Minutes > February 14, 2010 Board Meeting Minutes

February 24, 2010

The regularly scheduled meeting of the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association Inc. Board of Directors, Committee Chairpersons, Delegates and Representatives was called to order by the Association 2nd Vice President, Mr. Lynd Hicks at 7:30 PM, in the absence of the Association President, Ms. Diana Pfersick RNC and the Association 1st Vice President, Mr. Michael Smith (both of which were excused absences).

The assembly was led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag by the Association Sgt.-At-Arms, Mr. Thomas D’Ambra and the Opening Prayer for Guidance was offered by the Association Chaplain, Mr. Royer Pfersick.

With the taking of the roll call it was determined that a quorum existed to conduct any business brought to the floor by the attendees.

At this point the floor was turned over to the Association Attorney Mr. Joel N. Krane Esq.   Mr. Krane gave a complete explanation of the various government codes and laws that govern associations such as the MCVFA (Inc.)

This is a 501 (C3) Organization.  A complete set of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Association must be sent to the Internal Revenue Service and to the New York State Attorney General’s Office.  A 501 (C3) Organization is a tax exempt organization.  This Association has been approved as such on an application filed for in the past and is thus mandated to operate under a set of laws set up to govern the financial practices of such groups.  Donations to this Association are tax exempt.  This is not a political action group and can not act as such.

There followed a lively discussion of the practices of the fund raising concerns now under investigation by the NYS Attorney General’s Office.  There were questions asked and answered by Mr. Krane and there will be more in depth discussions regarding this matter in the future.  What’s needed in the immediate future is a review of the Association Bylaws and, after review, a finished copy sent on to the appropriate government entities.

The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved as to form and content on a motion called for by the Chair after a correction was noted by Mr. L. Ritz regarding the spelling of a deceased member of a local sectional group, (WNYVFA).  The correct spelling is Mr. Paul OEHMLER, not Homler as stated in the January 28, 2010 Minutes... The Secretary regrets the error and it was corrected on the “Official” hard copy of the permanent files of the Association.  1st by Mr. G. Klingenberger.  2nd by Mr. L. LeonE.  The motion carried by voice acclimation. There were no dissenting votes cast.


There was a “Thank You Card” sent by the family of Loretta VerWeire in acknowledgement of the Mass card given at her Funeral Service.

There was one receipt for postage and one receipt for printing given to the Treasurer for his workflow, payment and posting.

Treasurer’s Report:            Mr. W. Nichols

Mr. W. Nichols gave a report on the general financial picture of the Association with special emphasis on the checking account mechanics as pertaining to fund raising deposits and the ability of the fund raising company to make deposits to the Association account.  There was an in-depth discussion regarding this situation and Mr. G. Klingenberger objected to this procedure continuing in the future.  There will be future discussions on the changing of this procedure.

The Treasurer’s Report was approved on a motion called for by the Chair.  1st by Mr. A. Way.  2nd by Mr. R. Diehl

The Treasurer’s Report in its entirety was supplied to the Secretary for inclusion in the permanent records of the Association and is available for inspection by any member by contacting the Treasurer, Mr. W. Nichols.


The following Committees had no report at this time for a variety of reasons. Audit, Budget and Finance, Fire Prevention Education, Historical, Nominating, Resolution and Transportation 50/50,

Banquet:            Mr. W. Nichols

The Spring Installation Banquet will be held on May 8, 2010 at the Green Lantern Party House in Fairport NY.  The cost is $25.00 per ticket.  This will be a shared event with the MCVFA Ladies Auxiliary.

Investment Advisory:            Mr. G. Klingenberger

It was reported that the interest for “Short Term C.D’s” is now 4.88% if held for 3 months.  This rate is at the Bank of Castile.  Mr. G. Klingenberger will be getting a report on returns by Email, (per discussions)

Constitution and Bylaws:

The Association Attorney, Joel N. Krane Esq. discussed various points of the Association Bylaws and made several suggestions to remediate several errors and omissions.  This will be an ongoing project.

Emergency Medical Service:            Ms. D. Pfersick, RNC

The FASNY EMS Seminar is to be held March 6 & 7, 2010 at Montour Falls, NY.  The new EMS Protocols are now in service.

Explorers:            Mr. R. Pfersick

Mendon FD had an Explorer Death……Peter Cannon…..due to an automobile related incident (not connected with Fire Department duties).

May 13, 2010 will be the Recognition Dinner.  It will be held at the Sea Breeze Fire Department.

