Minutes > June 17, 2015 Board of Directors Meeting

Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association
Board of Directors Workshop Minutes
June 17, 2015
The meeting was called to order at 19:05 by President Chris Dunn. 
The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by an opening prayer led by Chaplain Royer Pfersick.  
Board members present were Alan Way, , Gary Bocacci, Ken Fuller,  Dick Diehl, Royer Pfersick, Bob Chichester, President Chris Dunn, 1st Vice President Dale Nesbitt, 2nd Vice President Gordon Burris, Treasurer Jim Princehorn, Secretary Diana Pfersick, Jr. Past President Louie Leone, and members Clarence Spohr and Mike Lipinski.
Excused were Steve Grandusky, Glenn Klingenberger, and Lynd Hicks.
Secretary’s Report
Diana Pfersick reported that Past President of Western NY, Jerry Gehrig of Mt. Morris passed away and a sympathy card was passed for all to sign and to send to his wife.  Also reported was Past President of FASNY, Jim Ryan had a triple bypass yesterday and is doing well. A get well card was circulated for all to sign and be sent to him. Membership files are being updated and a special letter being sent to fire departments. Some have sent checks already and this adds to difficulty of sorting out the records. A list of members who officers and/or are in FASNY positions was sent to Harrison Breuer at FASNY and  check request was submitted to the treasurer for a check to be sent to FASNY to cover their dues.
Treasurer’s Report
Jim Princehorn reported there has been difficulty in getting forms needed for all records to be reconciled. Reports will be sent in the future when all bumps are smoothed out. A certification of corporation was needed to obtain a new credit card so that is still in process. Jim also reviewed the balance that would be due to FASNY to assure all members are covered in time for convention. Discussion ensued regarding which departments were billed and who has already sent payment. It is hoped that remaining departments send payment in timely fashion so funds will be available to send check to FASNY.  A motion was made by Ken Fuller, seconded by Dick Diehl and carried to authorize the investment committee to liquidate funds if needed to cover remaining dues by mid July. The bills were also presented by Jim. They include New York Department of State for Certificates of Corporation, Supports Services, Plaques, FASNY dues, Booths for the health fair. A motion was made by Al Way, seconded by Dick Diehl and carried to pay the bills presented. 
Committee Reports 
No reports from committees at workshop except Essay contest
Fire Prevention
     Essay Contest
     Al Way reported that he will be increasing the use of email for the essay contest.
President’s Report
Chris Dunn noted a paper trail is needed for unbudgeted items. Some things may have to be added to the budget in the future if they appear more than once. The Board has a responsibility to review all reports.  Break downs on the 990 tax form were discussed.  There was some discussion if our accounting firm needs to be changed , but no action was decided. There was a great deal of discussion on maintaining a separate convention account. By maintaining a separate account, there are additional fees. After weighing all pros and cons, a motion was made by Al Way, seconded by Ken Fuller and carried to move the convention account into the general account but keep it as the 900 account.
Chris addressed the upcoming Chief’s Equipment Show. General consensus supported having a table there.  Diana Pfersick volunteered to donate a raffle item. Several members noted they would attend to staff the table. A motion was made by Dick Diehl, seconded by Royer Pfersick and carried to cover cost of meal tickets for those who will be covering the table.
Chris reported that an action list is being created to keep the organization on track. He had Jim Princehorn review forms required for reimbursements for member expenses. The committee list from last year was distributed and Chris asked for everyone’s input for participation. Updating to the list was undertaken.
Gordon Burris noted that in the past, we supported the Wounded Warrior Project by placing an ad in their program and asked if we were going to do again. A motion was made by Al Way, seconded by Dale Nesbitt and carried to purchase the ad.
No further new business.
After a closing prayer by Royer Pfersick, a motion was made by Al Way, seconded by Bob Chichester and carried to adjourn the meeting at 10:00 PM
Respectfully submitted,
Diana Pfersick