Minutes > May 25, 2005 Board of Directors Meeting

May 25, 2005
The scheduled meeting of the Directors of the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association Inc. was called to order by the President Mr. Alan C. Way at 7:30 PM. The meeting was located at 1190 Scottsville Road, Rochester NY.
The attendees were led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag by the Sgt.-At-Arms, Mr. Gordon Burris.
With the taking of the roll call it was determined that a quorum existed to conduct all business brought to the floor by those attending the meeting.
At this point, The President suspended all regular committee reports in favor of a presentation by Mr. David Shalin who was standing in for Mr. Scott Dean, the President of Marketing Squad.
Mr. D. Shalin went on to discuss the operating policy of Marketing Squad and what they can do to benefit the Association in any upcoming fund drives. The pros and cons were discussed and according to Mr. D. Shalin, the “split” would be 75%-25% in favor of Marketing Squad. This would cover all expenses such as salaries and phone bills.
He went on to discuss the honesty of his workers and their reputation for cooperation with the sponsoring entity.
There was a discussion of time frames used by other fire service organizations. However, as discussed….there will always be a conflict with somebody. The trick is to work within a framework of integrity and mutual satisfaction.
Questions from the floor included the possibility of a multi-year contract reducing the 75/25% split being up for discussion.
Much comment from the attendees revolved around any fund raising group to “stick to the script”. Marketing Squad assured the attendees that they would respect the wishes of the Association in all script matters.
There will be further discussion in closed session under the heading New Business later in the meeting.
Mr. D. Shalin thanked the attendees for affording him the opportunity to address the meeting.
The attendees then returned to a partial agenda of committee reports.
Mr. L. Leone then arose to ask for the floor in order to present to Mr. Edward Ver Weire the Association Award for his untiring work on behalf of the fire service. Mr. E. Ver Weire was given the award to a standing ovation. The moment was recorded on film for posterity.
Budget and Finance: Mr. L. Hicks
Mr. L. Hicks asked the question…..”Do we need an audit? Not a look at the books by the audit committee….But a full blown audit by a Certified Public Accountant?” What followed was a long involved discussion from the floor.
Some questions and comments were:
? Do we need the Treasurer to be bonded? (Mr. L. Ritz)
? There is a threshold under 501C regulations. (Mr. L. Ritz
? Look at the procedures and balance the books. (Mr. C. Dunn)
? How do we manage our money? (Mr. C. Dunn?)
? The fee may be worth it to have a zero start. (Mr. C. Dunn)
After much discussion it was decided to table the question for one month….giving the President, Mr. Alan C. Way time to investigate several avenues that the Association may follow in the future.
Mr. D. Sweet brought to the floor several questions regarding the workflow surrounding the payment of the Association bills…..stating the need to follow a voucher system; a system that was followed in the past.
There was a motion made by Mr. D. Sweet that the names on the check be the President, the Treasurer and the Secretary. 2nd by Mr. L. Hicks. Carried by acclimation. No discussion.
Laurelton and Genesee Valley have paid their organizational dues. (Reported by Mr. W. Nichols)
The report of Mr. Ken Fuller was submitted to the Secretary.
Some points of interest:
? Churchville would like to designate as the Headquarters for Monroe County for the convention in St. Johnsburg.
? The next quarterly meeting will be held in St. Johnsburg, June 12, 2005.
A full report copy will be attached to the printed copy of these minutes.
Motion made by Mr. K. Fuller: “Shall the Steering Committee advise of the money to be spent at the WNYVFA (Inc.) Convention? 2nd by Mr. Hicks. Carried by acclimation. No discussion from the floor.
NCNYVFA: Mr. D. Sweet
The Convention is being held in Newark NY. Delegates Messer’s D. Sweet and G. Burris are entitled to $200.00 in funds. Motion by Mr. L. Hicks to issue the funds. 2nd by Mr. M. Smith. Carried by acclimation. No discussion.
Explorers: Mr. W. Montagno
There has been some movement of late regarding the inability of the Explorers to be at the Training Center. The B.S.A. has become involved in an official capacity and the seeming sticking point revolves around insurance and liability either perceived or real falling on the county or its agents. More on this subject will be forthcoming as the details become available.
Motion made to expend money for Mr. D. Sweet’s candidacy (FASNY Committeeman). By Mr. L. Leone. 2nd by Mr. D. Doser. Carried by acclimation. No discussion.
An aside by Mr. E. Ver Weire:
Rev. Robert Winterkorn is currently in hospice care at St. Ann’s Home, 1500 Portland Ave., Room 423. Visits are encouraged and should be soon.
The duties of directors were passed out.
It was ordered that the position of Director 4th Battalion currently held by Mr. Edward Chrysler be declared vacant and the procedure to seek a replacement be instituted. This was on a motion made by Mr. D. Sweet and 2nd by Mr. M. Smith. Motion carried by acclimation. No discussion.
As part of the above motion but not included in the original form……two notifications are to be sent to Mr. E. Chrysler. One by certified, registered, return receipt requested mail and one by first class mail.
Dues are due from Brockport, Bushnell’s Basin, Hamlin, Hilton and the Marine Vol. Fire Departments.
There was a discussion regarding the two fund raising groups the Association was considering using for future fund drives. Although both groups had their good and not so good points, it was decided ….on a motion made by Mr. M. Smith and 2nd by Mr. W. Montagno ….to use Caring Friends as the Association Representative for the upcoming fund drive. Carried by acclimation on a motion made by Mr. D. Sweet and 2nd by Mr. M. Smith.
The Secretary will write a letter to WNYVFA informing them of the dates of the MCVFA (Inc.) fund drive and ask them not to solicit in Monroe Country during the periods November 1, 2005 to April 30, 2006. Carried by acclimation with no discussion.
As an aside:
June 5, 2005 will be the date for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony at Ridge-Culver Fire Department’s new station. Time is from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM.
Also, Congratulations to the Rush NY Fire Department are in order. They have 4 members proposed for Firefighters of the Year as a result of the water rescue incident they were involved in.
Fire Police: Mr. L. Leone
Their next meeting will be at Penfield Fire Department on June 2, 2005.
Mr. R. Gardner has resigned his position as Chairman of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee due to ill health. Mr. S. Giuliano has taken over as Chairman.
The Secretary discussed the costs relating to printing of the minutes for each meeting and the large amount of material to be included each month. It was suggested that some of the material be eliminated and added to the web site as it becomes available.
With no additional business brought to the floor a motion was made to adjourn the Directors meeting.
1st by Mr. M. Smith. 2nd by Mr. L. Leone.

Time of adjournment……9:55 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

J. K. Walsh
Sec. /MCVFA (Inc.)

James Walsh, Secretary