Minutes > February 23, 2005 Board of Directors Meeting

February 23, 2005
The regularly scheduled meeting of the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association Board of Directors and Committee Chairpersons was called to order by the Presiding Officer, Mr. Alan C. Way, the Association President. Time was 7:30 PM. Location was the combined Training Center located at 1190 Scottsville Road, Rochester NY.
The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved on a motion called for by the Chair. There were no corrections brought to the attention by the attendees. 1st by Mr. A. Price. 2nd by Mr. S. Giuliano.
There were communications and they were passed on to the appropriate attendees for their attention. There was one bill and it was passed to the Treasurer for his workflow.
Treasurer’s Report: Mr. T. Summers
The Report of the Treasurer, Mr. T. Summers was given and there was no discussion from the attendees. The report was accepted on a motion called for by the Chair. 1st by Mr. L. Leone. 2nd by Mr. E. Chrysler.
The following committees had no reports at this time for a variety of reasons: Audit, Banquet, Drills and Officials, Fire Prevention Essay Contest, Hospitality Room, Fire Safety Trailer, Public Relations, Steering Committee, and Special Events and Topics.
Budget and Finance: Mr. L. Hicks
Mr. L. Hicks states he will have the year end report at the next meeting.
Constitution and Bylaws: Mr. R. Gardner
Mr. S. Giuliano gave the report stating that the work on the changes was ongoing and there were copies passed out to the attendees regarding the proposed changes.

Emergency Medical Service: Ms. D. Pfersick
There will be a Smallpox Information session held at the Training Center on March 3, 2005.
The FASNY EMS Seminar will be held in Montour Falls. Dates are March 5-6, 2005.
April 1-2, 2005 will see the STEP conference held.
April 12, 2005 is the date of the Dinner and a Talk at Highland Hospital. Subject is Stroke and Neurology. This is a freebie so come and……well….. Enjoying Stroke is kind of………but dinner will be served.
(By the way…..Ms. Pfersick’s husband’s name is Royer).
(Report is attached to the minutes.
Fire Prevention Education:
The EXPO can not be held at the Combined Training Center.
It’s discussed that it’s almost too late for the year 2005.
Historical: Mr. A. Sweet
There are items now on display, per Mr. E. Riley.
Legislative: Mr. D. Sweet
Mr. D. Sweet reported on the visits with the NYS Legislators in Albany.
Membership: Mr. D. Sweet
The membership cards have been sent out to the paid members.
Nominating: Mr. P. Tracy
Mr. Tracy supplied a report and it is attached to these minutes.
Resolution: Rev. R. Winterkorn
The report will be ready for the next quarterly convention.
Siren: Mr. C. Dunn
THE SIREN IS ON THE WEB SITE. (http://www.mcvfa.com).
Mr. C. Dunn discussed the password process to gain access to the officer’s mailboxes.
The deadline for the next issue of the Siren is March 25, 2005.
(Colleen Dunn gets kudos for all the work she has done also).
Yearbook: Mr. D. Sweet
The yearbook is now in proof read for publication. It should be ready for distribution in April.
At this point, there was a discussion instituted by Mr. M. Smith regarding the cost of the project. After discussion from the floor……Mr. M. Smith made a motion to scrap the project as being too expensive and return any money previously collected as part of this project.
There was discussions regarding this motion and Mr. Smith again asked that his motion be brought to a vote. The motion was accepted by voice acclimation from the floor by the attendees.
It was agreed to return all monies collected thus far and pay any bill to Empire State Weeklies for any work they had done on this project.
Special Committees:
The Awards Dinner: Mr. L. Leone
There have been no submissions to date.
The Elks Dinner was poorly attended.
There were no reports at this time from Finger Lakes Burn Association, Fire Districts, Fire Marshals and FASNY.
Fire Advisory Board:
Their next meeting is scheduled for March 21, 2005.
County Fire Chiefs: Mr. A. Sweet
The Convention to be held in Syracuse NY will be the last at that location.
Their meeting schedule is……March 9, 2005 @ the Training Center. The April meeting will be at Laurelton F.D. The May meeting will be at North Greece. The dates are on the web site.
County Fire Police:
March 26, 2005 will see their dinner being held at the Burgundy Basin in honor of the retiring president, Mr. L. Leone.
There was a motion made to send the 1st Vice President to the Dinner. Motion 1st by Mr. L. Hicks. 2nd by Mr. D. Sweet. Motion passed by voice acclimation. No negative votes.
NCNYVFA: Mr. D. Sweet
Their next meeting will be at Williamson F. D. April 17, 2005.
WNYVFA: Mr. K. Fuller
Their next meeting will be held at St. Johnsburg F.D. April 10, 2005.
Chaplains Association, Coordinators Office and State Fire Police had no report at this time.
They have a Directors meeting scheduled for February 26, 2005.
Firemen’s Home: Mr. D. Fox
Work has started on the new home project.
1st Battalion:
Ridge Culver has been busy. (They’ve joined the “Fire of the Week” Club.)
2nd Battalion:
G.V.A. has taken over North Greece F. D. House #1.
Spencerport had a house fire that destroyed the home and killed the pets.
3rd Battalion:
No report at this time.
4th Battalion:
Chili had a couple of house fires and overturned cars.
5th Battalion:
No report at this time.
The new American Flag is now on display in room 107.
The next Quarterly Convention will be held April 28, 2005 at the Combined Training Center 1190 Scottsville Road. TIME WILL BE 7:30 PM NOT 6:30 PM.
$1,600.00 to date from Morgan and Son.
President: Mr. Alan C. Way
Mr. A. Way reports that he’s been following up on various projects and working on the web site project with Mr. C. Dunn.
1st Vice President: Mr. Lawrence Ritz
Mr. L. Ritz requested that a Sympathy Card be sent to Mr. R. Gardner regarding the death of his Mother-In-Law.
2nd Vice President: Mr. William Bostian
Mr. W. Bostian relates…..Mr. R. Laitenberger was recently honored for 60 years of service by the area Elks Club.
None reported at this time.
With no additional business brought to the floor by the attendees, there was a motion called for to adjourn the meeting. 1st by Mr. F. Skelton. 2nd by Mr. K. Fuller.
The Closing Benediction was offered by Rev. R. Winterkorn.
Time of adjournment was 9:05 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

J. K. Walsh
Sec. /MCVFA (Inc.)

James Walsh, Secretary