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Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


September 24, 2014


The meeting was called to order at 1906 by President Louie Leone.

The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by an opening prayer led by Chaplain Royer Pfersick.             

Present were board members David Sweet, Gary Boccacci, Lynd Hicks, Royer Pfersick, Alan Way, Bob Chichester, Junior Past President Glenn Klingenberger, 1st Vice President Dale Nesbitt, 2nd Vice President Gordon Burris, Secretary Diana Pfersick, President Louie Leone, Treasurer Bill Nichols and committee chairs, Al Sweet, Clarence Spohr, Chris Dunn, Gene Renner, and Larry Ritz.

A motion approve the minutes of the August BOD meeting was made by Alan Way, seconded by Glenn Klingenberger, and carried.

Report from the Secretary 

Diana Pfersick reported that extra insurance forms were received.


Treasurer’s Report

Bill Nichols sent the treasurer's report via email. He noted that the wrong category was used for Good and Welfare in the budget which was rectified.  Four departments did not send in dues for 2014.  They are Webster, Spencerport, Gates Chili, and West Henrietta. Glenn Klingenberger said he will look into Gates Chili.


Committee Reports


Audit Committee

     No report.



Louie Leone said he notified Brian Koster that MCVFA does not have a firefighter of the year this year.



No report.


Budget and Finance

      No report.




Constitution and By-Laws

No report.


Emergency Medical Services

Diana Pfersick reported that there has been four cases of Eastern Equine Encephalitis diagnosed in horses in Wayne County. This is a virus transmitted by mosquitoes and can also affect humans, birds and other mammals.  There will be a spraying to help eliminated mosquitoes in Wayne County on September 25th. Vital Signs will be held October 25th and 26th at the Rochester Convention Center with preconferences on the 23rd and 24th.



Royer Pfersick reported that MCFEA held a training day at Henrietta Station # 4 which he attended.  There were many scenarios and was attended by many.  MCVFA helped sponsor the event and contributed $200 to MCFEA to aid in offsetting expenses incurred.  The next MCFEA meeting will be held on November 13th at the new Boy Scout training center on Brighton Henrietta Town Line Road.


Fire Prevention


  Essay Contest

 Alan Way reported that all materials are out.  He came up short due to increased district                                   participation but did get more materials printed.


  Health Fair

   Bob Chichester is heading this up. Al Way noted that this year’s push is smoke detectors. 

   This year’s event is being held at the RIT Inn and Conference Center. The group will meet at

   8:30 for set-up.



Al Sweet reported that he gave a presentation to the Ladies Auxiliary on the history of the MCVFA.  MCVFA used to host a carnival  and he brought in some souvenirs  from that that he has. He also reported that in 1937 about 300 would attend the MCVFA quarterly meetings. In 1939 200 would come and in the 1970’s the attendance would be around 150.


Hospitality Room

No report.



No report.



Dave Sweet reported that the new FASNY scorecard is on the FASNY web site. The Job Protection bill was signed by the Governor and will go into effect in December. Also signed was truss construction in new construction notification bill.  The sex offender bill was also signed.  This bill only applies to new applicants.  Dave also noted that both Western and Northern Central had legislative sessions prior to their last meetings.



Bill Nichols reported that dues notices are going out shortly.



No report.


Public Relations

No report.



No report.  Royer Pfersick requested that all names be submitted to him in time for quarterly meeting.


Steering Committee

Dave Sweet noted that he has submitted a check request to the treasurer for 2 pages in the Northern Central Yearbook. One for this association and one for support of Diana Pfersick for BOD position in FASNY.



     Topics Committee

No report.  Louie Leone has contacted speaker from Burn Association for next quarterly.



Bill Nichols stated that solicitations are dribbling in.


Delegate Reports



Dave Sweet said that Tuition Reimbursement paperwork is due.  If anyone has participants in program, please remind them.  The Legislative Conference will be held at the Desmond Hotel in Albany on November 1st & 2nd. Caucuses will be on Saturday and the formal program will be on Sunday with a presentation by Anita Pelletier on the topic of the sex offender legislation.



Alan Way reported that he attended the past president testimonial dinner for Wendi Walker. The Golden Trumpet Award will be posthumously awarded to Bob Knight. The last meeting was held on September 14th at St. Johnsburg Fire Department which was preceded by a legislative session at 12 noon.



