Minutes > May 25, 2011, Board of Directors Meeting


May 25, 2011

The previously scheduled meeting of the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association Inc. was called to order by the Association President, Mr. Lynd Hicks at 7:00 PM.  The meeting location was Room 103 at the Combined Training Facility located on Scottsville Road.

The assembly was led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag by Mr. Lynd Hicks and a moment of silence was observed for the deceased members of the Association.

With the taking of the roll call, it was determined that a quorum existed to conduct all business brought to the floor by the attending officers of the Association.

The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved as to form and content on a motion called for by the Chair, Mr. Lynd Hicks.  1st by Mr. A. Way.  2nd by Mr. G. Klingenberger.  The motion was carried by voice vote.  There were no dissenting or abstentions noted.


The current received communications were read to the assembly and they were dealt with as to being passed over to the appropriate members for their attention and actions, as benefits the Association.

Treasurer’s Report:            Mr. W. Nichols

The report of the Treasurer was acknowledged as received and a copy of the report was sent to the appropriate Association Officers by email prior to this meeting.  There was a motion called for to acknowledge the report of the Treasurer by the Chair.  1st by Mr. D. Nesbitt.  2nd by Mr. A. Way.  

There was a brief discussion regarding the words “Accepted” and “Acknowledged” as they apply to the report of the Treasurer.  It was determined that per Roberts Rules of Order… the correct manner in dealing with the Treasurer’s Report is to “Acknowledge” rather than “Accept”.  Members at a regular meeting “Acknowledge” the receipt of the report.  “Accept” is to verify all figures by the Audit Committee.

By voice vote, the Treasurer’s Report was acknowledged by the attendees.


The following Committees had no report at this time for a variety of reasons: Audit, Budget and Finance, Investment Advisory, Constitution and Bylaws, Emergency Medical Service, Historical, Nominating, Transportation 50/50 and Special Committee #2.


August 27-28, 2011 will see the Smoke, Flames and Courage being held at Ontario Beach Park.

Fire Prevention Essay Contest:            Mr. A. Way

The Essay Contest “Did Well”.  There were lots of winners and the Chairman thanked all who assisted him in this most important project.

Hospitality Room:            Mr. D. Sweet

There will be no Monroe County Hospitality Room at the FASNY Convention that will be held in Alexandra Bay.  There will be a shared Hospitality Room with the Western New York Volunteer Firemen’s Association.  This is a cost saving measure.

Legislative:            Mr. D. Sweet

FASNY is working on its Legislative agenda and all information regarding this subject can be found at the FASNY web site. www.fasny.com.

Membership:            Mr. W. Nichols

“Paying FASNY dues”.

Public Relations:            Mr. C. Dunn

The MCVFA (Inc.) has to date…. 500 “Facebook Friends”.


The WNYVFA, NCNYVFA and FASNY Necrology lists will be complied and sent to the afore mentioned groups by the MCVFA (Inc.) Secretary in time to be included in their Memorial Services at their upcoming Conventions.

Steering Committee:            Mr. D. Sweet

The Association will again be paying for one dinner ticket to the Past Presidents Dinner at the FASNY Convention for eligible members.  This dinner will be held on August 16, 2011 at the Edgewood Hotel in Alexandra Bay NY.  The attending guest will be then responsible for a guest ticket if that member so desires.  This decision was formalized by a motion called for by the Chair after lengthy discussion and questions from the attending members.  1st by Mr. G. Klingenberger.  2nd by Mr. A. Way.  This motion was passed by voice vote.  There were no dissenting or abstentions noted.

Special Events:

There was a new Committee formed.  It shall be discussed under the heading…..”Special Committees Number Two”.

The Health Fair is scheduled for October 6, 2011 at the Dome Arena and the entrance fee is $500.00 for registration and two tables.


There will be a topic at the next Quarterly Convention.  It will be either the American Red Cross or the New President of the M.C.F.C Association.

Yearbook:            Mr. L. Hicks

He’s awaiting a recall from a Mr. Hall.

Special Committee #1:

No report at this meeting but information will be forthcoming on the Health Fair and the Service Awards.

There was a motion called for to accept the Committee Reports as given.  1st by Mr. R. Diehl.  2nd by Mr. G. Renner.  So moved by acclimation.


