Minutes > August 28, 2013 Board Minutes

President Glenn Klingenberger called the August 28, 2013 meeting of the Monroe County Board of Directors to order at 7:01pm.

Sgt. at Arms Gene Renner led the members present in the pledge to the flag followed by an opening prayer by Chaplain Royer Pfersick.

Roll Call was taken with 12 officers and Directors present for a quorum.  The President turned over the meeting to 2nd V.P. Dale Nesbitt as the President, 1st V.P. and Director Fuller had to go to a meeting to select the awards winners that will be presented at Awards Dinner at the Diplomat Party House on October 10th.

Dick Diehl made the motion to approve the minutes of the June BOD meeting as there was no July meeting.  Diana Pfersick seconded the motion, which passed.

There were no communications at this meeting.


Treasurer Report – Bill Nichols. 

I posted it the beginning of August.  Robert Chichester made the motion to acknowledge the report as received.  Gordon Burris seconded the motion, which passed.

Audit Committee – No Report

Budget & Finance – Dick Diehl

There will be a Budget Committee meeting on September 11th at 7:00pm at Henrietta #1.  We are in good shape.

Investment – Dick Diehl

The Financial Advisor has suggested we move one half of the Convention Account to another program.  I would rather wait to discuss this when all the Presidents are present.

Year Book & Fundraising Committee – Bill Nichols

We are still making money – not much for August – to date net $6377.00

Membership – Bill Nichols

I will be sending out dues notices at the end of the month.


Banquet – Elayn Schoff

The President has asked me to take over the committee – Will work with Dave Sweet, Bonnie and Donna Hicks.  I have reserved the Artisan Works (Blossom and Winton) for May 10, 2014.  More info as it is available.

Constitution and By-laws – Dale Nesbitt

Did not meet in July – hope to meet very soon.

EMS – Diana Pfersick

I have been asked to take over the FASNY EMS committee – Vital Signs will be at the Buffalo Convention Center October 26 & 27.

Explorers Committee – Royer Pfersick & Al Sweet

This past week was the FASNY Convention in Colonie – Youth Day was Thurs. with 48 youth present – used the Town of Colonie Training Facility – West Webster had Explorers present – Al Sweet reported that all the youth worked very hard and were polite.

Fire Prevention Education (Health Fair) – Robert Chichester

It is still on for Oct. 10th till 4:00 at the Dome – I want a meeting Wed. Sept 4th at Henrietta #1 at 7:00pm.

Fire Prevention Essay Contest

I have the material with me tonight – please pick up your area and any others for people not here.  We did great last year – hope to do as well this year.  FASNY will no longer be doing contests – revamping Fire Prevention Life Safety.

Historical – Al Sweet

Nothing new.

Legislation – David Sweet

FASNY has hired a new Public Relations Firm to work with the Leg. Committee.  We had 6 bills for our program last year pass both houses and is either waiting to be signed or called by the Governor.  Western Leg. 12:00pm on September 8th in Caledonia and Northern Central Sept. 22nd at 122:00 at West Webster.  FASNY Leg. Conference first weekend in November at the Desmond.

Nominating – No Report

Public Relations – No Report

Resolutions – Will report at the Quarterly.

Steering Committee – Dave Sweet

I have a couple of items to discuss under new business.  I will be calling a meeting prior to the October Quarterly.  All the officers we supported were elected – looks like all committee assignments remain the same.

Hospitality & Convention and Campaigns – No Report

Topics – Royer Pfersick

I have a speaker coming in to talk on “Women in the Fire Service” and also the Phoenix Fire Camp.


FASNY - Dave Sweet

The convention went well – attendance up over the past couple of years.

WNYVFA – Ken Fuller

It was a good convention – a new By-Law was approved that at the 2015 convention it will run from Thurs. night to Sunday.  September 7th is the testimonial dinner for Tony DeMarco at Caledonia – I need a count – Bill N. reported gift taken care of.

NCNYVFA – Gordon Burris

The Convention was June 15th.  Next meeting 9/22/13 at West Webster – 1/18/14 – Dresden – April 6th?  Convention - ?

Frank Clark has resigned as Essay Contest Chair – there were no nominations for Firemen of the Year.  I have been asked to chair the Historical Committee.


State Chaplain’s Association – No Report

Coordinators Office – No Report

County Fire Chiefs – Al Sweet

The equipment show at Barnard Exempts went very well but if you are used to steaks it was a change to chicken and ribs.  It was reported that the County took in $229.00 thanks to Dave Sweet and Louie Leone with a beautiful basket donated by the Pfersicks.  The next County Chiefs meeting will be 9/18/13 9a week late due to Sept. 11th) at a location TBA.

County Fire Police – Clarence Spohr

The next quarterly will be at the St. Paul Exempts on 9/5/13.

There were no reports from Finger Lakes Burn Association, Fire Advisory (off for the summer), Fire Districts, Fire Marshals or Safety Officers.

Firemen’s Home – Alan Way

Count at 68 – all is well.  Mary and I went down the first weekend of Aug. for the soft ball tournament.  We have had a team from Monroe County (Grandview) for the past 23 years.  We had an incident on Sat. night (the first time in 33 years).  A young fellow on the Greenbrook team #3 (Greenbrook hosts the event along with the Trustees) passed away on the field (he was 36).  They were playing the Monroe County team at the time.  The sportsmanship showed by the Monroe County team impressed everyone to a point that a special plaque was made up overnight to present to Monroe County on Sunday night.  After all that happened the team voted to go home.  Dave Schmidt (Trustee from Niagara County) and I have been charged with presenting the plaque.  I have communicated with the Chairman and Asst. Chairman of the October 10th dinner and it will be presented then.  I have asked the President and he agrees that we support this presentation by having Dave use one of our seats.  I am also asking the Board to also support this request.  It was the feeling of the Board to support this presentation all the way.  It was a unanimous acclaim.

State Fire Police – Clarence Spohr

District meeting in Spencerport on Sat. Sept. 7th at 9:00am at Station #1.


There were no reports from Battalions 1, 2, 3, & 4.

Battalion 5 – Diana Pfersick

The 5th Battalion Water Rescue Team has been consolidated into the special Monroe County Rescue Team.  It will be interesting who will be dropped due to strict County standards.


President and 1st Vice President were still in the other meeting.

2nd Vice President – Dale Nesbitt

I attended the Fire Fighter One Graduation on 8/15/13.  This was a combined graduation for people from a normal class and a Boot Camp.




·      October 10th Awards Dinner – Dick Diehl made a motion to purchase two tables (20 seats) as budgeted.  Robert Chichester seconded the motion, which passed.  If Louie has any seats left send out e-mail to see if anyone not at the meeting wishes to go.

·      Northern Central dinner - $200.00 budgeted – Gordy Burris will handle the count and get it to Bill so a check can be cut.  This was with a motion by David Sweet with a second by Dick Diehl and passed.

Planning Committee – no report

Paying of obligations:

Treasurer Bill Nichols read off the check written for the past two months (no meeting in July).  Dick Diehl made the motion to pay the obligations out of the proper accounts.  Ken Fuller seconded the motion, which passed.

We still need a host for the October meeting.  A couple of people will investigate it.


The Representatives to the Awards Committee returned and reported that Alan Way has been selected the recipient of the Raymond Emma Fire Prevention Educator of the Year Award.

Glenn Klingenberger made the motion to adjourn.  Diana Pfersick seconded the motion, which passed.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Alan C. Way