Minutes > November 15, 2006 Board of Directors Meeting

         President Lawrence Ritz called the November 15, 2006 meeting of the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association Board of Directors to order at 7:35 Pm.  President Ritz requested a moment of silence and Sergeant at Arms Larry Zarnstorff led the assembled in the pledge to the flag.
        Acting Secretary took attendance and informed the President there was a quorum present.
Richard Diehl made the motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting as presented.  Harry Howitt seconded the motion and the members present passed the motion.
        There were no communications to present at this meeting.

Treasurer Jim Princehorn presented the Treasurer’s report along with an overview of our finances along with the forms his report will take in the future.  There were no major comments.  Jim also presented the bills for tonight.  Forrest Skelton made a motion to pay all bills.  Dick Diehl seconded the motion and those present passed the motion.

President Ritz presented an overview of the Association for the past six months.


Audit – no one present 

Award Committee – Louie Leone
Letters will be going out very shortly.

Banquet – Bill Nichols
The Banquet will be held at Logan’s for the last time on May 5, 2007.  There will be a Committee right after the first of the year.
Xmas Dinner/December Directors meeting – Bill Nichols
The Dinner/meeting will be a three-meat buffet at the Barnard Exempts at a cost of $15.00 per person.  RSVPs are requested by Dec. 13th.  Bill will contact any Directors and Officers not present.  President Ritz requested a review on who was invited as guests.  As a side note this is the night of the Recruit Graduation.

Budget and Finance – Lynd Hicks was not present
Committee member Dick Diehl commented on how much he liked the Treasurer’s new reporting format and how much clearer it is.

Constitution & By-Laws – No Report

EMS Committee – Diana Pfersick
Three Rochester hospitals are going smoke free on all hospital property on a permanent basis.  They are General, Highland and Strong.  This includes smoking in vehicles.

Fire Prevention Essay Contest – Don Fox
Gerry Hendrickson reported for Don that the essays have been collected and the final judging will be done very soon.  Winner presentations will be done either early or mid December.  It was reported that Pat was having some surgery on the November 16th and Don is having surgery on December 8th. 

Hospitality Room (Legislative Conference) Gene Renner
Everything went all right – I did not hear and complaints.  I will submit a full report at the next meeting.  It was stated that Gene did an excellent job as usual.

Historical – Harry Howitt
We have not had a meeting in years.

Legislative – Bill Nichols
We submitted fifteen bills this year and many were passed.  Bill went over some of the new bills being submitted this year.  He also reported on the recipient of the Golden Trumpet Award.

Membership – Bill Nichols
Bill reported that membership is coming in.

Nominating Committee – Paul Tracy
I still need letters for Directors from Battalions 2, 4, and 5.  All letters need to be to me by the day of the January meeting.
Public Relations – Chris Dunn
I am putting information on the web as I get it.  The web site will be down for a day or two.

Resolutions – Don Fox
Larry Zarnstorff reported a report will be made at the January meeting.  I am working with Don to hopefully not miss anyone.

Steering Committee – Don Fox
Bill Nichols reported that he and Don had met with the Western Steering Committee and they will send out his letter.  He and Don have been meeting with the hotels and hope to sign contracts shortly.  It looks like the ladies will be at the Hyatt this time. 

Topics – No Report

Transportation – David Sweet
No Report

Year Book – Alan Way
It is in the works – I have sent letters to the member organizations and material is starting to come in.  Last year because of time Best Printers did a majority of the work.  A lot got dumped on him all at once.  I am sure the book could have been better.  I plan on doing as much of the layout this year as I can.  I want to get any new pictures I can right after the first of the year. 

Fire Advisory – Larry Ritz
The next meeting is this coming Monday.
Northern Central
The next Northern Central meeting will be in Solvey January 21st.
Western – Ken Fuller
We just had out organizational meeting and everything is on track – information will be posted on the Churchville web site @ Churchvillefire.net.
FASNY – no report other than what has been reported so far.
Drills and Officials – no report
Finger Lakes Burn Assoc. – no report
Fire Chiefs – no report
Fire District Officers – no report
Fire Marshals – no report
County Fire Police – Ken Fuller
Ken reported on the progress made on the grants for the self-illuminated equipment.
County Safety Officers – Al Way
I have not received anything in the mail lately.
State Fire Police – Al Way
The convention will be the same weekend as the dedication and it is going to be held in Colonie.  It may allow more to be at the dedication.
FASNY – David Sweet
It looks like it may be March before we get the certificate of occupancy due to supply and construction delays and some problems from the Board of Health.  They signed off on the plans but are now saying things are not right.
Firemen’s Home – David Schultz
David was absent
NYS Chaplain’s Assoc. – no report
Battalion I – No reports
Battalion II – No report
Battalion III – No report
Battalion IV – No report
Battalion V – No report

Discussion on improper addresses – there were also some incorrect addresses on the Association Officer and Committee list.
President Ritz also announced that at the last Quarterly he announced that the Association is planning on liquidating the Fire Safety Trailer, which will be done as soon as a paper trail can be done.
It has been discussed that we put a couple of pages in the year book with information about Fire Departments and other organizations in so people can use it as a reference instead of throwing it in a corner.
A discussion was held on the October meeting dates.  Due to the legislative weekend falling the day after our normal Quarterly meeting date and some members have to go down early and miss the meeting.  Dick Diehl made the motion to move the Quarterly Convention date back to October 25th.  Forrest Skelton seconded the motion and all present passed the motion.
We still need a location for the October meeting.
There was nothing brought to the floor for the Good of the Organization.
Dick Diehl made the motion to adjourn the November Directors meeting.  Jerry Carberry seconded the motion and the motion passed.
The November meeting of the MCVFA Board of Directors was adjourned at 8:35 PM.
Respectfully submitted,

Alan C. Way, Acting Recording Secretary