There was another discussion of “Youth Day” at the FASNY Convention to be held in August in Long Island.  More to follow as the details are firmed up.

Fire Prevention Essay Contest:            Mr. A. Way

The complete report is attached to these minutes.

Hospitality Room:            Mr. D. Sweet

The contract for the October Legislative Conference was received by Mr. D. Sweet.  The cost for the room is $396.00 for two (2) nights.  (Food and transportation costs will be an extra amount for the room host.  Also it was agreed not to have a Hospitality Room at the FASNY Convention in Long Island due to the reputed high cost of the room.

Legislative:            Mr. D. Sweet

Mr. D. Sweet discussed the FASNY Outreach program that will be held at the Training Center on March 20, 2010.  The subject will revolve around legislative issues that have importance to the fire service.

Membership:            Mr. W. Nichols

Mr. W. Nichols reports that the membership drive is “Coming along good”.

Public Relations:            Mr. C. Dunn

Mr. C. Dunn reports the “Facebook” page (www.facebook.com) is getting a lot of hits.  He requests information be sent to him for inclusion on the page.

Steering Committee:            Mr. D. Sweet

The Co-Hosting of a room with the WNYVFA at the State Convention was discussed.

Mr. W. Nichols has been appointed as the Committee Chairperson of the WNYVFA Steering Committee.

Special Events:            Mr. R. Chesterton

Mr. R. Chesterton reports that the Dome Project this year will be held on October 7, 2010 and will be a full court press this year as to involvement.  More to follow as the date of the event nears.


The July Quarterly Convention will have a speaker present.

Yearbook:            Mr. A. Way

The complete report is attached to these minutes.

Special Committees:

Mr. W. Nichols discussed the Insurance Bill that is due in March 2010.  There was a motion called for by the Chair to pay the bill.  1st by Mr. G. Klingenberger.  2nd by Mr. A. Way.  The motion was carried by voice acclimation.  There were no dissenting votes cast.

There was a motion called for to approve the Committee Reports as to form and content.  1st by Mr. R. Chichester.  2nd by Mr. R. Diehl.  The motion was carried by voice acclimation.  There were no additions or corrections to the original motion.


The following Representatives and Delegates had no report at this time for a variety of reasons: Finger Lakes Burn Association, County Fire Chiefs, Drills and Officials, Fire Districts, Fire Marshals, Safety Officers, FASNY, NCNYVFA and WNYVFA.

Fire Advisory Board:            Mr. L. Ritz

The report is attached to these minutes.

County Fire Police:            Mr. A. Way

March 4, 2010 at Sea Breeze Fire Department is the next Meeting.  There may be a speaker.

The Training Seminar will be held in Brockport, NY at the High School on May 1, 2010.  This will be an all day event.


The following Officials and Delegates had no report at this time for a variety of reasons: Chaplains, Coordinators Office, Firemen’s Home and State Fire Police.


1st Battalion

No report at this time.

2nd Battalion:

The Hamlin Carnival is now scheduled for the 2nd week in July.

3rd Battalion:

Barnard’s Carnival is scheduled for the last week in June of 2010 and the Parade is scheduled for the Wednesday of the last week of June.

4th Battalion:

No report at this time.

5th Battalion:

No report at this time.


There was none brought to the floor.


Mr. C. Dunn discussed the need for more structure at the meetings in regards to presentation of information to the assembly.


The President:            Ms. Diana Pfersick, RNC

Nothing at this time.

The 1st Vice President:            Mr. Michael Smith

Excused due to illness.

2nd Vice President:            Mr. Lynd Hicks

Nothing at this time.

On a motion called for by the Chair, checks were approved at this time for payment of the Association Financial Obligations.  1st by Mr. R. Diehl.  2nd by Mr. G. Laskowski.  The motion was carried by voice acclimation.  There were no dissenting votes recorded.


Mr. M. Smith, the Association 1st Vice President, is at present a patient at Rochester General Hospital.  The plan is to move him shortly to a Nursing Facility.  Following a period of recuperation, the plan is to start Chemotherapy.  Card will be sent from the membership.

With no additional business brought to the floor, there was a motion called for to adjourn the meeting by the Chair, Mr. Lynd Hicks.  1st by Mr. C. Dunn.  2nd by Multiple Members in unison.  The motion carried by voice acclimation.

The Closing Benediction was offered by the Association Chaplain, Mr. R. Pfersick.


Time noted was……….9:40 PM


Respectfully Submitted,



J. K. Walsh

Sec. /MCVFA (Inc.)