Minutes > February 25, 2015, Board of Directors Meeting

 Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
February 25, 2015
The meeting was called to order at 7:05PM by President Louie Leone.
The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by an opening prayer led by Chaplain Royer Pfersick.
Board members present were Royer Pfersick, Alan Way, Gary Boccacci, Bob Chichester, Richard Diehl,
Ken Fuller, Assistant Vice Gordy Burris, President Louie Leone, Treasurer Bill Nichols, and Secretary
Diana Pfersick. Committee chairs present were Clarence Spohr, Larry Ritz, and Chris Dunn.
Excused were Glenn Klingenberger and Lynd Hicks.
A motion approve the minutes of the January 14th workshop meeting minutes was made by Al Way,
seconded by Dick Diehl and carried.
Report from the Secretary
An invitation to the Wallington 100th Anniversary Celebration was read.
Treasurer’s Report
Bill Nichols sent the report as well as the annual report via email.
Committee Reports
The following committees had no reports: Audit, Awards, Banquet, Budget and Finance,
Constitution and ByLaws, Historical, Hospitality Room, Investments, Legislative, and Steering
Diana Pfersick reported that the FASNY EMS Seminar will be in Montour Falls March 7th and 8th
with a pre-seminar day of core training on the 6th. The local STEP Conference will be the end of
Royer Pfersick said he has not yet received information when and where the next MCFEA meeting
will be. A motion was made by Royer, seconded by Gordy Burris and carried to honor Explorer
Posts with a certificate on 10 year anniversaries and a plaques at 25 and 50 year marks. He will get
information from the Explorer office.
Fire Prevention
Essay Contest
Al Way reported he has taken care of all plaques and certificates of award. He brought the
outstanding plaques so they could be delivered to the winners.
Bill Nichols said he encountered some computer problems and is having to rebuild lists. Dick Diehl
noted that Henrietta’s list needed updating.
Gordy Burris noted that letters of nomination and support should have been requested previously.
Since this was not done, it is requested that all letters be sent to Dick Diehl at 139 Farnsworth Road,
Rochester, NY 14623by April 1st. Current nominations are all table officers for same positions. That is
Louie Leone for President, Dale Nesbitt for 1st Vice President, Gordy Burris for 2nd Vice President,
Diana Pfersick for Secretary and Bill Nichols for Treasurer; for Board of Directors, Battalion 1 has
two openings, Battalion 2 has one opening, Battalion 3 has two openings, Battalion 4 has one
opening and Battalion 5 has one opening.
Public Relations
Chris Dunn reported that the web site is up to date. There are 934 “Likes” on Facebook.
Royer Pfersick asked that all names of departed get sent to him via MCVFAchaplain1 @yahoo.com.
Topics Committee
Royer Pfersick noted it is planned to have a speaker at the June (for July) meeting. Gordy Burris
said he is working to get a FASNY Training program here in the fall.
Bill Nichols reported money is being collected. The Charter 37 was filed by the solicitor.
No report.
Ken Fuller noted there has been some problems with the solicitor going off script. Chris Dunn
read a letter describing an incident. Since we have same solicitor, concerns were discussed. The
next meeting of Western will be April 12th at 2 PM at the Cambria Fire Department, Route 425 in
Lockport. The meeting will be preceded by a legislative session at 12 noon. Information about
the Western Convention is posted on the Western web page.
Gordy Burris reported that the last meeting was at Barnard Exempts on January 18th. A
legislative session was held prior to the meeting where issues of united concern were presented
and discussed.
Chaplain’s Association
Royer Pfersick said association dues are due. There is a training that will be held in April he plans
to attend.
County Fire Cheifs
No report.
County Fire Police
Bob Chichester stated that the next BOD meeting will be April 2nd at the PSTF. The general
meeting will be in Clifton on May 7th. Nominations are needed for the Gordon Mosher Award.
EMS Advisory Board
Diana Pfersick noted that she has not gotten any communication from the board. Ken Fuller
noted that daytime meetings make it impossible for anyone from this group to attend.
Finger Lake Burn Association
No report.
Firemen’s Home
Al Way reported the population at the home is 84. The FASNY BOD approved a maximum of 85
for the home. There is currently a waiting list. The Home is looking for good hard cover books,
DVD’s and any department shirts for the residents. Long time resident and familiar face at all
FASNY Conventions, Steve Budafuco passed away.
Safety Officers
No report
State Fire Police
Clarence Spohr noted tha convention will be in Watertown May 14th through the 17th. Spring
Weekend will be at the Home March 14th.
Louie Leone said North Greece is at 50 years.
2nd Vice President
Gordy Burris noted that it was seen that a hydrant in front of a Rochester Fire Department
Lieutenant was not cleared. He also noted he has flyers from the NCNYVFA Legislative program.
Royer Pfersick said Emergency Information Booklets published by the State are needed for the next
Health Fair.
Al Way said he has been approached by Rochester Fire Department about the MCVFA helping
them with an essay contest. More information is needed before further discussion. Chris Dunn
said Amazon has a program where a small percentage of proceeds can be received by MCVFA as a
501 C3 organization. Bill Nichols would need to register us. A motion was made by Al Way,
seconded by Ken Fuller and carried to participate in the Amazon Smile program.
Chris Dunn brought up that he was approached by the 3rd Battalion Line Officer Aaron Hiller on
February 20th who is requesting a donation of $2000 to $2500 from MCVFA for a program that they
have already arranged to have Chief Dave Dodson come and present on March 7th. They are not
charging for people to attend, yet the cost of bringing in Chief Dodson is $4500.00. Much
discussion surrounded the very late request as well as late notice about the event; a motion was
made by Dick Diehl, seconded by Al Way and carried to donate $500 to the event.
Chris Dunn also brought up that the NY Legislature has left the adoption of sale of sparklers up to
each county in the State. This is a serious issue for both fire risk as well as burn injury. FASNY has
mounted a stance to help block sale. A motion was made by Ken Fuller, seconded by Bob
Chichester and carried to join with other Firematic leadership organizations in appealing to the
Monroe County Legislature to prevent sale in Monroe County.
Bill Nichols reviewed the bills that have been received. A motion was made by Dick Diehl, seconded
by Bob Chichester and carried to pay the bills as presented. A motion from Chris Dunn to ratify bill
payment from the January meeting was seconded by Al Way and carried.
Sick and Distressed
Ed Welch is in Fairport Baptist Home after a fractured hip. Barnard Explorer Jonathan Davis was
placed in hospice on Ridgeway Avenue. (He passed away this weekend)
Good of Organization
Much discussion surrounded the viability of MCVFA and its future.
Next Meeting of the BOD is March 25th in Room 109 of the PSTF.
Next Quarterly Meeting and Elections of the Organization is April 30th at the PSTF.
After a closing prayer by Chaplain Royer Pfersick, the meeting was adjourned at 9:20 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Diana Pfersick