Minutes > April 30, 2015 Quarterly Membership Meeting

Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association

Quarterly Meeting Minutes


April 30, 2015


The meeting was called to order at the Public Safety Training Facility 1900 by President Louie Leone.

The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by an opening prayer led by Chaplain Royer Pfersick. 

Present were board members Steve Grandusky, David Sweet, Gary Boccacci, Ken Fuller, Richard Diehl, Bob Chichester, Royer Pfersick,  President Louie Leone, 1st Vice President Dale Nesbitt, 2nd Vice President, Gordon Burris, Secretary Diana Pfersick, Treasurer Bill Nichols, and Jr. Past President Glenn Klingenberger. Members present were Zip Kraemer, Carl Veltri, Lawrence Ritz, Laurie Kingsley-Henry, Peter Henry, Jim Princehorn, Al Sweet, Christopher Dunn, Jim Walsh, Clarence Spohr, and Dan Collins. Also present was president of the MCVFA Ladies Auxiliary, Bonnie Sweet.


Excused were Alan Way and Lynd Hicks.


A motion approve the minutes of the January Quarterly meeting was made by Ken Fuller, seconded by Steve Grandusky, and carried.

Report from the Secretary 



Treasurer’s Report

Bill Nichols sent the treasurer's report via email.  A motion was made by Ken Fuller, seconded by Steve Grandusky and carried to acknowledge the report.


Committee Reports


Audit Committee

     No report.



No report.



Instead of a traditional banquet, a barbeque will be held at Spencerport Exempts on Sunday, May 3 to honor outgoing Ladies Auxiliary President, Donna Hicks. Ladies Auxiliary President Bonnie Sweet addressed the group. She would like to have the two groups be able to work well together as in past years. She also invited all to the ladies picnic at West Webster Exempts on June 3rd at 6:30 PM. Bring a dish to pass and your own place setting.


Budget and Finance

      Dick Diehl noted all investments are doing well.


Constitution and By-Laws

Steve Grandusky discussed miscommunication specific to 501c3 organization and his arrangement of pro bono legal review of bylaws so this organization will know what needs to be addressed when revising bylaws. They lawyer is a recognized expert in not for profit organizational law. He noted that the bylaws are a backbone of the organization and the rest should be in policies and procedures. He noted the legal group is same as used by FASNY.


Emergency Medical Services

Diana Pfersick reported that Director of the Bureau EMS for New York sent a clarification letter regarding proposed changes for c-spine immobilization.



Royer Pfersick noted that he attended the North Greece Explorer Ben Fuller promotion to honorary Firefighter. Ben is afflicted with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) and is now in a wheelchair. There are many fund raisers underway to help with costs. Ben lost his mother to ALS. North Greece is holding a BBQ fundraiser by Sticky Lips at Greece Athena High School on May 13th.The next MCFEA meeting is on May 14th at Greece Volunteer Ambulance. The Explorer weekend at Montour Falls will be held July 31st -August 2nd.  Instead of a banquet, The Explorer’s awards recognition event will be a barbeque held at Chili Fire Department on July 18th . Gordon Burris suggested the Klohessy award be given posthumously to Jonathan Davis. A motion was made by Laurie Kingsley-Henry, seconded by Steve Grandusky and carried to donate $200 to the Explorer training day held at Henrietta Station 6.


Fire Prevention


  Essay Contest

 Al way sent in the following report:

The Fire Prevention Essay Contest went very well this year. It looks like we will have at least 4 winners this year for the following- 1st and 2nd in 5th grade, 2nd in 6th grade, 2nd in 7th grade and none in 8th grade. If it changes he will let the board know. The Golden Apple Award went very well. He thanked Past presidents Larry Ritz and Glenn Kilngenberger for backing him up. He also thanked Chris Dunn for publishing so it could be sent to others. Al sent the information to the FASNY PR company and they were impressed with the presentation and press advantage for us. He said he was sorry that Mike Lapinsky could not make the award because it was Mike’s idea and he had made all the contacts.