The following Representatives and Delegates had no report at this time for a variety of reasons: Finger Lakes Burn Association, County Fire Chiefs, Fire Districts, Fire Marshals and Safety Officers.

Fire Advisory Board:            Mr. L. Ritz

The complete report is attached to these minutes and can be accessed at the MCVFA (Inc.) web site, www.mcvfa.com.

Drills and Officials:            Mr. L. Hicks

The first drill will be held June 18, 2011.  It will be hosted by Sea Breeze and held at the Point Pleasant Drill Field on Kings Highway, Irondequoit, NY.

County Fire Police:

June 2, 2011 is a T.B.A. status meeting.

There were 160 attendees at the recently held Seminar in Brockport NY.


There is a program place to reimburse fire fighters for educational course work.  Information is available at the FASNY web site, www.fasny.com.


The Convention will be held in N. Syracuse, NY (Exit 37) June 3-4, 2011.

There also is a NCNYVFA Report attached to these minutes and can be accessed at the MCVFA web site, www.mcvfa.com.

WNYVFA:            Mr. K. Fuller

The next meeting will be held Sunday, June 5, 2011 in Warsaw, NY at the Moose Club.  The Convention will be held July 27-30, 2011 in Warsaw, NY.

September 10, 2011 is the date reported for the Testimonial Dinner.

The Stained Glass Window for the Chapel at the Firemen’s Home was discussed.  The cost sharing will amount to $500.00.


Chaplains Associationand Coordinators Office had no report at this time.

Firemen’s Home:            Mr. D. Sweet

The census will be increased to 80 members up form the previous maximum of 71.  This action was approved by the Trustees meeting at the home.

State Fire Police:            Mr. R. Chichester

The Convention was held last month.  The fall meetings will be held on October 14-15, 2011 in Spencerport, NY.  More to follow in the coming months.


There were no Battalion Reports taken this evening.


There was a motion called for to pay for the Directors’ tickets to the Red Wings Baseball game.  1st by Mr. C. Bommele.  2nd by Mr. C. Hess.  This motion was carried by voice vote with no discussion or dissention.

There was $300.00 approved for “Baseball Bucks” for distribution at the game.  This motion was called for by the Chair after a floor discussion.  1st by Mr. R. Chichester.  2nd By Mr. R. Diehl.  The motion passed by voice vote…there was no discussion or dissenting votes cast.


There was a motion called for by the Chair to pay the financial obligations of the Association.  1st by Mr. R. Diehl.  2nd by Mr. C. Bommele.

There was a motion made to advance to the Smoke, Flames and Courage Committee the sum of $100.00 to assist in covering the expenses of the exhibition at Ontario Beach Park scheduled for August 27-28, 2011.  1st by Mr. A. Way.  2nd by Mr. D. Nesbitt.  This motion was carried by voice vote.  There were no dissenting votes or abstentions noted.

There was a motion called for by the Chair on a request from the Treasurer, Mr. W. Nichols to transfer monies from various accounts to others for the benefit of the Association.  1st by Mr. R. Diehl.  2nd by Mr. R. Chichester.  The motion was carried by voice vote.  There was no dissention noted or abstentions voiced.


The President:            Mr. Lynd Hicks

No report at this time other than comments made during the meeting.

The 1st Vice President:            Mr. Charles Bommele

Mr. C. Bommele apologized to the new Directors for some of the conduct observed at this meeting.  It was “Unprofessional” in nature he states.

2nd Vice President:            Mr. Louie LeonE

No report at this time.


Paul Tracy had back surgery and is having a difficult recuperation due to the severity of the damage.

Forrest Skelton had a scare at work due to chronic medical problems.  He was transported to hospital for evaluation and treatment.

Guy McGowan is undergoing rehabilitation at St. Ann’s Home on Portland Ave due to ongoing problems with mobility.

Our thoughts are with these members at this difficult time in their lives and cards will be sent to all on behalf of the entire membership of the Association.

With no additional business being brought to the floor…there was a motion called for to adjourn the Directors Meeting.  1st by Mr. A. Way.  2nd by Mr. D. Nesbitt.  The motion was carried by acclimation.


The Closing Benediction was offered by the Association Chaplain, Mr. Royer Pfersick


Time noted….9:37 PM



Respectfully Submitted


J. K. Walsh

Sec. /MCVFA (Inc.)