voice acclimation. There was no discussion or dissenting votes cast.


Good and welfare

            There was none discussed.


            With no additional business brought to the floor by the attendees there was a motion called for to adjourn the Quarterly Convention.

1st by Mr. R. Diehl. 2nd Multiple Members in unison..

The motion was passed and accepted by voice acclimation by the attendees.


The Closing Benediction was offered by The Association Chaplain, Mr. R. Pfersick.


Time of adjournment……..8:45 PM

Members signed in……….21



Respectfully Submitted


J. K. Walsh

Sec. /MCVFA (Inc.)