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Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association

Quarterly Meeting Minutes


January 22, 2015


The meeting was called to order at the Public Safety Training Facility 1902 by President Louie Leone.

The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by an opening prayer led by Chaplain Royer Pfersick. 

An informative presentation was given by Paul Schwartzman, Executive Director of the Finger Lakes Burn Association.  The organization has grown over the years to reach more people.  Paul encouraged all to support the organization in some way.            He also had some flyers for the Western NY Annual Firefighter’s Ski and Board Race which will be held on March 7th at Swain.

Present were board members David Sweet, Royer Pfersick, Richard  (Dick) Diehl, Kenneth (Ken) Fuller, Steve Grandusky, Gary Boccacci, Jr. Past President Glenn Klingenberger, 1st Vice President Dale Nesbitt, 2nd Vice President Gordon Burris, Secretary Diana Pfersick, President Louie Leone, Treasurer William (Bill) Nichols; committee chairs Alvin (Al) Sweet, Steve Grandusky, delegate Lawrence  (Larry) Ritz and members Michael DePhillips and Carl Veltri .


Excused were Alan Way, Chris Dunn, Bob Chichester, Clarence Spohr, and Lynd Hicks.


A motion approve the minutes of the October Quarterly meeting was made by Ken Fuller, seconded by Dick Diehl, and carried.

Report from the Secretary 

A get well card for Al Way was passed around for members to sign.  It will be sent to him. Diana Pfersick also announced that via Northern Central, Wayne County Firemen’s Association is inviting everyone to a Presentation by Brian McQueen entitled” Cancer in the Fire Service…A Growing Epidemic.  It will be held on Monday March 9th at 1900 hours at the Wayne County Public Safety Building in Lyons. Contact Frank Orbaker at 315-945-4302 for questions.


Treasurer’s Report

Bill Nichols sent the treasurer's report via email three weeks ago.  There were no questions.


Committee Reports


Audit Committee

     Dick Diehl noted the audit will get done when books come back from tax work.



No report.



No report.


Budget and Finance

      No report.


Constitution and By-Laws

Diana Pfersick read the following report report as sent in by Chris Dunn:

      The committee has not met recently due to the holidays. It is anticipated that the group will meet

      Soon (weather permitting).

      The committee has been focusing on amending the bylaws regarding the frequency of both the

      Board and Quarterly meetings.  Some thoughts have been to eliminate the Board meetings during the

      Months where there is a quarterly meeting, so that Directors do not have to make two trips per month

      For meetings. The second would be to reduce the number  of general membership meetings down to

      Perhaps three per year. Also, it was discussed to perhaps move the  meeting to a different day of the

      Week (Wednesday). 

      It was acknowledged by the committee that even  by amending the bylaws regarding the frequency

      of directors and membership meetings, it would not increase the attendance or participation of the 

      Association members. 

     The MCVFA (much like other fire associations), have not changed for the times. We are still operating

      The same way we did thirty years ago. Before the MCVFA starts making significant changes to the                   

      Bylaws, the leadership needs to determine the future of the Association. The committee also feels that

      Even if the ideal set of bylaws are drafted, unless the management of the Association takes on more of

      an active leadership role, then the Association is on borrowed time.

      The next step the committee wishes  to pursue is to meet with the other fire organizations in the County

      (Chiefs, Districts, Safety Officers…) to see how they are addressing membership issues (attendance and


      Currently Steve Grandusky has been working on some revisions to the bylaws and will hopefully

      have them ready for committee review soon.


Emergency Medical Services

Diana Pfersick reported that FASNY EMS Committee is holding the Long Island EMS Conference at Selden Fire Department on January 31st with the preconference of core content the day before.  The Annual FASNY EMS Seminar in Montour Falls will be held the first weekend in March, also having a preconference of core content on March 5th.  She had forms for Montour Falls for members to take.  Also available were EMS provider of the year submission forms.  The Local STEP Conference will be held the end of March.  Steve Grandusky asked what STEP meant. Diana said stands for “Study of Trauma and Emergencies Project”.



Royer Pfersick suggested that Posts get certificates based on 10 year increments of activity with plaques for 25, 50, etc..  A motion was made by Royer, seconded by Ken Fuller and carried to move ahead with this.  Royer will check with Exploring office for data.


Fire Prevention


  Essay Contest

 Larry Ritz said an email was sent by Al Way proposing essay judging at his home next Thursday.


  Health Fair

   No report.





