Minutes > August 29, 2012 Board of Directors Meeting


August 29,2012 

President Klingenberger called the August 29, 2012 meeting of the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen's Association to order at 7:02pm. 

David Sweet led the members present in the pledge to the flag followed by a moment of silence requested by the President. 

David Sweet made the motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting as posted. Ken Fuller seconded the motion, which passed. 


Letter from Rush supporting Alan Way for Home Trustee. 

Three post cards that had to have an address change (Chris Dunn will handle). 

Treasurer's Report -William Nichols Dick Diehl made the motion to acknowledge the Treasurer's report as presented. Dale Nesbitt seconded the motion, which passed. 

Bill reported that he had to transfer $3000.00 out of the Convention account to cover the Convention and $500.00 out of the Money Market Fund. Lynd Hicks made the motion to approve the movement of funds by the Treasurer. Dick Diehl seconded the motion, which passed. 

Investment Committee -Dick Diehl 

Dick Diehl reported that investments are almost keeping up with expenses but we do need to bring in fresh funds to remain solvent. The Budget meeting will be @ 7:00pm at Henrietta #1 on September 12th. 

Year Book Fundraising Committee -Chris Dunn 

The solicitor (Guaranteed Integrity, Inc.), which was conducting the Association telemarketing campaign, suddenly went out of business in early June of this year. Although the solicitor completed the fund raising collections for the Association, they did not fulfill the contractual obligations of publishing the year book at the solicitors cost. The failure to fulfill this obligation has left MCVFA to cover the printing of the year book. Due to the non-anticipated printing costs, it is recommended that only 100 copies of the book be published. A motion was made by Alan Way and a seconded by Ken Fuller to authorize only 100 books be printed. The motion passed. 

Chris Dunn reported he was in contact with the NYS Attorney Generals office, Charities Division, regarding the matter. The NYS Attorney Generals Office informed the Association that Guaranteed Integrity, Inc. has a $10,000.00 Insurance bond that was filed with the NYS Attorney General. It was suggested by the NYSAG that we file a claim against the bond to recoup any losses. A resolution was made authorizing Chris Dunn, with the President, to act as an agent of the MCVFA Board of Directors to file any complaints and claims with the Attorney General's Office and the Great American Insurance Co., respectively. The resolution was adopted by the Board by a motion by Dave Sweet with a second by Ken Fuller. The motion passed. Currently the Year book Committee is searching for a new telemarketer for the next solicitor campaign. 

Explorer Committee -President Klingenberger 

We did supply the bus for the Explorers to go to Syracuse for the Youth Day on Thursday of the Convention and we did have to pay. This was budgeted funds and the turnout was a bit low. Hopefully as it becomes better known it will grow. Dick Diehl made the motion to approve this expense. David Sweet seconded the motion, which passed. 

Fire Prevention Education/Essav Contest -Alan Way/Bob Chichester 

AI reported that all the material for the 2012 contest is on the back table to be taken tonight. Anyone that can make sure that all the east side is delivered would be a great help. This year's topic is "Have Two Ways Out". It should be fun with some interesting essays. 

Bob Chichester reported he had had a meeting of the committee and most of the material has been ordered. He requested the purchase of 500 bags with our emblem on them to put the material in when it is handed out at the October Health Fair. AI Way made the motion to get the 500 bags. Lynd Hicks seconded the motion, which passed. 

Steering Committee -David Sweet 

Dave reported he purchased 18 tickets for the Past President's Dinner at the Convention, of which 5 were purchased for a spouse. Zip & Lucy Kraemer endednotusingtheirticketsduetoillness. Iwouldliketomakeamotionwe return the $50.00 to Lucy for her ticket and absorb the amount. Louie Leone seconded the motion, which passed. 

AI Way was elected as expected. 

All repeat appointments were successful but there were no new ones. We lost the Fire Prevention Life Safety position. 