  Health Fair

  Bob Chichester noted that the fair will be held on October 15th at the RIT Inn and Conference Center from       10 AM until 3 PM.



 Al Sweet reported that he has gone through records for Anniversary dates of departments. Bushnell Basin, Gates Exempt and Genesee Valley are 75 years this year.  Spencerport is 125 years.  If anyone knows of any others let him know.


Hospitality Room

Dave Sweet noted we will join with Western NY again at convention.




No further report.



Dave Sweet reported that the state budget is done. Lobby Day at the Capital will be May 11th.  Anyone attending should be dressed appropriately.



Bill Nichols said things are moving slow.



Under new business.


Public Relations

Chris Dunn noted that there about 1000 followers on Facebook. He requested any info for the website be sent to him.



Royer Pfersick read the necrology list of all who answered their last call since the previous quarterly meeting which was followed by a prayer of remembrance.


Steering Committee

Dave Sweet noted that endorsement letters need to be sent. A motion was made by Dick Diehl, seconded by Clarence Spohr and carried to send an endorsement letters to Northern Central for Bill Nichols and Steve Granusky. A motion was made by Dave Sweet, seconded by Royer Pfersick and carried to send a letter of endorsement for Ken Fuller as trustee to Western. Dave also noted that tickets for the Past President’s Dinner at the FASNY Convention will be obtained for officers and board members if attending. Deadline is June 15th.



     Topics Committee

Royer Pfersick reported that he has arranged for CISM to present at the June quarterly meeting.



Bill Nichols said there is no change.


Delegate Reports



Dave Sweet noted FASNY supported Recruit NY and it was April 25th and 26th.  The FASNY Convention convenes on August 20th at the Desmond Hotel in Albany.  Training day is the 21st and the heroes awards will be on Saturday the 23rd. The FASNY Foundation met in Clayton and held a symbolic burning of the mortgage of the Firemen’s Home.



Ken Fuller reported that the convention will be in Cambria in July. All information is available on the web site.  There has been a poor turnout of submissions of awards. The last meeting was April 12th and next meeting will be June 14th at the Cambria Fire Department at 2 PM.



Gordon Burris noted he was unable to attend the last meeting of Northern Central. Steve Grandusky reported that the meeting was held at the Solvay Fire Department on the April 19th. The Northern Central convention will be held as a joint venture with Central New York at the Ramada Inn in Liverpool.  Meetings will be separate but there will be a joint memorial service.


Liaison Reports


Chaplain’s Association

Royer Pfersick reported that he attended the Chaplain’s Convention which was held in Montour Falls.  He said it was the best he has attended in a long time with over 400 attending. There was information on counseling in PTSD.  Next year the event will be held at West Point in Orange County.


County Fire Chiefs

Steve Grandusky noted that the last meeting had a presentation on the truck that ended up hanging over the edge of the bridge. Special operations were required. Fire Coordinator Sam DeRosa and Assistant Coordinator Steve Schalabba are working on ways to coordinate efforts smoothly. The Equipment Show will be at Burgundy Basin on August 12th. Firefighter Appreciation Dinner will be held at the Diplomat on October 8th. Deadline for submissions is August 31st. Al Sweet added that the next meeting will be at Henrietta on May 13th.


County Fire Police

Bob Chichester said the next meeting will be May 7th at Clifton starting with dinner at 6:30 PM. The 6 county seminar will be in Brockport on October 17th.


EMS Advisory Board

No report. 


Finger Lakes Burn Association

Royer Pfersick noted that he had attended the last meeting. They are holding a fund raising event called Gateway to Healing at Paley Studios. The Burn Walk is coming up in the fall.


Fire Advisory Board

Larry Ritz reported that the March 16th meeting did not have a quorum as many were at calling hours. A full report was attached to the previous Board of Directors meeting minutes.


