Minutes > June 29, 2005 Board of Directors Meeting

June 29, 2005
The regularly scheduled meeting of the Directors and Committee Chairs of the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association Inc. was called to order by the President, Mr. Alan C. Way at 7:30 PM, June 29, 2005 at the Combined Training Center, the location being 1190 Scottsville Road, Rochester, NY
With the taking of the roll it was determined that a quorum existed with which to discuss all business brought to the floor by the attendees.
The minutes of the previous meeting were approved with no additions or corrections on a motion. 1st by Mr. R. Maid. 2nd by Mr. R. Diehl
There was a letter received from Mr. E. Chrysler outlining his reasons for disagreement with the actions of the Directors in declaring the office he held as vacant. There followed a brief discussion of the letter and the explanation it contained. It was decided after discussion that the decision of the Directors shall stand. The office held by Mr. E. Chrysler is vacant and the procedure to fill the office shall remain in effect.
There were two (2) bills presented to the Treasurer for consideration for payment.
Treasurer’s Report: Mr. J. Princehorn
There was a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report. 1st by Mr. L. Hicks. 2nd by Mr. R. Maid. The Treasurer’s Report was accepted with no discussion.
The following Committees had no report at this time: Audit, Banquet, Budget and Finance, Explorers, Fire Prevention Education, Fire Safety Trailer, Hospitality Room, Historical, Resolution, Special Events, Topics, Transportation, Yearbook and Special Committees.
Constitution and Bylaws: Mr. S. Giuliano
Mr. S. Giuliano passed out the proposed changes to the official instrument. There was a discussion of the changes. The changes are not to be included in the minutes of this meeting. The changes will be discussed at the July Quarterly Convention that will be held in Brockport NY.
Drills and Officials:
Drills and Officials is no longer a standing Committee. Mr. R. Chichester will act as Board Liaison to the Drills and Parade areas and report back any information he feels that is of general interest to the membership at large.
Emergency Medical Service: Ms. D. Pfersick, RN.
The EMS Report is attached to the minutes.
Fire Prevention Essay Contest: Mr. D. Fox
Mr. D. Fox reported on the winners of the essay contest. The Essay Contest was success due to the continued work of Mr. D. Fox and his committee.
Legislative: Mr. W. Nichols
The Legislative Session has ended. There is nothing to report at this time.
Membership: Mr. G. Burris
There are 1,566 members of the Association. 59 groups or organizations and 1,461 are FASNY Members.
Nominating: Mr. P. Tracy
There are letters out to the 4th Battalion regarding the vacancy that exists for a director to represent it.
Public Relations: Messer’s Howitt & Dunn
Mr. C. Dunn reported on the Eagle Distributing Co. smoke detectors being sold throughout the area.
Siren: Mr. C. Dunn
There will be an issue of the Siren but albeit a small one.
There are some changes to the web site but they are improvements in nature and shall only make it better as time goes on. Being an ongoing project…..changes are to be expected. Check it out at www.mcvfa.com
Steering Committee: Mr. D. Fox
Mr. D. Fox read off the names of those approved for FASNY Committee Posts. There was a motion to approve this list. 1st by Mr. R. Diehl. 2nd by Mr. L. Hicks. The motion was passed with no discussion.
There was a motion made to send out information regarding the Testimonial Dinner for Mr. William Nichols. 1st By Mr. R. Diehl. 2nd by Mr. L. Hicks. Motion was passed with no discussion. Tickets are to be $40.00 each.
There was an address by Mr. G. Burris regarding his attendance at committee meetings in Albany NY and the cost of gas, food and room fees. This will be adjudicated at a later date but his expenses will be covered in the usual manner.
Finger Lakes Burn Association:
The Burn Walk was deemed a success.
County Fire Chiefs: Mr. A. Sweet
