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Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


March 25, 2015

The meeting was called to order at 19:00 by President Louie Leone.

The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by an opening prayer led by Chaplain Royer Pfersick.             

Board members present were Royer Pfersick, Alan Way, Gary Boccacci, Bob Chichester, Richard Diehl, Lynd Hicks, David Sweet, Past President Glenn Klingenberger 1st Vice President Dale Nesbitt, 2nd Vice President Gordy Burris, President Louie Leone, Treasurer Bill Nichols, and Secretary Diana Pfersick. Committee chairs present were Al Sweet, Clarence Spohr, Larry Ritz, and Chris Dunn. Mike Lipinski was also present as invited guest of Al Way.

Excused were Gene Renner, Ken Fuller and Steve Grandusky.

A motion approve the minutes of the February 25th Board meeting minutes was made by Dick Diehl, seconded by Al Way and carried. 

Report from the Secretary

Diana Pfersick read an email sent by Jim Kuycki regarding the passing of Chuck Bommele. There are no calling hours and he will be interred in Florida.


Treasurer’s Report

Bill Nichols sent the report via email.


Committee Reports

The following committees had no reports: Audit, Awards, Banquet, Budget and Finance, Constitution and Bylaws, EMS, Hospitality Room, and Investments.



Royer Pfersick reported that he attended the MCFEA meeting that was held in Spencerport. He said that that meeting was not as spirited as in the past. A presentation on firefighter down was given at the meeting. The team competition that is held each meeting was won by a team of girls from EMS. North Greece Explorer Ben Fuller was diagnosed with ALS which his mother has previously succumbed to. Ben has been doing ride-a-longs and is collecting patches from other departments. Royer noted that he had some sent from FDNY for Ben.  There are a number of fund raisers to help defray expenses for him. The annual Explorer awards will be a BBQ instead of a dinner and will be held at Chili Fire Department on July 18th.  The Explorer weekend at Montour Falls will be held July 31 through August 2.  The next MCFEA meeting will be May 14th at Greece Volunteer Ambulance.




Fire Prevention

Essay Contest

Al Way introduced Mike Lipinski.  Mike has been helping Al with the Essay Contest.  The top 20 awards were presented on March 2nd, 3rd and 4th.   Dale Nesbitt, Larry Ritz, Mike Lipinski and Al went to the north and east side schools on March 2nd.  On March 3rdand 4th Mike Lipinski and Al did the remaining schools except Brighton where the student was ill the day they planned to go there. He noted that the highest numbers of really great essays were submitted from Bishop Kearny.  Jessica Prinzing, a teacher there was instrumental in that school’s participation. She was nominated for and received the Golden Apple Award for her efforts. An article is in the Irondequoit Post and the presentation will be aired on April 15th. (The video is posted on the MCVFA website)



Gordy Burris shared an article that cited a parade at Island Cottage Hotel was longest parade ever in the area at 8 miles in length. Diana Pfersick noted that March 25th is the anniversary of the Happy Land Fire where all patrons perished when a fire was set in the only egress from the club.  All other doors had been chained. This fire led to changes in law regarding fire exits.



Dave Sweet noted that Western will be hosting a legislative outreach session at 12 noon on April 12th at Cambria Fire Department before the regular Western meeting. Codes Council meets May 6th.  Recommendation is that the international sprinkler code be adopted without amendment.



Bill Nichols said there are still data base problems because his computer crashed.



Dick Diehl noted because nomination requests were not done when should have been, it is requested that all letters be sent to Dick Diehl at 139 Farnsworth Road, Rochester, NY 14623 by April 1st. He has received some endorsement letters as of this date. Current nominations are all table officers for same positions. That is Louie Leone for President, Dale Nesbitt for 1st Vice President, Gordy Burris for 2nd Vice President, Diana Pfersick for Secretary and Bill Nichols for Treasurer; for Board of Directors, Battalion 1 has two openings, Battalion 2 has one opening, Battalion 3 has two openings, Battalion 4 has one opening and Battalion 5 has one opening.


Public Relations

Chris Dunn reported that the web site is up to date.  There are 970 followers on Facebook.  He requested that information get sent to him for posting.



Royer Pfersick said that the turn out for Ann Schultz’s code F from the MCVFA membership was disappointing. Dave Schultz was very appreciative of those who did attend.



