Minutes > November 19, 2014 Board of Directors Meeting

Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association


Meeting minutes of November 19, 2014


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by President Louie Leone.

The pledge of allegiance and the opening prayer were led by Gordy Burris.

Moment of silence was recognized for those that passed and a prayer was extended to Alan Way who had surgery.


Members in attendance were Bill Nichols, Steven Grandusky, Ken Fuller, Larry Ritz, Lynn Hicks, Bob Chichester, Clarence Spohr, Richard Diehl, Dave Sweet, Dale Nesbitt, Gordy Burris, Louie Leone.  Attendance sheet that was passed around and signed by all in attendance is attached.

Excused were Diana Pfersick, Royer Pfersick,  and Al way.


Cards were circulated for members to sign for illness and death.


A motion to approve the minutes of the last quarterly meeting was made by Ken Fuller, seconded by Dick Diehl and carried.


Secretary Report:  No report.


Treasurer’s report

Bill Nichols reported on the account balances and two letters from the FASNY Scholarship Advisory Committee acknowledging the receipt of checks 4401 and 4402 donations towards the scholarships.


Audit committee

No report



No report



No report


Budget and finance

Dick Diehl reported that the budget was approved by the membership.  He thanked the committee that helped draw up the budget and the presentation.


Constitution and by-laws

No Report

President Leone wants to meet after the first of the year with this committee.

Lynn Hicks requested the Secretary to look at past minutes to see if a letter was to be sent to terminate Joe’s membership.


Emergency Medical Services

No report



No report


Fire prevention –

Essay Contest report was read in Alan Way’s absence.


Health fair – No report



No Report


Hospitality room

No Report



Dick Diehl reported everything okay from investment company and the market is doing well.  He will make contact again after first of the year.



Dave Sweet reported on the State meeting held November 1 in Albany.   They went over a program. Meeting of united concerns on December 6 in Albany, new score card to be prepared.



No report



No report


Public relations

No report



No report


Steering committee 

Dave Sweet presented in Albany on Nov 1 handed out information sheet to all in attendance.

At the Western meeting a letter was presented announcing Diana to the steering committee.  A letter of endorsement for Diana to be elected to Dave’s position on the board of directors was circulated.  (See attached)  


Topics Committee

No Report



Bill Nichols reported money still coming in. 


Delegate Reports



Dave Sweet reported the convention dates are going to change in 2015.  A start day of Thursday instead of Wednesday, 8/20-22.  Training day on Friday with hopes to get more participation in training.  Everything will move by one day.  The 2016 convention will end the second Saturday in August (week sooner).

EMS Seminar to be held on 1/30-31 in Montour Falls.

Nominations forms available for download from website.

Check that you get the e-communication via email.

EBOLA resource guidelines are available on the website also.

Sex offender bill was signed into law.  Requirements to screen all applicants for sex offender, but it is not mandatory that they be excluded.  Only new applicants or transfer applicants are screened.  The law is part of the corrections law and are to be treated as reformed criminals.  It is recommended by FASNY to consult an attorney before saying no.   There is an article in the FASNY magazine on this new law.  Commission is aware of what is going on.  It was stressed that departments consult with legal counsel. 



No Report

Ken fuller no list of meeting dates out as of yet.  January 11th is the next meeting in Cambria NY, Niagara County.  More to be reported at the January meeting.  Thursday to Saturday convention days for next year’s convention. 


Northern Central

Gordon Burris reported the next meeting is in January at Barnard Exempts.  January 18th


Chaplain’s Association

No report


County fire chiefs

It was reported the elections were held and installation will be the second Wednesday of January at the Diplomat. Brian Coster was elected president.


Fire Police

The board of directors will meet January 22.     



No Report


Finger Lakes Burn Association

No report


Fire advisory board

Larry Ritz read Alan Way’s report on the Essay Contest.   President Leone had submitted two signatures, will follow up on getting another set to the committee.

Larry also reported on Fire advisory board meeting that was going on while there was a fatal fire occurring in Chili.  The report was submitted to the secretary.  Next meeting is January 26, 2015 at 7PM.


Awards committee

Needs to get more involved again.


Fireman’s home

Resident’s down to 71


Safety officers

 1st week in December is next meeting


State fire police

Nothing until spring


Battalion 1

No report


Battalion 2

No report


Battalion 3

No Report


Battalion 4

Ken Fuller reported on the fatal fire in Chili Monday afternoon at 3:30 pm. No known cause as of yet.


Battalion 5

No report


Vice President 2

Gordy Burris reported on tragedy in buffalo, they have their hands full.  National Guard arrived with grain shovels and not snow shovels. 

The Christmas party is December 17th 19:00 at Barnard Exempts and the cost will be $20.00 per person.  Signup sheet was passed around.


Vice President 1

No Report



Louie is passing out schedule from Diane Cook for dates and rooms of meetings.


Old business:

The subject of having the Quarterly meeting to sponsor a training sessions or splitting the cost to host a training session was discussed.  Discussion of not having the same subjects that other groups have already trained on, and possibly hosting two or three different topics.  It is believed that some subjects are 2-3 hours long. The cost of these sessions was discussed to be approximately $700 to $1000.  Discussion of possible topics for training, Fire Fighter well-being was brought up by David Sweet as a 3 hour session.

A committee was set up to look into training and get something in place:  Lynn Hicks, Larry Ritz, Steve Grandusky, Gordy Burris and Dale Nesbitt are the new committee members to get subjects on seminars.  No need to budget – monies are available.  Look into one day with 2 topics or one subject in one evening.    Rush had one recently on Fiduciary responsibilities.


Lynn Hicks reported there was a parade through Spencerport of equipment going to Buffalo to help out today. 


New Business

Question was asked as to why we are not getting our mail, are we getting our mail?  Letter was sent to the box and it arrived as a test.  It was asked if people have the new address. 



Bill Nichols reported there are 3 bills in the amounts of $105.60, $1643.20 and $15.00.  A motion was made to pay the bills by Ken Fuller; Seconded by David Sweet, motion was passed 


Sick or distressed

Card was sent around.


Good for organization

Explorer from Barnard that has cancer is in hospice - Keep him in your prayer.

Mr. Whalen – Dave Sweet reported he stopped to see him on the way home from Albany.  In good spirits, still hanging on – appreciates visitors.  If you are in the Syracuse area, stop in and see him.

Kenny Fuller – reported on the Caledonia grain mill fire being Spontaneous combustion.  Thanked everyone that assisted and filled in.



After the closing prayer by Gordy Burris, a motion was made by Kenny Fuller, seconded by Bill Nichols and carried at 19:58.


Respectfully Submitted,

Acting Secretary

Susan Fox Walter

MCVFA Ladies Auxiliary Secretary