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Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association

Quarterly Meeting Minutes


June 25, 2015


The quarterly meeting of the MCVFA was called to order at the Rush Volunteer Fire Department at 1830 by President Chris Dunn.   

The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by an opening prayer led by Chaplain Royer Pfersick.  The assembly was welcomed to the Rush Fire Department by Rush Chief Jim Bucci who introduced Rush members present. The meeting was then suspended for a roast beef dinner that was prepared and served by the Rush Ladies Auxiliary. A cake was provided to honor Louie Leone by Diana Pfersick of which Louie made the first cut. This was served with many other desserts as provided by the ladies auxiliary.

The meeting reconvened at 19:30.

In lieu of a topics presentation, the elected officers were sworn in by David Sweet.  Following this, Louie Leone was honored with a plaque for serving as president for the past year. A gift will be presented at a future date. A plaque was also presented for Bill Nichols for serving as treasurer from 2009 to 2015.  This plaque will be delivered to Bill by Carl Veltri as Bill was not at the meeting.  Mike Lapinski was introduced as Sergeant at Arms

Present were board members Alan Way, David Sweet, Gary Boccacci, Ken Fuller, Glenn Kilingenberger, Dick Diehl, Bob Chichester, Royer Pfersick, Sergeant at Arms Mike Lapinski, Jr. Past President Louie Leone, President Chris Dunn, 1st Vice President Dale Nesbitt, Secretary Diana Pfersick, and Treasurer Jim Princehorn. Organization members present were Zip Kraemer, Carl Veltri, Al Sweet, Laurie Kingsley- Henry, Peter Henry, Bill McGuire, Frank Domuracki, Clarence Spohr, Tim Relyea, Kevin Kolmetz, Jim McNeil, and Bob Faugh.   Also present was president of the MCVFA Ladies Auxiliary, Bonnie Sweet, Mae Bauer, Auxiliary Vice President and Eunice Leone. 


Excused were Steve Grandusky, Gordon Burris, Larry Ritz and Lynd Hicks.


A motion approve the minutes of the April Quarterly meeting was made by Glenn Klingenberger, seconded by Al Way, and carried.

Report from the Secretary 

Diana Pfersick reported that membership work continues and dues notices will be going out shortly to departments who have not yet been sent dues notices.  Chris Dunn explained to the group that due to some problems with files, the 2015 dues notices did not go out when they should have.


Treasurer’s Report

Jim Princehorn gave an overview of the accounts.  He will email reports to those who request.  A motion was made by Mike Lapinski, seconded by Ken Fuller and carried to acknowledge the report.


Committee Reports


Audit Committee

     No report.



No report.



No report.


Budget and Finance

     Dick Diehl noted all investments are doing well.  There will be a budget meeting in September.


Constitution and By-Laws

No report.


Emergency Medical Services

Diana Pfersick reported that Director of the Bureau EMS for New York sent a clarification letter regarding proposed changes for c-spine immobilization as previously reported. There are 3 tag teams working so that when changes happen, it is a coordinated so that protocol, testing and skills revamps are all in place at one time.



Royer Pfersick noted Explorer weekend at Montour Falls will be held July 31st -August 2nd.  Instead of a banquet, The Explorer’s awards recognition event will be a barbeque held at Chili Fire Department on July 18th.


Fire Prevention


  Essay Contest

 Al way provided a written report.  His report is attached.


  Health Fair

  Bob Chichester noted that the fair will be held on October 15th at the RIT Inn and Conference

  Center from 10 AM until 3 PM.



 Al Sweet requests that people let him know about upcoming anniversaries.


Hospitality Room

Dave Sweet noted we will join with Western NY again at convention.



No further report.



Dave Sweet reported that four of the bills have passed both houses.  Emergency vehicle use of seat belts, extension of both the heart bill and lung cancer bill, and the requirement of 10 year batteries in smoke detectors are awaiting Governor signature. Extended cancer coverage has passed in the Senate but not yet in the Assembly.  He attended lobby day.



No further report.



No report.  It was noted there are vacancies to be filled some battalions.


Public Relations

Chris Dunn requested information be sent to him for posting on Facebook and/ or web site.



Royer Pfersick read the necrology list of all who answered their last call since the previous quarterly meeting which was followed by a prayer of remembrance. A motion was made by David Sweet, seconded by Royer Pfersick and carried to set aside a page in the minutes with the list of names who have passed.


Steering Committee

Dave Sweet reported a 1st Battalion replacement is needed for the Steering Committee. He also noted that 2 posters will be made for Diana Pfersick for the FASNY Convention.


     Topics Committee

Chris Dunn would like Sam DeRosa come to the October meeting to review the changes to paging system.  Royer will arrange with CISM to come in January to present.



Chris Dunn noted the Board of Directors will meet briefly after this meeting to discuss the solicitor and yearbook.


Delegate Reports



Dave Sweet requested anyone planning on attending the past president dinner to contact him by mid-July.  The Convention meeting will begin on August 20th. Training day will be the 21st. He requested people consider contributing to the scholarship raffle by donating a basket or items to be raffled with a value of at least $35.00.  There were 3 scholarship winners in Monroe county each receiving $1500.  Two were in Pittsford and one in Brighton.  The softball tournament will be held at the Home on the Hudson July 31st through August 2nd. Liberty Mutual Insurance has been renewed. The Board is currently looking at campground memberships.



Ken Fuller reported that the convention will be in Cambria in July. All information is available on the web site via a link from Cambria’s web site. The Memorial Service will be Saturday Morning.



Royer Pfersick reported that Northern Central convention held a joint venture with Central New York at the Ramada Inn in Liverpool.  Meetings were separate but there was a joint memorial service.