Firemen’s Home

Al Way sent a report.  He noted things were going great at the home.  The loan has been paid off.  The number of members at the home is at 84 with number 85 to arrive soon. There is a waiting list for the first time anyone can remember so application and review for admittance has been modified so all firefighters go to the top of the list. Auxiliary members will be admitted but not to exceed 20 % of the rooms.  The softball tournament is back on. This will be completely run by the trustees and limited to the first 20 teams. It will be held July 31st , August 1st and 2nd. Al’s next trip to the Home will be May 7th through the 9th. The annual memorial service will be held May 8th in the evening. Al noted he stopped by Dave Schultz’s house but did not get any response to his knock. Bids are due soon for the new Big Red. It is hoped it will be ready for summer.


Safety Officers

No report


State Fire Police

Ken Fuller noted that the convention is in Watertown in 2 weeks.





Battalion Reports


1st Battalion

No report.


2nd Battalion

No report.


3rd Battalion

No report.


4th Battalion

No report.


5th Battalion

No report.


Reports of the Presidents



No report.


1st Vice President

No report


2nd Vice President

No report. 


Old Business

Ken Fuller noted that issue with solicitor who was working on Western’s behalf has been straightened out. 


New Business

Dick Diehl reviewed the ballot for elections of officers. Based on letters submitted, the ballot had listed Louie Leone for President, Dale Nesbitt for 1st Vice President, Gordon Burris for 2nd Vice President, Diana Pfersick for Secretary and Bill Nichols for Treasurer. Nominations from the floor added Chris Dunn and Dale Nesbitt to the President candidate list. After required process was followed, a motion was made by Ken Fuller, seconded by Glenn Klingenberger and carried to close nominations for president. There were no nominations from the floor for the 1st Vice President Position. After due process, a motion was made by Glenn Klingenberger, seconded by Clarence Spohr and carried to close the nominations for 1st Vice President and have the secretary cast one ballot for Dale Nesbitt. There were no nominations from the floor for 2nd Vice President. After due process, a motion was made by Zip Kraemer, seconded by Bob Chichester and carried to close nominations for 2nd Vice president and have the secretary cast one ballot for Gordon Burris.  No nominations were made from the floor for secretary. After due process, a motion was made by Ken Fuller, seconded by Glenn Klingenberger and carried to close nominations for secretary and have the president cast one ballot for Diana Pfersick.  Jim Princehorn was nominated from the floor to the treasurer candidate list. After due process, a motion was made by Bob Chichester, seconded by Chris Dunn and carried to close nominations for treasurer. Nominations for director spots also were made for Lynd Hicks for Director of 2nd Battalion for a 3 year term, Ken Fuller for 4th Battalion for a 3 year term and Glenn Klingenberger for a 2 year term and for the 5th Battalion, Bob Chichester for a 3 year term.  No further nominations were made for director positions. After due process, a motion was made by Steve Grandusky, seconded by Laurie Kingsley Henry and carried to close nominations for director positions and have the secretary cast ballots on behalf of each nominated.  With the exception of the 5th Battalion, there are still open spots for directors in the other Battalions. Ballots for President and treasurer were collected and counted by Dick Diehl and Steve Grandusky. For the position of President, Chris Dunn received 13 votes, Louie Leone received 6 and Dale Nesbitt received 5. For the position of treasurer, Jim Princehorn received 14 votes and Bill Nichols received 8.



Bill Nichols noted bills include officer expenses, convention and a gift for Donna Hicks. A motion was made by Glenn Klingenberger, seconded by Ken Fuller, and carried to pay the bills.


Sick and Distressed

It was noted that Dave Schultz is at Aaron Manor. A card will be sent to him.


Good of Organization

Dick Diehl said he needs all directors to be at the next Board meeting.

Louie Leone Passed the gavel to Chris Dunn.


Next Meeting of the BOD is May 27th at 7 PM   at the Public Safety Training Facility.


Next Quarterly Meeting of the Organization June 25th at Rush. Dinner will be served at 6:30 PM with the meeting to follow. There will be a presentation on Critical Incident Stress Management.



After a closing prayer by Chaplain Royer Pfersick, a motion was made to adjourn at 2105 by Glenn Klingenberger, seconded by Zip Kreamer and carried.


Respectfully submitted,      


Diana Pfersick