Minutes > October 23, 2014 Quarterly Meeting

Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association
Quarterly Meeting Minutes
October 23, 2014
The meeting was called to order at by President Louie Leone.
The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by an opening prayer led by Chaplain Royer Pfersick. Alan
Way asked for a moment of silence in memory of Royer's son Elijah who recently passed from this life.
Members present were President Louie Leone, 1st Vice President Dale Nesbitt, 2nd Vice President
Gordon Burris, Treasurer Bill Nichols, Secretary Diana Pfersick, Jr, Past President Glenn Klingenberger,
1st Battalion Director Charles Bommele, 2nd Battalion Directors Alan Way and Lynd Hicks, 3rd
Battalion Director Davis Sweet, 4th Battalion Directors Gary Boccacci, and Ken Fuller, 5th Battalion
Directors Richard Diehl, Robert Chichester and Royer Pfersick. Also present were Carl Veltri, Zip
Kraemer, Peter Henry, Laurie Kingsley Henry, Larry Ritz, Karl Schwab, Kevin Higgins, Fred Meister, Ron
Patt, Gene Renner, Alan Way, Al Sweet, Ken Fuller, Chuck Bommele, Clarence Spohr, Jim Walsh, and
Chris Dunn.
Excused was Steve Grandusky
A motion approve the minutes of the last quarterly meeting was made by Alan Way, seconded by
Glenn Klingenberger and carried.
Report from the Secretary
No report.
Treasurer’s Report
Bill Nichols had sent the treasurer's report via email. A motion was made by Glenn Klingenberger,
seconded by Lynd Hicks, and carried to acknowledge the tresurer's report.
Committee Report
Audit Committee
No report.
No report
Louie Leone noted that the Christmas Party needs to be discussed. After some discussion, it
was agreed that it will be held December 17th at Barnard Exempts.
Budget and Finance
Dick Diehl stated the budget will be presented under new business.
Constitution and By-Laws
No report
Emergency Medical Services
Diana Pfersick reported that the Vital Signs Conference will be held at the Rochester Convention
Center this weekend. The FASNY EMS Seminars will be held in Long Island January 31 and in
Montour Falls the 1st weekend of March.
No report.
Fire Prevention
Essay Contest
Al Way reported that the 2014 essay contest is well underway, All material has been
distributed to the local representatives and was to be in schools prior to Fire Prevention Week,
The subject this year is Smoke Detectors. All essays are to be picked up by tomorrow. Al
asked the local representatives to do preliminary judging and then pass on the top 3-4 top
essays from each school for the final judging by the Association committee. The program has
grown back to so close to what it was when Don Fox ran the program, that materials ran out
and more had to be printed. Al needed to reorder 1000 of the student letters and about 100
educator letters. The committee will meet after all material are collected.
Health Fair
Bob Chichester reported that the MCVFA booth was a big success. The Health Fair overall was
down in attendance due to its move to RIT. He thanked all who helped.
Al Sweet said he discussed the 1964 Yearbook last meeting but missed that Zip Kraemer was in
the book and apologized for the omission. He noted that November 10 - 12th is the 63rd
anniversary of the Kodak fire when Building 57 referred to as the “paper mill” burned. An article
in the December 1951 Fire Engineering had an article about the fire which required more than 6
mutual aid responses in addition to managing all other calls. Al passed a copy of the article
around for attendees to review.
Hospitality Room
Dave Sweet reported that MCVFA will join with Western, Central, Northern Central, South
Western for hospitality at the legislative conference in Albany.
Dick Diehl noted that the investments for the county are in good shape.
Dave Sweet said to watch capwiz to support legislative agenda items. November 1st will be
caucuses at the Legislative Conference in Albany on November 1st. On Sunday a presentation
will be given about the sex offender legislation that was recently passed. He noted that
provisions of the law are not retroactive and only apply to new and transfer applicants to a
volunteer department.
Bill Nichols reported he will be sending dues notices out soon.
No report
Public Relations
No report
Royer Pfersick read the necrology of members and auxiliary who have passed since the last
quarterly meeting. A motion was made b y Jim Walsh, seconded by Laurie Kingsley Henry and
carried to set aside a page in the minutes in memory of Larry Zarnstorff.
Steering Committee
Dave Sweet noted the Diana Pfersick’s campaign for FASNY BOD will begin at the Legislative
Topics Committee
No report
Bill Nichols reported that funds are still coming in from the solicitor.
