Minutes > October 27, 2005 Quarterly Convention Meeting

The scheduled Quarterly Convention of the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association was called to order by the President, Mr. Alan C. Way at 7:30 PM. The location was at the Henrietta #1 Fire Facility located on East Henrietta Road at the corner of Lehigh Station Road, Henrietta, NY.

The attendees were treated to a great Chicken Dinner with all the trimmings that was prepared and served by the department staff/members. Among them singled out was Mrs. Diehl and Mrs. Chichester, (this is not to single out anyone….it’s just that their names were the ones the staff spoke of).
The assembly was led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag by the Sgt.-At-Arms, Mr. Gordon Burris. There was a moment of silence for the departed members.

With the taking of the roll it was determined that a quorum existed to conduct all business brought to the floor by the attending members.

The attendees were welcomed to Henrietta #1 by Mr. Richard Diehl.
The Association 1st Vice President, Mr. Lawrence A. Ritz thanked the host organization for their hospitality and work on behalf of this event.
The attending guests were introduced by Mr. Lawrence A. Ritz.

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved with no corrections on a motion called for by the Chair, Mr. Alan C. Way. 1st by Mr. G. Clohessy. 2nd by Mr. K. Moyer. Accepted by voice acclimation with no discussion.

There were 4 communications that were shared with the attendees and will be placed with the permanent record of this meeting.
There was one receipt and one bill for printing given to the Treasurer, Mr. J. Princehorn.

Treasurer’s Report: Mr. J. Princehorn
The Treasurer’s Report was discussed by the Treasurer as to content and actual amounts. Copies were distributed to the Table Officers. This report is available for examination by any member by contacting either the Treasurer or the Secretary.
The Treasurer’s Report was approved by voice vote on a motion called for by the President, Mr. Alan C. Way. There was no discussion. 1st by Mr. Hendrickson. 2nd by Mr. Fuller.

Audit, Banquet, Constitution and Bylaws, Explorers, Fire Prevention Safety Trailer, Historical, Siren, Special Events, Yearbook and Special Committees had no report at this time.

Budget and Finance: Mr. L. Hicks
Mr. L. Hicks rose to discuss the budget for the coming year. It was a complete overview of the entire document. Mr. Hicks caused to be passed to the assembled members a complete budget for the coming year. There followed a lively discussion on the fine points of several categories of future expenditures. Mr. L. Hicks presided over a question and answer period where the entire budget was discussed. There was a motion called for by the Chair, Mr. Alan C. Way to accept the budget as submitted by the Budget and Finance Committee Chairman, Mr. L. Hicks. 1st by Mr. D. Sweet. 2nd by Mr. R. Diehl. The motion was accepted on a vote of 35 yes, 2 no.

Drills and Officials: Mr. L. Hicks
The Drills and Officials dinner will be held at the Turf Inn in Albany October 29, 2005.

Emergency Medical Service: Ms. D. Pfersick
The new “Code Red” Protocols are now in use. Brochures explaining the “EMS Person of the Year” were passed out. The EMS Seminar to be held the 1st weekend in March at Montour Falls was discussed.

Fire Prevention Education: Mr. R. Emma
There are efforts being taken at present to have the Fire Expo take place at a local college. The planned date is to be in May or June of 2006.

Fire Prevention Essay Contest: Mr. D. Sweet for Mr. D. Fox
The copy of this report is attached to these minutes.

Hospitality Room: Mr. G. Renner
“Ready to go”. ($38.00 was gained from the sale of pull-tabs at the Convention.)

Legislative: Mr. W. Schlegel
Mr. W. Schlegel rose to discuss this year’s legislative program. He listed each and every item of interest to the fire service. Some of these are the Low Interest Loan Program, The Heart Bill, Length of Service Awards, The Credit Union and 21 other items all of equal importance. More on this can be found in the FASNY Magazine or by visiting the FASNY Web Site.
The general open caucus will be held Saturday, October 29, 2005 in Albany NY to discuss these and other items that are of interest to the Fire Service, at which time a vote will be asked to either support these items or not.

Membership: Mr. D. Sweet
Notices have gone out. FASNY Dues are to be paid. Mr. D. Sweet discussed the FASNY Life Insurance Policy that is now being offered to any member that has not yet reached their sixty-fifth birthday. However, older members were requested to fill out an application anyway as regulations for inclusion may change in the future. Social Security number and birth date must be on the application.

Nominating: Mr. P. Tracy
Mr. P. Tracy rose to discuss the Slate of Officers that will be up for nomination for the coming year, (2006). The January meeting is the deadline for all nominating letters. The report is attached to these minutes

Public Relations: Mr. H. Howitt
Mr. H. Howitt explained to the attendees the need to keep up with the news of the Fire Service by reading the FASNY Magazine regularly.

Resolutions: Mr. D. Sweet for Mr. D. Fox
The list of departed members was read and the bell was sounded for each signifying their “Final Alarm”. The list is part of the record of these minutes and will become part of the permanent record.