Gordon Burris reported that the last meeting was held on September 21st at the North Rose Fire Department.  It held a legislative session at 12:30 and the meeting started at 2 PM. The 2015 Convention will be held in Onondaga County June 12th and 13th as a dual convention with Northern and Northern Central.  There are still some kinks to be worked out. It is too late this year to do an essay contest but will plan for next year. The January meeting will be at Barnard and the April meeting will be in Solvay.  There will be a legislative outreach program held at the Ontario County Training Center on February 21st.


Liaison Reports


Chaplain’s Association

No report.


County Fire Chiefs

No report.


County Fire Police

Alan Way that the next meeting of the MCFP will be October 2nd at the PSTF.  A host is still needed for the November 6th meeting. A seminar will he held at the Brockport High School on October 18th.


EMS Advisory Board

No report.  It was noted by many that the current meeting time of the EMS Advisory Board is not favorable for attendance by volunteers who work during the day.


Finger Lakes Burn Association

It was noted by Alan Way that the Burn Walk will be held on October 12th starting at Camp Eastman at 9:30 AM and ending at Sea Breeze Park.


Fire Advisory Board

Larry Ritz reported that he attended the last meeting of the board on September 15th. Public Safety Director David Moore thanked all involved in events surrounding death of RPD officer Daryl Pierson. There are 2 openings for fire coordinators.There were 22 level 0 HazMat calls and 2 suspicious letters.  The fire investigator has made 169 investigations to date. there have been 49 juvenile referrals to date, 21 of the since May. There will be some changes to the FF1 class that will take effect on January 1, 2015. The training grounds will be shut down for the winter on November 15th.  The next meeting will be November 17th at 7 PM. Full report provided by Larry Ritz is available separately.


Firemen’s Home

Al Way reported he was at the home for the annual training this past weekend. Sunday was “Long Island” day and windows were dedicated for Suffolk and Ted Roskoe. Bob McKinney has been put on comfort care. There are currently 71 members at the home.


Safety Officers

No report.  It was noted that they are meeting tonight in Brockport.


State Fire Police

Alan Way noted that the State Weekend will be in Athens, NY October 10th and 11th.


Battalion Reports


1st Battalion

No report.


2nd Battalion

No report. Al Way comments that a Hamlin firefighter has started coming to FASNY events and will encourage he come to county.


3rd Battalion

No report.


4th Battalion

No report.


5th Battalion

Diana Pfersick reported that Rush had incident with hunter shot and  pictometry helped locate victim on September 23rd.  Access was very difficult due to terrain.  Henrietta engaged in structure fire this evening.


Reports of the Presidents



Louie Leone reported that the Ladies Auxiliary has invited the group to their next meeting on October 1st in Rush.  They will be having a pot luck dinner starting at 6:30 PM.


1st Vice President

No report


2nd Vice President

Gordon Burris noted that Steve Grandusky’s wife Rosemary is not doing well. He requested a card be sent which will be done.


Old Business



New Business

Gordon Burris stated that FASNY ‘s focus is health and wellness.  Perhaps MCVFA could host a spring series presentation at the PSTF.



Bill Nichols reported that current expenses include Support Services, MCFEA for Explorer training, MC Chiefs Association for awards dinner, 1 shirt, printing expenses for the essay contest, 2 ads for NCVFA Yearbook, and health fair expenses.  A motion was made by Alan Way, seconded by Glenn Klingenberger and carried to pay the bills.


Sick and Distressed

As noted previously a card will be sent to Rosemary Grandusky.


Good of Organization

Glenn Klingenberger asked if dates have been set for 2015.  Louie Leone affirmed that was done yesterday.  Lynd Hicks made a motion to cancel the June workshop which was seconded by Alan Way and carried.  June 25th 2015 will be the quarterly meeting date.


Next Meeting of the BOD is  a workshop meeting on October 15th


Next Quarterly Meeting of the Organization is October 23rd at Barnard Exempts.



After a closing prayer by Chaplain Royer Pfersick, a motion was made to adjourn at 2035 by Lynd Hicks, seconded by Alan Way and carried.


Respectfully submitted,      


Diana Pfersick