Liaison Reports


Chaplain’s Association

Royer Pfersick reported that in April 2016, the conference will be held at West Point in Orange County.


County Fire Chiefs

Al Sweet noted the Chief’s Equipment Show will be at Burgundy Basin on August 12th.


County Fire Police

Bob Chichester said the next meeting will be August 6th.  The seminar is moved to the fall.


EMS Advisory Board

No report. 


Finger Lakes Burn Association

Royer Pfersick noted that the Burn Walk is coming up in the fall.


Fire Advisory Board

No report.


Firemen’s Home

Al Way provided a written report.  The number of members at the home is at 81 following the passing of Robert Preudhomme. The next trustee meeting will be July 10th and 11th and he expects there will be applications to be voted upon. There are plans underway to complete another large stained glass window at the chapel with hopes to be completed in 2017.  The activities department is looking for DVDs, CDs, and good books.  They are also looking for MP3 Players for the Alzheimer’s area.   Softball Tournament will be July 31st through August 2nd.


Safety Officers

No report


State Fire Police

Clarence Spohr reported that the convention was a very relaxing event. They had an excellent speaker.  The fall meeting will be October 10th in Ling Island.


Battalion Reports


1st Battalion

No report.


2nd Battalion

No report.


3rd Battalion

No report.


4th Battalion

Ken Fuller noted that Scott Lancaster has taken a position as Assistant State Fire Marshall in the State of Washington. Scott Flagler is replacing him locally.


5th Battalion

No report.


Reports of the Presidents



Chris Dunn noted that the organization needs to make changes and follow strategic plan.  By-Laws are priority #1.  Rebranding will attract more interest. The organization should turn services back to the membership. We need to look at what we can do to provide for our members. The yearbook is not as profitable as in past and we need to look at other sources of funding. Chris stated that Dale Sweet agreed to work on grant-seeking.  Because the yearbook is not as profitable as in past and the board will be discussing this further.  Strong points are essay contest and health fair. We can look at involvement in builder’s shows.  Finger Lakes Burn Association would like to partner with us.  We need to expand fire prevention to include baby-boomers. Last year we gave money to 3rd battalion to help cover speaker costs, we need to also work to bring in speakers to area including covering civil officer training.  He would like to see an increase in legislative committee activity.  He would like to see less conflicts in schedules and the fire service leadership work together on issues of unite concern. Reports should be streamlined. The Financial protocols need to be reviewed and updated. Chris noted he would also like to see a better working relationship with the Ladies Auxiliary.


1st Vice President

No report


2nd Vice President

No report. 


Old Business

Glenn Klingenberger asked what is happening regarding computer purchase for treasurer and secretary.  Chris Dunn noted they have been purchased.


New Business

Chris Dunn reiterated we need to look at what we can do to provide for our members. We will need a lot of energy to move on.



Jim Princehorn reviewed bills receive which included delegate expenses for Western New York, Cambria Convention Committee, and Penfield Trophies for Past officer Plaques. A motion was made by Al way, seconded by Laurie Kingsley-Henry, and carried to pay the bills.


Sick and Distressed



Good of Organization

Ken Fuller noted that Churchville will have a tent at the Western Convention and all are welcome.

Bonnie Sweet spoke to the membership and shared a desire for a good working relationship with MCVFA and the MCVFA Ladies Auxiliary.



The next Meeting of the BOD is July 29th at 7 PM   at the Public Safety Training Facility.



The next Quarterly Meeting of the Organization will be October 29th. 

Location TBA. 



If a fire organization is willing to host this or any quarterly meeting, please contact the President.








This page has been set aside to  remember those who have served and have answered their last call


~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~     ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~


Clarence B Hoyt, Barnard FD

Dudley N Schuler, Pittsford FD

Edward C O’Connell, West Webster FD

Lawrence E Brassie, Mendon FD

Raymond G Sands, Chili FD

Christopher F Franco, Point Pleasant FD

Mary Evelyn Franco, Point Pleasant FD Ladies Aux

Reginald A Lambert, Clifton FD

Douglas Van Duser II, Brighton FD

Richard John Taylor, West Henrietta FD

Jonathan M Davis, Barnard FD

Wesley P Ghysel, Brighton FD

Fred Jentsons, West Brighton FD

Joseph J Germuga Jr., Brighton FD

Raymond R Rinebold, Union Hill FD

William R Hancock, Gates Chili FD

Ann Zito Hall Schultz, MCVFA Ladies Auxiliary

Rodney Fairhead, Spencerport FD

Sharon E Tyler, West Webster FD

Keith P Hyback Chili FD

Charles “Chuck” A Bommele, Union Hill FD

Eugene L Youngblood, Chili FD

Raymond F Povio, Henrietta FD

Charles Strassner, Henrietta FD

George Matthews, Pittsford FD

Richard J Deitz, North Greece FD

Peter N Pankiw, Webster FD

Charles W Stitch, Chili FD

Jacob A Weder, Egypt FD

Jonathan T Terry, North Greece FD

Peter Lang, Mendon FD

Charles Kimble, Hilton Exempts

Dennis Lennon, Churchville Exempts

Charles H VanScott, East Rochester FD

Laura L Cochi, West Webster FD Ladies Auxiliary

Charles Peterson, Barnard FD

Ruth I Newton, FASNY Ladies Auxiliary Chaplain

Gerry Gehrig, WNYVFA Past President

Charles M McGrath, Mumford FD

J Lynn Sackett, Clifton FD

Paul A Gleisle, Point Pleasant FD

Sondra Larry, Hilton FD Ladies Auxiliary









After a closing prayer by Chaplain Royer Pfersick, a motion was made to adjourn at 2105 by Glenn Klingenberger, seconded by Bob Chichester and carried.


Respectfully submitted,      


Diana Pfersick