They last met June 8, 2005 in East Rochester. There was a discussion of potted plants that are catching fire. This is due to the potting soil that is reacting somehow to a variety of conditions. There have been some instances of damage to houses due to this strange occurrence. Also discussed at the meeting were the three (3) incidents of fires being set at the Parkside Manor in East Rochester.
August 10, 2005 will see the Equipment Seminar and Steak Roast at Logan’s Party House. The tickets are $20.00 each.
The next meeting of the County Chiefs will be in Scottsville NY on September 14, 2005.
Fire Districts and Fire Marshals had no report at this time.
County Fire Police: Mr. L. Leone
August 4, 2005 will see their Board of Directors meeting.
September 1, 2005 will be their Quarterly Convention at St. Paul Blvd. Fire Department.
FASNY: Mr. W. Nichols.
Rollover Seminars were discussed. The complete list of locations and dates will be in the next issue of the Volunteer Fire Fighter Magazine. It is advised that efforts be made to attend one of these seminars.
Report is attached to these minutes.
Report is attached to these minutes.
Chaplains Association:
No report at this time.
Coordinator’s Office:
No report at this time.
FASNY: Mr. W. Nichols
No report at this time.
Firemen’s Home: Mr. D. Schultz
The cost of refurbishing a room is set at $5,000.00. Monroe County will do the Dining Room (as it has in the past).
The FASNY web site has good pictures of the work being done on the new construction. Work is scheduled to be completed in July of 2006.
State Fire Police:
No report at this time.
1st Battalion:
Ridge-Culver had a fatal motor vehicle incident on the Sea Breeze Expressway. Ridge-Culver also had a reportable HazMat incident at the Wilson Farms on Titus Avenue due to gas in the sewer lines that was detected in surrounding houses.
Ridge-Culver had a beautiful Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for their new facility. Several Directors attended as did MCVFA (Inc.) 2nd Vice President Mr. W. Bostian.
2nd Battalion:
Larry Zarnstorff reports that he’s doing well with his treatment and is feeling OK at this time.
Greece-Ridge had an apartment complex fire.
Hamlin Fire Department fought a house fire.
3rd Battalion:
Penfield had a working house fire.
4th Battalion:
There was a fatal motorcycle incident.
There was a fatal car incident that killed a young boy when he lost control of his truck and hit a large tree.
5th Battalion:
Mr. R. Diehl discussed the plant fire situation and reported that one caught fire and took out the back of a house.
Rush had a house fire.
None was reported at this time.
North Central Books are ready for distribution.
Tickets for the Western Banquet (July 30, 2005) can be obtained by contacting Mr. D. Sweet.
There was a motion made to pay the usual expenses of the Western Delegates. Motion by Mr. W. Montagno. 2nd by Mr. R. Diehl. Motion passed with no discussion.
Motion to pay $300.00 to Mr. F. Skelton for his expenses. This expenditure will come from the convention fund. 1st by Mr. D. Sweet. 2nd by Mr. L. Hicks. Motion passed by acclimation with no discussion.
The President: Mr. Alan C. Way
There is no date as of yet for his surgery.
1st Vice President: Mr. Lawrence Ritz
No report at this time.
2nd Vice President: Mr. William Bostian
No report at this time.
There was a report on Rev. Robert Winterkorn’s Funeral and Mass at Mother of Sorrows Church by both Mr. W. Nichols and Mr. E. Ver Weire.
There will be a page set aside in the minutes in honor of Rev. Robert Winterkorn.
There will be a Hospitality Room at the State Convention to promote the candidacy of Mr. David A. Sweet for FASNY Executive Committeeman.

With no additional information brought to the floor by the attendees….there was a motion made to adjourn the meeting. 1st by Mr. S. Giuliano. 2nd by Mr. R. Maid.

Time of adjournment……9:45 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

J. K. Walsh
Sec./MCVFA (Inc.)

Rev. Robert J. Winterkorn
September 19, 1930
June 5, 2005



James Walsh, Secretary