Minutes > August 25, 2010 Board of Directors Meeting


Monroe County Volunteer Firemen's Association, Inc.

Board of Directors

August 25 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to Order at 19:06 by President Lynd Hicks at the Public Safety Training Center, Scottsville Road, Rochester NY.

Opening Prayer was given by Director Royer Pfersick and the Pledge of Allegiance was lead by Acting Sgt-at- Arms Kathleen D’Ambra.

Roll Call was taken by a sign in sheet which is attached to the master copy of these minutes.  13 Directors & Officers, 3 past presidents, 2 Committee Chairs signed the roster.  Secretary James Walsh & Ken Fuller asked to be excused.

Past President David J. Sweet was appointed to serve as Acting Secretary for this Meeting.

President Lynd Hicks introduced William Hall who has taken over Scott Dean’s business.  His business name is Charity Champion.  William met with a small group of Officers prior to the Board Meeting

Minutes of the July Convention meeting were approved on a motion by Director Glenn Klingenberger, 2nd by Director Richard Diehl with a correction to the stated start date of the organization to be 1930.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer William Nichols reported that the Treasurer’s report was E-mailed earlier and he would answer any questions about it.

Audit Committee: Chairperson Kathy D’Ambra reported that per the directive of the membership at the July 2010 meeting, she sent inquiries to 3 accounting firms regarding an audit of the Association’s records.  Contacted were Sandra Stefano, Ray Wager, and Arnold Gray.  Sandra Stefano has retired and her business was bought by Stokes, Visca and Company.
Proposals were received from Stokes, Visca and Company and Ray Wager.  After a discussion on Kathy D’Ambra’s report, it was decided to accept her recommendation of Stokes, Visca and Company.
Om a motion by Alan Way, 2nd by Glenn Klingenberger to adopt the following Resolution of the BOD, R. Diehl abstained.


Resolution of the Board of Directors of the MCVFA to contract for an audit of its fiscal records

Whereas the Board of Directors of the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association is held responsible for the management of and to insure the safe keeping of the funds of the Association and

Whereas the Directors desire to demonstrate the prudence of their due diligence in the performance of their responsibilities and

Whereas The Directors feel that the obtaining of an external audit of the Association’s fiscal records is appropriate in the fulfillment of their financial oversight responsibilities.

Therefore Be It Resolved that after a review of the proposals submitted to the board for an audit by external firms the Board wishes to engage the services of “Stokes, Visca and Company LLP.”
Said services to include;

1.      Accounting System Review – Performance of a detailed review of our accounting system including a review of day to day accounting and bookkeeping procedures including cash disbursement procedures, contribution accounting, bank reconciliations, payroll accounting, etc.
Based upon the review of the accounting system and internal controls, recommendation for improvement will be documented in a Management Recommendation Report.

2.      Financial Statement Compilation – A review of our financial records for the year ending December 31, 2009 and for the period ending June 30, 2010 to compile accurate internal financial statements as December 31, 2009 and for the period January 1, 2010 through June 30, 2010.

Fee for listed services not to exceed $2000.00

And Be It Further Resolved that the Board of Directors authorizes Kathleen D’Ambra to engage “Stokes, Visca and Company LLP.” on the behalf of the Association to perform the services specified in this resolution.

Budget and Finance: R. Diehl established the date of September 8th at 19:00 at Henrietta #1 for a committee meeting to prepare the 2011 operation budget.

Richard also reported that our new financial advisor will be at the October Director’s workshop meeting to discuss our accounts and answer questions.

Our Financial Advisor is
Kenneth J. Harzyrski                                                    720-0730
1246 Long Pond Rd                                                    720-1301 Fax
Rochester, NY 14626

Constitution and Bylaws: Past President Diana Pfersick reported that the committees will meet September 14, 2010, 19:00 at the PSTC.  The committee has a draft prepared that it is reviewing.
Diana expressed commendations to Past President Chris Dunn for his efforts to date on project.

Explorers: It was reported that the Explorer post are invited to participate in activities at the Port of Rochester.

