Minutes > January 25, 2007 Quarterly Meeting

January 25, 2007

        The Quarterly Convention was called to order by the Association President, Mr. Lawrence A. Ritz at 7:30 PM. after a delightful ham dinner prepared by the staff of the host department.  The location was the Mendon Fire Department Facility, 101 Mendon-Ionia Road, Mendon, NY.

        The assembly was led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag by the Sgt.-At-Arms, Mr. Lawrence Zarnstorff and the Opening Prayer for Guidance was offered by the Association Acting Chaplain, Mr. Donald H. Fox.

        The convention attendees were welcomed to the Mendon Fire Department by a representative of the Mendon Fire Department and the host organization was thanked by the Association President.  The attending guests of the Association were introduced by the Association 2nd Vice President, Mr. Michael Smith.

        The Program topic was “Planning for the Future - Phase 2 Strategic Planning Committee”.  This report was delivered by Ms. Mary-Louise “Muffy” Meisenzahl, Director of the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Mr. Al Sienkiewicz, Chairman of the Monroe County Fire Advisory Board, using a complete handout, a computer generated PowerPoint presentation, and the assistance of Mr. Christopher Dunn, the Association Representative.  Some of the items covered were: “What is Strategic Planning?”, “Local Trends”, “Fire Department Costs”, “Possible Department Paths”, and “Recruitment and Retention”.

        The Committee is seeking persons to serve on several sub-committees.  Any interested persons were urged to contact Mr. A. Sienkiewicz at 784-5104 or by email at asienkiewicz@rochester.rr.net. 

            This was a very comprehensive report and well received by the attendees.


            The bills received by the Secretary were passed to the Treasurer, along with one membership dues check received by the Secretary.  The communications were shared with the attendees and passed over to the appropriate members for their workflow and action.  One of the communications generating interest was the Western New York Volunteer Firemen’s Association Bowling Tournament (both men’s and women’s), to be held on February 24-25 and March 3-4 at Olympic Lanes located on Scottsville Road, Rochester, NY.
Treasurer’s Report:    Mr. J. Princehorn
            The complete Treasurer’s Report has been supplied to the Secretary for inclusion in the minutes of this meeting and is open for inspection by any member at any time by contacting any Executive Board Member.

            The Association Financial Obligations were discussed and were approved for payment on a motion called for by the Chair.  1st by Mr. G. Clohessy.  2nd by Mr. R. Diehl.


            The following Committees had no report at this time for a variety of reasons: Audit, Budget and Finance, Constitution and Bylaws, Emergency Medical Service, Explorers, Fire Prevention Safety Trailer, Siren, Special Events and Topics.

Banquet Committee:    Mr. W. Nichols
            The Banquet Committee will be meeting at Penfield #1 on Tuesday, February 13, 3007.  The Association Combined Banquet will be held on May 5, 2007 at Logan’s Party House located on Scottsville Road and will be the last one held there due to the fact the facility has been sold.

Fire Prevention Education:    (by Mr. L. Ritz)
            Mr. Ray Emma, long time chairman of the Expo, is unable to continue due to emergent health issues.  There is need for a new chairman to manage this event or possibly work with Mr. R. Emma by doing the “leg work” to get this event once again up and running.  The Expo is scheduled to be held at St. John Fisher College.  Any interested persons, please call Mr. R. Emma at 338-1692.

Fire Prevention Essay Contest:    Mr. D. Fox
            Mr. D. Fox rose to discuss the Essay Contest.  Mr. D. Fox also submitted a complete report to the Secretary outlining every facet of the Committee’s activities.

            Some of the items of note are: 2,400 students participated in the contest.  The Brighton Fire Department placed a special emphasis on the Essay Contest, having 9 schools participating.  Their efforts paid off with the winner being from The Sienna Catholic Academy.  1,800 entrants were from the 5th and 6th grade level and Mr. D. Fox said it was a very worth-while effort on behalf of the students.

            The complete report is too large for inclusion, but can be inspected by any member at any time by contacting the Secretary.

Hospitality Room:    Mr. A. Way
            “Ready for March”
Historical:    Mr. A. Sweet
             Henrietta # 1 will be celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.  Lakeshore will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.  Mendon will be celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.  And the Rochester Protectives will be celebrating its 150th anniversary next year.

There will be more on possible official celebrations at future meetings of this Association.

Legislative:    Mr. D. Sweet
            Mr. D. Sweet stated that there will be visits to the local legislators starting next week.  There is no list yet on just who will be seen, but the discussions will center on the common concerns of the Association.  These include arson definition changes, pension issues and the Wicks Law reform.  There will be discussion on information being made available regarding sexual offenders as part of any background checks, similar to the arson convictions as part of any application to join a Fire Service organization.  Also on the agenda is the reimbursement schedule pertaining to Ambulance Corps.

            Mr. C. Dunn asked why FASNY didn’t have on its web site a polling page so that persons who were unable to attend the Legislative Conference could go to a page and vote on legislative issues.  This he felt would give people unable to attend these conferences a chance to voice their opinions.

He further stated that the technology exists to do this and it should be taken advantage of by FASNY.

Membership:    Mr. W. Nichols
            There are 1,063 members at the present time.

Nominating:    Mr. P. Tracy
            The Committee Chairman supplied a copy of his report and it is attached to these minutes.

Public Relations:    Mr. C. Dunn
            There will be a new web host in about a week.  The address will remain the same: www.mcvfa.com.

Resolution:    Mr. D. Fox
            Mr. D. Fox, the Association Acting Chaplain, read into the record the list of deceased members.  The bell was rung for each name signifying their “Final Alarm”.
A copy of the report is attached to these minutes and can be accessed at the Association web site, www.mcvfa.com.

