Minutes > June 25, 2015 Special Board Meeting




Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association

Board of Directors Special Meeting Minutes


June 25, 2015



The meeting was called to order at 21:08 by President Chris Dunn.


Board members present were Royer Pfersick, Alan Way, Gary Boccacci, Bob Chichester, Richard Diehl, Glenn Klingenberger, Ken Fuller,  1st Vice President Dale Nesbitt, Jr. Past President Louie Leone, Sergeant at Arms Mike Lapinski, and Secretary Diana Pfersick. Committee chairs present were Al Sweet, Clarence Spohr, Larry Ritz, and Chris Dunn. Excused were Gordon Burris and Steve Grandusky.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the solicitor being used by the MCVFA.  After some discussion, a motion was made by Glenn Klingenberger, seconded by Al Way and carried to let the current solicitor complete the current campaign.

There had been a complaint about the solicitor who had contacted a home and had been reported as being rude.  Chris Dunn advised the group that he had addressed the complaint.

The meeting adjourned at 21:15.


Respectfully Submitted,


Diana Pfersick