Minutes > April 22, 2015 Board Workshop

Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association

Board of Directors Workshop Meeting Minutes


April 22, 2015


The meeting was called to order at 19:00 by President Louie Leone.

The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by an opening prayer led by Chaplain Royer Pfersick.             

Board members present were Royer Pfersick, Alan Way, Gary Boccacci, Bob Chichester, Richard Diehl, Lynd Hicks, Past President Glenn Klingenberger 1st Vice President Dale Nesbitt, 2nd Vice President Gordy Burris, President Louie Leone, and Secretary Diana Pfersick. Committee chairs present were Al Sweet, Clarence Spohr, Larry Ritz, and Chris Dunn. Excused were David Sweet and Ken Fuller.

President Louie Leone discussed the invitation to the Ladies Auxiliary Banquet. He noted that the banquet was planned without input from the MCVFA.  Much discussion surrounded the event and questions were raised that board members could not answer. Glenn Klingenberger cited that the invitation came with very short lead time. The banquets used to be separate but joined together a few years ago with the ladies and MCVFA taking turns taking the lead but still working together.  It is unknown if it was intended to be a joint banquet or just the ladies banquet. Royer Pfersick suggested that a guidance document get drafted regarding banquets for the future so everything is clear.


Bob Chichester announced that the date for this year’s health fair is October 15th at the RIT Inn and Conference Center.


Dick Diehl noted that he is preparing the ballots based on endorsement letters he has received.  There are openings in every battalion. He said he has heard there may be nominations from the floor. He will have four blank lines where members will have to write in anyone nominated.


Glenn Klingenbereger read an article that was written about teacher Jessica Prinzing who received Golden Apple Award as nominated by Al Way and Mike Lipinski.  The article was circulated so all could see photo.


The workshop adjourned at 19:45 so committees could convene for individual committee work.


Respectfully Submitted,

Diana Pfersick