Steering Committee:    Mr. D. Fox
            A complete report of the Steering Committee is attached to these minutes and can be accessed at the Association web site, www.mcvfa.com.

Yearbook:    Mr. A. Way
            A copy of the ad schedule is attached to these minutes and can be accessed at the Association web site, www.mcvfa.com.

Special Committees:
#1 The FASNY Convention Committee:    Mr. D. Fox
            Mr. D. Fox, the Convention Chairman, rose to discuss the work of the Committee thus far.  A list of Committees and their chairs was supplied to the Secretary, is attached to these minutes and can be accessed on the Association web site www.mcvfa.com under the heading Special Committees.

            Mr. D. Fox also supplied a report on the work of the Convention Committee.  It is attached to these minutes and can be accessed at the Association web site, www.mcvfa.com.

#2 The Awards Committee:    Mr. L. LeonE
            Mr. L. LeonE stated that the letters have been sent to the Fire Service organizations regarding the Awards program.

            There was a call for a motion to approve the Committee reports from the Chair, Mr. Lawrence A. Ritz.  1st by Mr. S. Little.  2nd by multiple members.  Motion passed by acclimation, no dissent.


Finger Lakes Burn Association:
            A copy of the minutes of their last meeting is attached to these minutes and can be accessed at the Association web site, www.mcvfa.com.

Fire Advisory Board:    Mr. L. Ritz
            There was a discussion of general information covered by the Advisory Board.  At this time none of it was of direct concern to this Association.
            There was, however, the evening’s topic, which was covered by the Fire Advisory Board Chairman.

County Fire Chiefs:
             Their next meeting is scheduled for February 14, 2007 at the Combined Training Center.  Time reported is 7:30 PM.

Fire Districts:
No report at this time.

Fire Marshals:    Mr. C. Dunn
            The Monroe County Fire Marshals and Inspectors elected new officers.  Jeff Wilkenson, (Gates) is President, Chris Roth, (Henrietta) is Vice President and Pat Inzer, (Brighton) is the Secretary-Treasurer.  Brighton Fire Marshal Pat Inzer is retiring in June of 2007.  Applications for this position are available at the Brighton Town Hall until March 31, 2007.  This is a provisional appointment, until a Civil Service Exam is given.

            May 16, 2007 is the tentative date of the annual Fire Marshals Seminar.  The location is TBA.
            The International Codes Council will be having final hearings in Rochester May 18-26, 2007.  This will be the meeting where it will be decided or not that sprinkler systems must be in all new residential construction.  But they probably won’t be required until 2010.  Stay tuned for further details as they become known.

County Fire Police:    Mr. K. Fuller
            There has been equipment ordered to outfit the Fire Police officers.  $17,700.00 is the figure quoted thus far.  This equipment is referred to as, “Self Illuminating Technology for night work at incidents.  There is enough grant monies to purchase 230 sets.  These sets will be the property of the users company.  This grant was secured through the work of State Senators J. Robach and J. Alesi.  There is additional information available at the Fire Police web site, www.monroecountyfirepolice.com.

            February 1, 2007: Board Meeting at the Training Center.  Time: 7:30 PM
            March 1, 2007: Regular Meeting at the Mendon Fire Department.
            March 31, 2007 is the date of the Recognition Dinner for Mr. Don Wainright.  It will be held at the Burgundy Basin Inn.  On that date Mr. Kenneth Fuller will become the Monroe County Fire Police Association President and looks forward to continued cooperation with the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association.

           The report is attached to these minutes.

WNYVFA:    Mr. K. Fuller
            The report is attached to these minutes.
Convention information can be found at www.churchvillefire.net.


Chaplains Association and Coordinators Office had no report at this time.

FASNY:    Mr. D. Sweet
    The Firemen’s Home dedication is now to be held September 16, 2007. 
    The Monroe County sponsored residents are all doing fine at this time.
    The old building is slated to be torn down and become a parking lot.

State Fire Police:
        No report at this time.

        Battalions I, 2, 3 and 5 had no reports at this time.

Battalion 4:
        Jerry Carberry stated the 4th has been busy with wires down and pumps out, creating water problems through out the Battalion.

        George Harris passed away.

        There was a motion called for to approve a transfer of $10,000.00 from the Association Convention Account to the Convention Committee for their use by the Convention Committee Treasurer, Mr. C. Veltri.  1st by D. Fox.  2nd by G. Clohessy. The motion passed with no discussion or dissent.


The President:    Mr. Lawrence A. Ritz
        Mr. L. Ritz thanked all for their many messages and concerns following his recent surgery.

The 2nd Vice President:    Mr. Michael Smith
        No report at this time.

        Mr. W. Nichols rose to address the comments made by Mr. C. Dunn regarding a voting page on the FASNY web site.  He said that anybody can vote on any proposal made at the Legislative Conferences and a web page reserved for such a purpose would be ill advised.  He further stated that there were constant rounds of negotiating meetings and then a general meeting to discuss the final proposals to be set forth as the position.  Additionally if one wasn’t at the Conference, he can’t see what comments a person would have on any proposal.

50/50 Winners:
$15.00 to Mr. W. Schlegel
$10.00 to Mr. G. Burris
$5.00 to Mr. J. Princehorn

The door prizes were won by Mr. G. Burris and Mr. E. VerWeire.

         With no additional business brought to the floor by the attendees, there was a motion called for by the chair to adjourn the Quarterly Convention.  1st by Mr. J. Carberry.  2nd by multiple members.  Motion carried with no discussion.

The Closing Benediction was offered by the Association Acting Chaplain, Mr. D. Fox.

Time: 9:55 PM

Attending members: 43

Respectfully Submitted,

J. K. Walsh
Sec./MCVFA (Inc.)