Minutes > April 26, 2007 Quarterly Meeting Minutes

April 26, 2007


The Quarterly Convention of the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association was called to order by the Association President, Mr. Lawrence A. Ritz at the Pittsford Fire Department-House 2 At 7:30 PM. at the above recorded date.

The Dinner was hosted by the Host Company and was directed by the Souse Chef in Residence, Mr. LouiE  LeonE. The dinner was a full course Italian Specialty consisting of Ziti and Sauce and Chef Salad. The effort was well received by the attendees and many of the attendees availed themselves of second helpings.

The attendees were led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag by the Master-At Arms, Mr. Larry Zarnstorff and the Opening Prayer for Guidance was offered by the Association Acting Chaplain, Mr. Donald H. Fox.

There were Opening remarks by the Association 1st Vice President, Ms. Diana Pfersick RN and Mr. Theodore Summers Jr. replied with remarks of Official Welcome to the attendees.

The attending guests and dignitaries were introduced by the Association 2nd Vice President, Mr. Michael Smith and the Guest Speaker; Mr. Gary Johnson was introduced by the Topics Committee Chairperson, Mr. David Doser, and Director from the 3rd Battalion.

Mr. Gary Johnson the guest Speaker gave an informative overview of insurance policies and concerns that affect all emergency response organizations in today’s sometimes difficult situations. The presentation was well received by those attending the Quarterly Convention and there was a short question and answer period following the presentation that brought several issues facing the fire service as it attempts to fulfill its duties.

The minutes of the previous meetings were reviewed by the attendees and on a motion called for by the chair, were approved with no additions or corrections.
1st by Mr. A. Way. 2nd by Mr. J. Carberry.

Bills and Communications.
    There were two communications read to the attendees and a receipt for printing was passed to Mr. L. Hicks who was acting for the Treasurer who was excused from this meeting.

Treasurer’s Report.                    Mr. L. Hicks for Mr. J. Princehorn
    The Treasurer’s Report was read to the attendees and the entire Treasurer’s Report was emailed to the Executive Board at an earlier date by Mr. Princehorn. Any member of the Association can review the complete report of the Treasurer by contacting any member of the Executive Board and it will be made available to them in its entirety.
The Treasurer’s report was approved on a motion called for by the chair.
1st by Mr. R. