Minutes > April 18, 2012 Board of Directors Meeting Minutes



President Lynd Hicks called the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Board of Directors Workshop to order at 7:08pm on April 18, 2012 

Vice president Louie Leone led the members present in the pledge to the flag followed by an opening prayer by Assistant Chaplain Alan Way. 

Present: President Lynd Hicks, V.P. Louie Leone, V.P. Charles Bommele, Gordon Burris, Larry Ritz, Al Sweet, Dale Nesbitt, Alan Way, Chris Dunn, Glenn Klingenberger & Bill Nichols. Excused: James Walsh, Royer Pfersick & Diana Pfersick. It was determined there was not a quorum. 

Gordon Burris gave an update on the Northern Central Convention being held in Brockport (at 191 & 248 West Avenue) on June second and sponsored by the MCVFA. Agenda (draft) will be attached. 

There was a lengthy discussion meeting dates to attempt to get away from a summer meeting date. Al Sweet worked up a possible schedule while looking at the meeting schedule of the County Fire Chief’s schedule and that of the District Officers. His worksheet will be attached. His idea is to hold a Membership meeting in Jan., May & Sept. on either Wed. or Thurs. The Director Workshops will not be held on the month of the Membership meeting. To do this the By-laws will have to be either amended or suspended for a year. A By-Law change will be prepared and read at the October meeting. 

It was recommended that the summer 2012 meeting be held on June 27th (the normal Board meeting night) at the Training Center if a large enough room is 

available. It will be announced at the April meeting. The Board will meet at 6:00pm and the membership will meet at 7:00pm. 

President Hicks requested that the following names be presented to the membership for Life Membership at the General Membership meeting: Dick Diehl, Gene Renner & James Walsh. 

There was some discussion on the Strategic Planning Committee and their recommendations. 

There was a discussion on the Association Year Book. Chris wanted to know what date we wanted everything in by and when we wanted it available. It was decided to have everything in by June and hand the book out in late July or August. 

It was reported that Larry Zarnstorff has been in Unity & St. Mary’s hospitals for 91 days but is doing good. His wife had to be placed in a Care Center. 

The campaign sign or poster for Al way’s run for Trustee was discussed. Chris Dunn will work on it and will take new pictures at the Quarterly. 

Al Way did a closing prayer. 

Gordon Burris made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Larry Ritz seconded the motion, which passed. 

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Alan C. Way, Acting Secretary