FASNY -Dave Sweet They did something new this year at the Convention. They scanned everyone on the way out not in -you had to sit through the speaker to get credit. 

WNYVFA -Ken Fuller A full report is submitted in writing. 


Battalion IV -Ken Fuller I was honored to represent the County at the Mumford Anniversary event to present them with their certificate. 

Battalion V-Dick Diehl/Bob Chichester 

They reported on what is happening at West Brighton and that the residents voted to support the Volunteers. They will keep the Association informed happening. President Klingenberger announced that he would write a personal letter of support for himself and the Association. He would also offer whatever help we can provide. 


President -Glenn Klingenberger Nothing more to report at this time. 

1st Vice President -Louie Leone 

Louie is compiling a list of people interested in attending the Awards Dinner at the Diplomat Party House on October 11tho There will be two tables purchased with three spots for the Ray Emma Fire Prevention Officer of the Year Winner -Peter DeToy from Brockport. The remaining seats are open. Interested -get your name to Louie. 

2nd Vice President -Dale Nesbitt Nothing to report at this time. 


The following was done at the opening of the meeting. David Sweet made the motion to go out of order with the agenda to appoint two of the open Director positions. Ken Fuller seconded the motion, which passed. President Klingenberger appointed the following: 

.. Battalion II Director -Gordon Burris 

.. Battalion V Director -Robert Chichester 

Louie Leone presented Gordon Burris a plaque to commemorate his six years asDirector and3years asSg1.atArms. 

Chris Dunn brought up a problem with setting up the reversed paging (calling). On line they ask for a credit card -he was going to try to call the company -there was a lengthy discussion on the Association getting a credit card (one that is purchased with a set amount) to be used for the reversed paging but also might be given to a delegate to cover expenses representing the Association. Ken Fuller made the motion that the Treasurer be authorized to get a credit card with a maximum of $500.00 on it for use for the reversed paging. Dale Nesbitt seconded the motion, which passed. 

Badges -Do we want to stay with the embroidered or go to a metal type badge? Dave Sweet made the motion we remain with the embroidered badge. 

Dale Nesbitt seconded the motion, which passed. Lynd Hicks made the motion to only purchase metal badges of office for the Presidents. Alan Way seconded the motion, which passed with one opposed. 


Treasurer William Nichols read off the bills to be paid at this meeting (per report). Dick Diehl made the motion to pay the bills per the Treasurer's report. Bob Chichester seconded the motion, which passed. 

President Klingenberger stated that the Long Range Planning Committee had presented a report in January and to date nothing has been done with the report. .Alar)WaymadethemotiontoadoptthereportfromtheLongRange Planning Committee. Dick Diehl seconded the motion which passed with one opposed. Chris Dunn and Larry Ritz went over the report and set to have the Committee Reports at the September meeting what their mission and goals will be (All Committees). All Directors were given a copy of the report -if you do not have one, contact Chris Dunn. 

It was decided that the Association needs a PR Committee (person) as soon as possible. It is very important to get the word out of our Mission and Goals and to let people know we are a part of the Monroe County Fire Service. 

The tables and donation to the County Chiefs for the award night was discussed. It was decided that since we are purchasing two tables and our income was down that we might want to cut our donation in half from last year. Dick Diehl made the motion we go with the two tables and $250.00 to the County Chiefs. Louie Leone seconded the motion, which passed. 

The Western and Northern Central Testimonial Dinners were discussed. It was decided that there was $200.00 budgeted for each dinner with the delegates getting first choice and then to the Table Officers and Directors. 


Gene Renner had Carpal Tunnel surgery on one hand prior to the Convention and the other hand when he got home. 


VP Dale Nesbitt reminded everyone that the October Quarterly will be at the Hilton Fire House not the Hilton Exempts. Bill Nichols made the motion to adjourn the meeting. Forrest Skelton seconded the motion, which passed. The meeting was adjourned at 10:15pm. Respectfully submitted, 

Alan C. Way, Acting Recording Secretary