Steering Committee: Mr. D. Sweet for Mr. D. Fox
The Committee Report is attached to these Convention minutes.

Finger Lakes Burn Association: Mr. K. Moyer
Ms. Nancy Coyle, a Social Worker on the Burn Unit, had a dinner in her honor. He reports he’s “Still getting his feet wet”
Up-coming events:
Ski race at Bristol Mt. Ski Slopes.
October 30, 2005 is the Hay Ride.
Their next meeting will be November 15, 2005 at the Unit.
On June 25, 2006 there will be a Motorcycle Ride sponsored by the ”Red Knights” benefiting the Burn Camp.

County Fire Chiefs: Mr. A. Sweet
They met the 12th of October 2005 in Rush NY. The topic was the fatal bus-truck collision that occurred in Geneseo NY (Livingston County).
Their next meeting will be at the Combined Training Center November 9, 2005. The following meetings and locations are December 2005, January, February and March of 2006 to be held at the Combined Training Center.
The Appreciation Dinner held on October 13, 2005 had 457 people in attendance.
The Churchville Fire Department and the Brighton Fire Department were honored as was the City of Rochester for a river rescue.

Fire Advisory Board:
The full report is in the Siren.
County Fire Police: Mr. L. Leone
November 3, 2005 will be their next meeting. It will be held in Mendon at 6:30 PM. November 19, 2005 is the next meeting of the 3rd Battalion Fire Police group.

The group had their banquet on October 22, 2005 in Geneva NY.
WNYVFA: Mr. K. Fuller
Mr. K. Fuller rose to state that the dates of their meetings are posted on their web site.

Chaplains and Coordinators Office had no report at this time.

FASNY: Mr. D. Sweet
Mr. D. Sweet rose to report that, “It’s back to the Turf in ‘06”. April 2006 will be at the Turf Inn.
There will be an active attempt to get a bus trip to the Legislative Conference in October of 2006. Jim Princehorn will be looking into this endeavor. There will be a side trip made to the Firemen’s Home as part of the trip. The hopes are to get the members interested in this event as they were in past years. Participation had fallen of for a variety of reasons.
At the last meeting, an item of concern was the fact the “Women in the Fire Service” project was projected to be taken over by the professional fire fighters. This effort was strongly opposed by FASNY.
There were several comments made regarding the forums at the FASNY Convention recently held in Lake Placid. One in particular was thought to be nothing but an ad for insurance companies. There were several additional comments made regarding the forums held at the Convention. These were negative as to form and content. Mr. D. Sweet informed the attendees that he would be looking into these concerns in future FASNY meetings.
It was further discussed that this year’s FASNY Convention was not up to the past standards as to both content and price. Simply put it was a very expensive one and the comments voiced simply stated that there was little “Bang for the Buck”.

The Firemen’s Home: Mr. D. Sweet
The work on the Home progresses. There is water main work being undertaken by the City of Hudson in regards to this project which will be of benefit to the Home.

State Fire Police:
Their last meeting was in Baldwinsville NY.

All Battalions had no reports at this time.

Mr. Alan C. Way gave a brief report on the untimely passing of Mr. William Bostian, and the efforts underway to fill his position on the board.
There was a motion called for to permit funds to be expended at the Legislative Conference this coming weekend in Albany NY (October 28, 29 & 30, 2005). 1st by Mr. R. Diehl. 2nd by Mr. F. Skelton. Passed by voice vote.

The new room for meetings at the Combined Training Center is #103. It holds 46. This is reported to be an improvement over Room 107, which is a small classroom.
The current bills were read by the Treasurer, Mr. J. Princehorn and he asked for a motion to pay these bills. 1st by Mr. K. Fuller. 2nd by Mr. M. Smith.
The 50/50 drawing was then held.
3rd draw………….Mr. L. Leone
2nd draw…………Mr. L. Leone
1st draw…….……Mr. F. Skelton

The President: Mr. Alan C. Way
Mr. A. Way reported on the funeral calls he made on behalf of the MCVFA, (Inc.)
November 19, 2005 will see the Open House to inaugurate the newly upgraded facilities at Gates Fire Station #3. The time is reported to be 11:00 AM.
1st Vice President: Mr. Lawrence A. Ritz
No report at this time.

The Christmas Meeting of the Directors will be held at the Barnard Exempts Club on December 21, 2005. Social Hour will be 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM. The dinner will be at 6:30 PM. Tickets will be $15.00 each and guests will be invited.
With no additional business brought to the floor by the attendees, there was a motion called for to adjourn the Quarterly Convention. 1st by Mr. H. Howitt. 2nd by Mr. K. Moyer. Motion passed by acclimation from the floor.

Time, 9:15 PM

In attendance, 37 members.

Respectfully Submitted,

J. K. Walsh
Sec. /MCVFA (Inc.)

As a reminder all minutes and submitted committee reports and other pertinent information can be found at the Association web site.

James Walsh