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April 17, 2013

The scheduled meeting of the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association, Inc. Board of Directors Workshop was called to order by the Association President, Mr. Glenn E. Klingenberger at 7:00 PM in Room 117A at the Combined Training Facility, 1190 Scottsville Road, Gates, NY.

The assembly was led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag by Mr. G. Klingenberger and there was a moment of silence observed for the departed members of the Association.

With the taking of the roll call it was determined that a quorum existed to conduct all business brought to the floor by the attendees.

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as to form and content on a motion called for by the Chair, Mr. G. Klingenberger.  1st by Mr. A. Way.  2nd by Mr. R. Chichester.  The vote was floor acclimation.  No dissent was noted.

There was one communication read to the attendees regarding a Drill Team Competition that will be held in Spencerport, NY August 10, 2013.  It was agreed to sponsor a trophy for presentation and an ad in their program book.  The costs are:….$50.00 for the trophy and $100.00 for the full page ad.  There was a good deal of discussion regarding this event and the result was generally favorable for Association participation in the event.  There will be more information available as the event date approaches.  The event the Association will be interested in is the “Bucket Race”.  There was a motion called for by the Chair involving and approving the expenditure of Association funds for this event.  1st by Mr. L. Hicks.  2nd by Mr. A. Way.  The motion carried by voice acclimation.  There was no dissent noted.

At this point, there was a question asked of Mr. R. Chichester regarding the possibility of a “Health Fair” scheduled for 2013.  Mr. R. Chichester reported that there will be one this year.  It will be at the Dome Arena on October 3rd.  There is a plan to expand the participation area by the Association.  On this affair…there will be more information on this event as it becomes available.

Treasurer’s Report:            Mr. W. Nichols

Mr. W. Nichols had previously emailed the complete financial report to the directors for their inspection and comment.  There was no discussion of the report at this time.  There was a motion called for to acknowledge receipt of the report called for by the Chair. 1st by Mr. L. Hicks. 2nd by Mr. R. Chichester. There were no additions or questions noted and the motion was carried by voice acclimation with no further comment.



For a variety of reasons, the following Committees had no reports at this time: Audit, Budget and Finance, Investment Advisory, Constitution and Bylaws, Emergency Medical Services, Fire Prevention Essay Contest, Historical, Nominating, Public Relations, Resolution, Hospitality, Conventions and Campaigns, and Topics.

Yearbook/Fund Raising:

The campaign will be starting on May 1, 2013.

Membership:            Mr. W. Nichols

To date, there are 1, 299 paid members of record, 39 paid up organizations and 1,280 FASNY Members.

Banquet Committee:            Mr. LouiE LeonE

May 4th is the date of the Combined LAMCVFA-MCVFA Inc. Installation/Awards Banquet.  Times reported are: Social Hour from 6:00-7:00 PM, Dinner to commence at 7:00 PM.  This year’s Honoree is Webster Police Chief Mr. Gerald Pickering.  Price is $30.00 per Ticket and the deadline for tickets is April 22, 2013.

Explorers:            Mr. R. Pfersick

May 18, 2013 will be the date of the Henrietta Fire Department Youth Day.  It is to be held at the HFD Station #6.  There was a brief discussion of the event and there was a motion called for to contribute $200.00 to assist in the paying for the event.  1st by Mr. R. Pfersick.  2nd by Mr. R. Chichester.  The motion carried by voice acclimation.  There was no dissent noted.  Mr. R. Pfersick also noted there will be a bus trip arranged for the explorers to the State FASNY Convention to be held in Albany, NY in August 2013.  There will be more on this project as information is forthcoming as the date approaches.

Legislative:            Mr. D. Sweet

Mr. D. Sweet rose to discuss NYS Assembly Bill A6557 which was introduce this year regarding the safety of upholstered furniture as regards to flammability factors.  It was requested that the Association send a letter to the Assembly members of this District in support of this legislation.  It was agreed that the Secretary send letters in support of this legislation.

