Minutes > October 19, 2011 Board Workshop


October 19, 2011

The Workshop Meeting of Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association Inc. was called to order by the Association President, Mr. Lynd Hicks at 1930 hrs. at the Combined Training Facility located at 1190 Scottsville Road, Rochester, NY.

The assembly was led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag and a Moment of Silence was observed in honor of the Association departed members.

With the taking of the roll call, it was determined that a quorum existed to consider all business and other matters brought to the floor by the attendees.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as to form and content on a motion called for by the Chair, Mr. Lynd Hicks.  1st by Mr. A. Way.  2nd by Mr. D. Nesbitt.  The motion carried by voice vote.  There were no abstentions noted.

Business of the workshop begins here.

Per Mr. L. Hicks:

The Coordinator’s Office reports to Mr. L. Hicks that the NCNYVFA Day Convention can not be held at the Training Facility due to space concerns and the date is a conflict.

It was brought to the floor by Mr. G. Burris that a possible site for the Convention could possibly be Monroe Community College (MCC).  They do have the auditorium space, rooms and other needed designated areas.  There was a brief discussion of the need for food service and other considerations.  There was a motion called for by the Chair, Mr. L. Hicks to investigate this site for the Convention.  1st by Mr. W. Nichols.  2nd by Mr. G. Burris.  The motion carried with no further discussion noted by voice acclimation.  There were no abstentions noted.  (As a side note, this Convention is to be held in June of 2012, so an answer as to location should be in hand by December 2011).

Mr. C. Dunn reports on a question from the Chair regarding the Yearbook…the project is pending paperwork from the state. 

Mr. R. Diehl reports on a question from the Chair….The Budget for the next year’s operation is ready to be put to the attendees at the next Quarterly Convention to be held at the North Greece Exempts Facility on October 27, 2011.  After a discussion regarding method of presentation…it was determined to use a Power Point Presentation.  There was no further discussion of the budget at this time.

The assembly then considered the motion made by Mr. G. Klingenberger regarding the amount of the stipend that would be given to the retiring Trustee of the Firemen’s Home, Mr. David Schultz.  Mr. G. Klingenberger’s original motion that was approved at the August 31, 2011 Director’s Meeting called for a $500.00 donation be offered to the Home in Mr. D. Schultz’s name.

There were some members that were dissatisfied by this motion and wished to revisit the circumstances and have further discussions.

Mr. Klingenberger stated that his motion was discussed at great length on August 31, 2011 and all ideas were heard and thoroughly discussed…and the vote was taken and the results were… “Favor, Mr. G. Klingenberger by 3 votes for, 3 votes against and 6 abstentions, with a tie being broken by the vote of the Chair, Mr. L. Hicks.

After much discussion from the attendees regarding the stated motion…Mr. G. Klingenberger was asked if he would consider withdrawing the motion he made on August 31, 2011 for a new vote to be taken this evening based on the “Strained Discussions” that were in evidence at this meeting.  After much thought, Mr. G. Klingenberger withdrew his original motion and agreed to a new motion crafted by general agreement and advanced by the Chair, Mr. L. Hicks for a vote.

There were several attempts to craft a motion regarding this stipend and donation to the Home by Mr. W. Nichols, Mr. L. LeonE and several other attendees.  Finally…Mr. G. Klingenberger stated… “Offer $500.00 to the Chapel Fund in Mr. D. Schultz’s name”.  The result was 8 in favor and 2 abstentions.  It was then expanded to state “$500.00 to the Chapel fund and $1,500.00 to Mr. D. Schultz”.  This motion was defeated by a vote of 5 against, 3 in favor and 1 abstention.

The original amount will be the final word on the subject. There will be $500.00 offered to the Firemen’s Home to be designated for the Chapel Fund in Mr. D. Schultz’s name.  The Chair stated the matter is closed and no further discussions were to be held at this time.

The next item on the agenda was the Strategic Business Plan.

There was a great deal of confusion on this matter.  It seemed that more than one version of the plan had been circulated to several members for their review.  The committee had put to paper their outline and some recommendations.

Several Officials took this report to be a disparagement of their actions and policies in place.  There were statements made from the floor regarding these feelings and there were questions regarding the drafts that were not satisfactorily answered.

Mr. C. Dunn rose to defend the broad outline of the draft and the possible reasons for the confusion.

Mr. W. Nichols then rose to express his annoyance regarding the statements of Mr. C. Dunn.

Mr. C. Dunn packed his material and left the meeting.  This prompted a general discussion of the circulated draft copies and the possible revisiting of this matter at some later date when a satisfying version is presented to the Directors for their consideration.

There was a motion advanced by the Chair for the Treasurer…Mr. W. Nichols to pay the financial obligations of the Association.  Mr. W. Nichols then read the list of obligations due.  There was a 1st by Mr. G. Klingenberger and a 2nd by Mr. R. Diehl to pay the financial obligations of the Association.  This motion was carried by voice acclimation.  There was no dissent noted nor abstentions counted.

Mr. G. Klingenberger then rose to ask a question of the Treasurer.  Mr. G. Klingenberger wanted to know why the Convention Committee still had a checking account in their name when he made a motion to close all checking accounts and have only one account to place all monies of the Association.  (A review of the records show this motion was made at the January 26, 2011 Board Meeting.  The motion addressed closing the Convention checking account.  The motion was 2nd’d by Mr. A. Way and passed by a vote of 13 affirmative and 7 negative votes.)  Mr. G. Klingenberger voiced his displeasure regarding the situation of an agreed-on motion not being acted on for nine months.  Mr. W. Nichols then rose to state he was disgusted by all the acrimonious actions regarding a minor situation.  He further stated….The Association could get a new Treasurer if they so felt inclined.  Mr. G. Klingenberger then stated he simply wanted an explanation, not a resignation or other extreme action by anyone.  The matter was dropped at this time for some type of future action by the parties involved in the discussion.

Mr. G. Klingenberger then thanked the Association for the card recently sent to his wife Cheryl who had surgery on her leg.  (She’s doing fine at this time and hopes to make a full recovery.)

Mr. G. Klingenberger also stated that the Gates Fire Department will be hosting the April 26, 2012 Quarterly Convention at House #2.  More to follow on this.

General Notes:

The Chaplain, Mr. Royer Pfersick wishes to be informed of all deaths reported in the local newspaper.  He does not receive the newspaper, so phone notification or email notification would be in order.

The January 2012 Quarterly Convention will not have a dinner/food component due to several factors discussed at this meeting.

There was a suggestion advanced that the MCVFA, Inc. have use of the STEP Conference room for their meetings.  This was discussed and found to be too small for the entire group to use.  The meeting will stay in Room 103.

The final report of the recently held “Health Fair” will be ready for the next meeting and presented by Mr. R. Chichester, the Chairperson of the event.

Mr. G. Klingenberger stated that the recently held Chief’s Awards Dinner was a great event.  The food was very good and it was well attended.

Mr. G. Klingenberger states that will again be a MCVFA, Inc. “Night at the Red Wings” as this year’s event was a great success.

There was also talk of a MCVFA, Inc. Buffalo Bills Football trip.

More to follow on both of these events.

With no additional business brought to the floor, there was a motion called for to adjourn the Directors Workshop Meeting.  1st by Mr. D. Nesbitt.  2nd by Mr. A. Way.


Time of adjournment…2045 hrs.




Respectfully Submitted




J. K. Walsh

Sec. /MCVFA (Inc.)