Dave Sweet reported that FASNY is already working on committee appointments.  He is mailing in the information from MCVFA tomorrow.




Royer Pfersick noted it is planned to have a speaker at the June (for July) meeting. Gordy Burris said he has requested a FASNY Training program here in the fall.




Bill Nichols reported the solicitation has ended as of March 1st. 





Dave Sweet reported that Recruit NY will be held on April 25th and 26th.  All participating departments are asked to register with FASNY. Dave also reviewed the convention schedule which is posted on the FASNY web site.



Dave Sweet noted the next meeting will be at the Cambria Fire Department on April 12th at 2 PM.



Diana Pfersick said the next meeting will be at the Solvay Fire Department in Syracuse.




     Chaplain’s Association

Royer Pfersick noted he will be attending the Chaplain’s Education Program in Montour Falls that will run from April 19th to 22nd.


County Fire Chiefs

Al Sweet reported that the last meeting was held on March 1st at Gates #1 was very well attended.  There was a presentation on the tractor trailer mishap. The next meeting will be Held at the Henrietta Fire District on May 13th.


County Fire Police

Bob Chichester stated that the next BOD meeting will be April 2nd at the PSTF.  The general meeting will be in Clifton on May 7th.  Nominations are needed for the Gordon Mosher Award. A seminar is planned for October 17th to be held at Brockport. Clarence Spohr added the Region 5 Fire Police meeting will be in Youngstown.


EMS Advisory Board

Diana Pfersick noted that she has not gotten any communication from the board. 


Finger Lake Burn Association

No report.  Royer Pfersick noted he will attend the next meeting.


Fire Advisory Board

Larry Ritz read a synopsis of the meeting that was held on March 16th.  No quorum was at the meeting. A copy of his report is attached.


Firemen’s Home

Al Way reported the population at the home is 84 with a couple more waiting.   Things are going well at the home with Art Proper settling in to his new position. Bernie B. is doing great.  He was put in the Alzheimer’s unit for closer attention. His family is much happier with the Firemen’s Home than where he was previously placed. The Home is looking for a couple of MP3 players to use on the Alzheimer’s unit because older quiet music is calming. They also can still use books, CD’s and DVD’s.  The State Fire Police met at the Home the weekend of March 7th & 8th.  Miss New York visited the Home on the 8th and she was taken to see the museum. Curator Jamie Quinn was named Museum Curator of the Year.  Al noted his next trip to the Home will be May 8th & 9th.


Safety Officers

No report


State Fire Police

Clarence Spohr noted the convention will be in Watertown May 14th through the 17th.  



      1st , 3rd, 4th and 5th Battalion

      No Report

      2nd Battalion

      Al Way reported that Brockport’s platform truck is in service.  Dale Nesbitt reported that Hilton

      changed it’s running operations so that Priority 1 & 2 EMS runs will have commercial ALS as the

       responder and priority 3 & 4 will be Hilton BLS response. This will prevent high cost to people.







1st Vice President



2nd Vice President

Gordy Burris said he attended Johnathan Davis’ funeral.






Dave Sweet queried why the organization does not have its own computer for record retention. After discussion regarding the secretary and treasurer needing to use personal computers for MCVFA business, consensus was that the organization should have computers dedicated to those positions.  A motion was made by Glenn Klingenberger, seconded by Royer Pfersick and carried for the purchase of two laptop computers for use by each of those positions. After further discussion, a motion was made by Glenn Klingenberger, seconded by Gary Boccacci, and carried to transfer membership records to the secretary. A concern was voiced about current membership lists due to the computer problems encountered by the membership chair.



Bill Nichols reviewed the bills that have been received. A motion was made by Dick Diehl, seconded by Glenn Klingenberger and carried to pay the bills as presented.


Sick and Distressed



Good of Organization



March 25th is set aside for committees of MCVFA as needed in Room 109 of the PSTF.  (no BOD)


Next Quarterly Meeting and Elections of the Organization is April 30th  at the PSTF.



A motion was made by Dick Diehl, seconded by Bob Chichester and carried to adjourn.

After a closing prayer by Chaplain Royer Pfersick, the meeting was adjourned at 20:45


Respectfully submitted,


Diana Pfersick