Fire Advisory Board:            Mr. L. Ritz

There will be a press conference covering the “Recruit New York” Campaign on April 23, 2013.

FASNY:            Mr. D. Sweet

Mr. D. Sweet discussed the current FASNY “Recruit New York” program as to its effect on the MCVFA (Inc.).  They are seeking fire companies to host events regarding this most important state wide event.

Upcoming Legislative informational meetings are scheduled for Fairville, NY on Sunday April 21, 2013.  Western’s was last week.


For a variety of reasons, the following Delegates had no formal reports at this time:Chaplains,Coordinators Office,County Fire Chiefs,County Fire Police,Finger Lakes Burn Association,Fire Advisory Board,Fire Marshals andSafety Officers.

Firemen’s Home:            Mr. A. Way

The current census is 70 members.

State Fire Police:

Their next activity will be the 1st week of May 2013 in Latham, NY.

As an Aside…Financial Protocols were discussed as to “Special Circumstances”.


The Association President:            Mr. Glenn E. Klingenberger

Mr. L. LeonE will be attending the Retirement Dinner on April 20, 2013 to honor Mr. Steve Bowman, the retiring Director of Public Safety.

1st Vice President:            Mr. LouiE LeonE

No report at this time.

2nd Vice President:            Mr. Dale Nesbitt

No report at this time.

But Mr. D. Nesbitt did state that the advanced changes to the Constitution and Bylaws have been withdrawn for further work on form and content.

At this point, the floor was turned over to Mr. D. Sweet for a presentation about the Steering Committee’s place in the discussions of the “Strategic Plan” currently before the Board of Directors.

Mr. D. Sweet proceeded to give a Power Point program of the historical place of the Steering Committee in the overall context of the past and present Constitution and Bylaws of the Association.  Subjects covered were selection of candidates, requirements for various offices they solicit for and the ramifications of an improper choice.  The Steering Committee’s weak points, positive points and future goals were put forth to the Directors for both ideas for improvement and future goals to benefit the Association’s place with the State Fire Service Community of Organizations.  The presentation was both illuminating and forthright in its discussion of the future goals of the Steering Committee to be a positive influence to the Association.

Following the presentation there was a free discussion by the attendees on the presentation and several ideas were brought forth to improve both the perception and the practices of the Steering Committee. These ideas will be folded into the currently discussed Strategic Plan for the Association.



The MCVFA (Inc.) decals have been approved and will be available in the near future.

$50.00 was approved by “Common Practice” for a gift to the outgoing President of the LAMCVFA...for presentation at the May 4, 2013 Banquet.  This was put into motion form by 1st Mr. A. Way.  2nd by Mr. L. LeonE.  Carried by voice acclimation.  No dissent noted.

To pay the Financial Obligations of the Association, a motion was called for.  1st by Mr. A. Way.  2nd by Mr. R. Chichester & Mr. R. Pfersick (jointly).  Motion carried with no discussion by floor vote.  There was no dissent noted.


There was a discussion initiated by Mr. A. Way of what to do with some left over items from past hospitality rooms.  It was agreed to pass on to the WNYVFA any surplus items that can be used in their joint efforts with this Association for future hospitality rooms.  This was done on a motion called for by the Chair.  1ST BY Mr. D. Sweet.  2nd by Mr. L. Hicks.  The motion carried by voice acclimation.  There was no dissent of discussion noted.


Mr. D. Nesbitt stated that the in-progress Constitution and Bylaws instrument has been withdrawn to affect some necessary changes as to form and content.  They will be reintroduced at a future date.

With no additional business brought to the floor by the attendees…there was a motion called for to adjourn the Workshop Meeting.  1st by Mr. L. Hicks.  2nd in unison…..The motion carried by voice acclimation.  No dissent was noted.

The Closing Benediction was offered by the Association Chaplain, Mr. Royer Pfersick

Time of adjournment……….9:35 PM



Respectfully Submitted,



J. K. Walsh

SEC. /MCVFA (Inc.)