Dave Sweet stated as previously noted, the Legislative weekend will be the 1st weekend of
November at the Desmond Hotel in Albany. Caucuses will be on Saturday afternoon and the
session will be on Sunday. He also noted that FASNY Secretary Mike Whelen had a relapse and
is currently at the Francis Home in Syracuse. He asked everyone keep Mike in their prayers.
Ken Fuller noted the next meeting will be on November 9th in Cambria Fire Department located
at 4631 Cambria-Wilson Road which is route 425 in Cambra. Western is planning to change the
convention dates to Thursday through Sunday.
Gordon Burris reported the Northern Central Banquet will be held at Club 86 in Geneva on
October 25th. The next meeting of Nortern Central will be January 18th at Barnard Exempts at
Chaplain’s Association
Royer stated that he has no report from the Chaplain’s Association. He thanked the
membership for all the support he has been given following the unexpected death of his son.
County Fire Chiefs
Al Sweet reported that the next meeting will be November 12th at Brighton Company #1.
County Fire Police
Robert Chichester reported that the seminar held last weekend was very well attended. The
next meeting of the group will be on November 6th at the PSTF room 117A at 7 PM.
EMS Advisory Board
No report. Diana Pfersick noted they still are meeting during the day at a time that conflicts
with her job.
Finger Lakes Burn Association
No report
Fire Advisory Board
Larry Ritz noted the last meeting was held on September 15th. He noted there are postings for
2 positions as coordinators. There were 53 kids at the August Burn Camp. There has been an
increase in juvenile referrals. The hours for Firefighter I will be increasing in January.
Firemen’s Home
Al Way reported that there are 70 members at the home. Three more have been voted in but
no arrival date as of yet. A replacement for administrator John O’Connell has been selected. He
is a local person named Arthur Proper. His most recent position was Administrator of the
Columbia County facility and has extensive background in Assisted Living care.
The next meeting at the Home will be October 31st. Al noted that he will then head to the
legislative caucuses then return to Rochester to present years of service certificates at the Lake
Shore banquet. The Christmas tree lighting will be December 5th. The home is looking for
books, DVDs and a couple of MP3 players to use in the Alzheimer’s ward. They have proven to
be a great help when they play old, soothing music. If departments have any tee shirts of hats,
the members of the home love them. They also are always looking for small prizes for their fun
Bingo games.
Safety Officers
No report
State Fire Police
Al Way noted that the last meeting was in Athens. The convention will be in Watertown in May.
The March quarterly meeting will be at the Firemen’s Home.
1st Battalion
No report.
2nd Battalion
Al Way mentioned that Brockport’s and Spencerport’s ladder truck are out of service and are
working with mutual aid.
3rd Battalion
No report
4th Battalion
No report
5th Battalion
No report
In Memory of
Lawrence C. Zarnstorff
Passed from this life on September 25, 2014
President Leone presented Chuck Bommele with a plaque for his years of service as a director
for MCVFA as this was his last meeting before his move to Florida.
1st Vice President
No report
2nd Vice President
Gordy Burris reported that the health fair generated a lot of good PR for the county. Home
Depot loaned the use of different smoke alarms. There is a void in smoke detectors for the
hearing impaired which is a concern with the high number of hearing impaired in our area,
Dick Diehl presented the budget package. He noted that our investments are helping our financial
picture. A motion was made by Glenn Klingenberger with his thanks, seconded by Chuck Bommele
and carried to approve the budget as presented.
A motion was made by Dick Diehl, seconded by Glenn Klingenberger and carried to pay the
necessary bills.
Sick and Distressed
Diana Pfersick noted that is anyone is in Syracuse to stop in and see Mike Whelen. He welcomes
visitors and calls. Gordy Burris noted that Jonathan Davis, a Barnard Firematic Explorer, is battling
cancer. Al Way also reported that Wayne Jagow’s wife had surgery.
Good of Organization
Dale Nesbitt stated he would like this organization to sponsor a spring training for FASNY. He
noted that Hilton could hold up to 144 people and has 2 projectors for presentations. Al Way
affirmed that MCVFA should support administrative education. Dave Sweet noted that FASNY has
training on health and wellness and good governance/NFP law. Dave also noted that there is a
concern for a fallen firefighter being denied benefits because of organ donation prior to autopsy.
The 50/50 drawing was held with 2 winners.
Next Meeting of the BOD is November 19th (Date Change) at the PSTF at 1900.
Next Quarterly Meeting of the Organization is January 22nd at the PSTF room 109.
After a closing prayer by Chaplain Royer Pfersick, a motion was made by Al Way, seconded by Dick
Diehl and carried to Adjourn at 21:10.
Respectfully submitted, Diana Pfersick, Secretary