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Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes


May 27, 2015


The meeting was called to order at 19:00 by President Chris Dunn.

The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by an opening prayer led by Chaplain Royer Pfersick.             

Board members present were Steve Grandusky, Alan Way, Lynd Hicks, Gary Bocacci, Ken Fuller, Glenn Klingenberger, Dick Diehl, Royer Pfersick, Bob Chichester, President Chris Dunn, 1st Vice President Dale Nesbitt, 2nd Vice President Gordon Burris, Treasurer Jim Princehorn, Secretary Diana Pfersick, Jr. Past President Louie Leone, and members Clarence Spohr, Larry Ritz, David Sweet, Jim Walsh, and Al Sweet.

A motion was made by Glenn Klingenberger, seconded by Ken Fuller and carried to accept the minutes of the April 22, 2015 BOD workshop meeting.

Secretary’s Report

Diana Pfersick reported that information was received on the Amazon Smile program. Dues were received from North Greece


Treasurer’s Report

Jim Princehorn reported that he met with Bill Nichols for books turn over. All will be organized for an audit per protocol. He will be sending out reports via email. If a report is wanted and not receiving, please let him know. A print copy and chart of investment performance was available at the meeting for review. The Association credit card has been cancelled and a new one is on order. An extension was filed for the IRS and information has now been sent.  Jim reviewed financial protocols. The CHR 500 has been sent to NYS. If any members need reimbursement, forms are available on the web site. All committees who handle money need to submit written reports. All directors also need to sign a conflict of interest (COI) form. Checks will not be issued same night as getting the request so plan ahead.  The President has requested that all directors need to be aware of disbursements. Jim thanked members for support and he will do all in his power to assure accuracy.

Diana Pfersick stated she will have a COI form for each at next meeting.


Committee Reports



Dick Diehl reported all information was not available to complete and audit when they met. On quick review things looks OK, but George Haberberger will be auditing when everything is together. If any recommendations are made, Chris Dunn has noted the BOD will need to address. Dave Sweet noted that an internal audit should include 3 independent BOD members.  A conflict of interest form should be signed annually.



Chris Dunn noted the Past President plaque seems to be missing from the PSTF.


Budget and Finance

Dick Diehl reported the investments are in good shape.



Steve Grandusky said he is waiting on a report and suggestions from the laywer.


Emergency Medical Services

No report



Royer Pfersick reported that North Greece held a fund raiser for Ben Fuller.  Scottsville Fire DEpartment will be holding Explorer Games on June 27th. July 18th will be the Explorer awards with a BBQ in Chili. The Montour Falls Explorer weekend will be July 31-August 2nd. There will be a MCFEA training at Henrietta Station 6 in August.


Fire Prevention

     Essay Contest

     Al Way said he will send list of winners to attach to minutes.


    Health Fair

     Bob Chichester said he is awaiting application.



Al Sweet noted that Spencerport will be celebrating 125 years with multiple events. Bushnell’s Basin had their 75th Anniversary dinner two weeks ago. Point Pleasant is at 100 years, Gate Exempt having 75th anniversary dinner on September 27th at Rick’s Prime Rib.  Chris Dunn requested all information be sent to him for certificate creation.


Hospitality Room

Dave Sweet reported that Monroe County is joining with Western at the FASNY Convention. Bill Nichols noted the this has been paid.



No further report



Dave Sweet said that he attended lobby day at the Capital. They were able to speak with some of the Assembly members.  He went to Floyd the following week and updates on issues of united concern.  The Press will be at Laurelton on Friday.



No report


Public Relations

Chris reported there are about 1000 followers on Facebook.



None this month.


Steering Committee

Dave Sweet noted that letters went out from Western. He noted group needs to meet early fall.



Royer Pfersick reported that he has arranged to have a representative from CISM come speak at next quarterly.  Chris Dunn also noted he would like Sam DeRosa speak in fall to explain new radio systems.



Jim Princehorn said the solicitor is only sending a sheet reflecting what he is taking in and what MCVFA owes him. He has refused to disclose who is donating.  Much discussion followed regarding the solicitor. A motion was made to table further discussion until June meeting by Al Way. THis was seconded by Steve Grandusky and carried.





Dave Sweet reminded the group that the Convention is Thursday, August 20th through Saturday, August 22nd.  There will be a Chinese Auction for the Scholarship fund on Friday evening.



Ken Fuller noted the Western Convention will be July 23 through 25 in Cambria.  Churchville will have a tent and all are welcome.



Steve Grandusky reported the Northern Central Convention will be held jointly with Central on June 13th.




Chaplain’s Association

No report


County Fire Chiefs

Steve Grandusky said the Chief’s Equipment Show will be at the Burgundy Basin on August 12th,  They will have a shuttle provided to aid parking.


County Fire Ploice

Bob Chichester reported there will be no State Course this year.  Their next Board meeting will be August 6th. They have a web site which is monroecountyfirepolice.org. Ken Fuller noted that Monroe County’s delegation is largest in the state.


EMS Advisory Board

No report


Finger Lakes Burn Association

No report


Fire Advisory Board

Larry Ritz provided a lengthy written report reviewing actions of the May 18th meeting. He reviewed that report. Of note, Chris Fish and Chris Dunn were re-elected to their positions a Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively. Lauri Ruiz will remain as secretary.


Firemen’s Home

Al Way reported that the census is at 82. There is a fund drive to complete the second large window at the Chapel.


Safety Officers

No report


State Fire Police

No report



No report from the battalions



No reports



Glenn Klingenberger asked about the purchase of computers for secretary and treasurer. Discussion continued on this.  Dave Sweet noted that records should be on equipment owned by the organization.  A motion was made by Dick Diehl, seconded by Royer Pfersick and carried to spend up to $3000 for twp laptop computers with office software. Royer Pfersick circulated a possible template for Fire Departments who sponsor Explorer Posts. 



Steve Grandusky reported that the ceremonial flag used on aerial trucks needs replacing. He suggested that the county co-purchase with the chief association. He will look into pricing.

There was discussion prompted by Ken Fuller about the Sergeant at Arms position as Gene Renner has difficulty attending all meetings and it is important that banner and bell at least be at the quarterly meetings. A motion was made by Al Way, seconded by Ken Fuller and carried to name Gene Sergeant at Arms Emeritus.  There was a great deal of discussion regarding budgeted items and Board approvals. Steve Grandusky noted that approval is only needed is amounts are over the budgeted amount. Jim Princehorn added we need to follow financial protocol.  It was brought up that FASNY dues need to be paid. A motion was made by Lynd Hicks, seconded by Ken Fuller and carried to cover this cost for director and committee chair positions in FASNY.  It was further discussed that FASNY membership must be paid by 30 days before convention to vote in elections at convention. Glenn Klingenberger made a motion to recognize our past officers at the next quarterly meeting in Rush on June 25th. This was seconded by Ken Fuller and carried. Al Sweet noted that the Ladies Auxiliary in Rush will be providing a roast beef dinner at the event.



Bills read by Jim Princehorn included support services bill and Federal filing.  A motion was made by Al Way, seconded by Lynd Hicks and carried to pay the bills as read.


Sick and Distressed



Good of the Organization

No report


After a closing prayer by Royer Pfersick, a motion was made by Al Way, seconded by Bob Chichester and carried to adjourn the meeting at 10:10 PM


Respectfully submitted,

Diana Pfersick, Secretary