Al Sweet reported that he has gone through records for Anniversary dates of departments. Bushnell Basin, Gates Exempt and Genesee Valley are 75 years this year.  Spencerport is 125 years.  If anyone knows of any others let him know.


Hospitality Room

No report.



No report.



Dave Sweet reviewed the FASNY 2015 Issues of United Concern.  Check the FASNY website for full information.  He also reviewed legislation that was signed into law including the sex offender bill and job protection.  POSAP was put into the budget. On Saturday, February 21st there will be a Legislative Outreach program sponsored by Northern Central at the Ontario County Training Center from 9 AM to 11 AM.  Steve Grandusky also reviewed information regarding sprinkler legislation including the misinformation that exists.  He stated that the cost to a new build homeowner is only about $1000 to have the residence have sprinklersas it is tied into the cold water system.



Bill Nichols said letter will be sent out.



No report.


Public Relations

Diana Pfersick read the report sent in by Chris Dunn as follows:

As of this morning (January 14) MCVFA has 901 followers on our Facebook account. The website has been updated and I have been trying to keep that current also. The renewal of the website will be in February.  I am still waiting for a complete list of meeting dates and locations so I can update the website calendar.



Royer Pfersick read the necrology list of  all who answered their last call since the previous quarterly meeting which was followed by a prayer of remembrance.


Steering Committee

No report.



     Topics Committee

No report. 



No report.


Delegate Reports



Dave Sweet said to disregard the training schedule that was printed in the Volunteer Firefighter magazine.  Check the website instead. The Winter Game will be held February 6th.



Ken Fuller reported that Western’s Legislative Outreach program will be held on April 12th at noon at the Cambria Fire Department.  The executive quarterly will follow at 2 PM.  The Western website has a link to Cambria.  The Convention will be held Thursday through Saturday in July.



Gordon Burris reported that the last meeting was at Barnard Exempt’s on Sunday. The convention will be held at the Ramada Inn in Liverpool June 12th and 13th.  It will be a joint convention with Central NYVFA. Firefighter of the Year information is being sent out.  He also mentioned the legislative outreach program will be at Ontario County Training Center as previously announced.  Diana Pfersick also noted that the Northern Central website is back on line.


Liaison Reports


Chaplain’s Association

No report.


County Fire Chiefs

Steve Grandusky noted that the outgoing president banquet was held last Wednesday.  The next meeting will be March 11th at Gates #1.


County Fire Police

They are meeting now.  Dave Sweet noted the next meeting will be in Penfield on February 5th with dinner at 6:30 PM


EMS Advisory Board

No report. 


Finger Lakes Burn Association

No report.


Fire Advisory Board

No report.


Firemen’s Home

Dave Sweet noted there are 80 members at the home which is current limit.


Safety Officers

Steve Grandusky stated the next meeting is next week at West Webster on Gravel Road.


State Fire Police

Ken Fuller reported that the convention is in mid may.  Information is on the Western web site.


Battalion Reports


1st Battalion

No report.


2nd Battalion

No report.


3rd Battalion

No report.


4th Battalion

No report.


5th Battalion

No report.


Reports of the Presidents



Louie Leone asked for board members to review the Call-‘em-all list to make sure numbers are correct.


1st Vice President

No report


2nd Vice President

Gordon Burris said he’d like to have MCVFA host the FASNY Wellness and Safety training in fall as all spring dates are taken.. 


Old Business



New Business




Bill Nichols reported that there are two new bills since last week. One for our solicitor and one to reimburse Dick Diehl for tonight’s refreshments. A motion was made by Dick Diehl, seconded by Ken Fuller, and carried to pay the bills.


Sick and Distressed

Diana Pfersick noted the card will be sent to Al Way.


Good of Organization

Al Sweet asked why the meeting was held tonight instead of last Thursday of the month.  The by-laws were checked and it was determined that quarterly meetings are supposed to be held the last Thursday of the month.  Based on this the calendar for 2015 was adjusted and will be reflected on the web site and membership cards. Need hosts for quarterly meetings, Dick Diehl mentioned Henrietta #1 may be able to host one.  Diana Pfersick will check with Rush Fire District also.


Next Meeting of the BOD is February 25th   at the Public Safety Training Facility.


Next Quarterly Meeting of the Organization April 30th, Location TBA.



After a closing prayer by Chaplain Royer Pfersick, a motion was made to adjourn at 2100 by Dick Diehl, seconded by Ken Fuller and carried.


Respectfully submitted,      


Diana Pfersick