Fire Prevention Education: Director Alan Way presented his report which is attracted to the master copy of these minutes.  Al indicated that he had the materials for the Essay Contest with him and asked the Directors please take them for their battalions.

Historical: Chairman Alvin Sweet had several pictures of previous events which he was circulating around the room.  Also included was a copy of a newspaper article on the Association’s quarterly meeting of October 29, 1939.

Yearbook: Director Alan Way reported that he needs new pictures. He will have Camera with him at next month’s meeting.

Special Committees:

#1: Health Fair: Director Robert Chichester reported that the committee will meet September 21st, Henrietta 1, 19:00. He will check with the Auxiliary about help. The Date of the event is October 7th, 9:00 to 4:00

#2: Jackets: Director Chichester reported that plans on hold till after the 1st. of January.

Delegates Reports:

County Fire Chiefs: Director Gene Renner reported that $275.00 has been turned in to the Treasurer from ticket sales at the Chief’s equipment show.

FASNY: President Lynd Hicks reported that the convention was well run.  Recommend that we continue to join Western Association for Hospitality at state functions after this year’s October Legislative meeting.

NCNYVFA: Past President D. Sweet reported that the next meeting of Northern Central will be at Honeoye in Ontario County.  The meeting will start at 13:00 will a legislative proposal gathering session.  Regular meeting to follow.

Western: PP Sweet reported that the next Western event will be a Testimonial Dinner honoring retiring President Marc Kasprazk on September 11th.  Their regular business meeting will be Sunday, September 12, 2010.  Both events will take place at the Shawnee Fire Station in Niagara County.


Scott Shell, the elected Director from the first Battalion has not made a meeting since his election at the annual meeting in April.  President Hicks requests that the Secretary write a letter to Mr. Shell inquiring if he intends to serve as a director.


On a motion by Director Royer Pfersick, seconded by many, the board approved payment of the financial obligations of the Association presented by Treasurer William Nichols.  No objection recorded.

No action on a letter from the Chili Fire Department presenting Mike Simeone for appointment as a Director from the 4th battalion.  Mr. Simeone is not a member of the Association and is not eligible to hold an office.

On a motion by Director Alan Way, 2nd by Director Ron Pratt, the board approved a recommendation to contribute $500.00 toward a Stained Glass Window at the Firemen’s Home sponsored by Western.  No objections were heard.

President Lynd Hicks raised a question of whether some of the Association meetings should be held at the PSTC, particularly the January Meeting.  Also asked was “Do we want food at these meeting?”  No motion was made on the suggestion but the consensus of the discussion seems to be “Try it in January 2011”.


President: President Hicks reported that the topics he wished to covered were taken care of in other portions of the meeting.

1st. Vice President: Charles Bommele raised a question about holding our Quarterly meeting on Wednesday evenings.  Our Bylaws currently specify Thursdays except in July.  VP Bommele requested the Bylaws committee to consider this as it is preparing the bylaw amendments.

Awards Banquet is coming up October 7th at the Diplomat.  This will be the initial presentation of the Ray Emma Fire Prevention and Education Award.  VP Bommele asks that in addition to the normal one table for County Association Officers, a second table for the Emma Family and the award winner be purchased this year.  Motion was made by Past President Diana Pfersick, 2nd by Director Royer Pfersick, to approve $500.00 to purchase 2 tables for the Awards Banquet. Maximum of 5 members of the Emma Family and 5 members of the award winner’s family.

2nd Vice President: Louie Leone asks that an information form for all officers, directors and committee members be developed so that contact data is available.  In particular, the Association needs mailing addresses, phone numbers and e-mails.

VP Leone also mentioned that a count was needed of those who plan to attend the awards banquet.


Director Ron Patt reported on 2 events that will be happening in Brockport in the near future.  The first is a breakfast at the Brockport Exempts on Saturday, August 28th, from 8 to 10 in conjunction with Clarkson’s Good Neighbor Day. 
The second was a reminder about the 9-11 vigil at the memorial in Brockport.

BENEDICTION: was offered by Chaplain Royer Pfersick.

ADJOURMENT was at 21:37, motion by Director Diana Pfersick, Seconded by Royer Pfersick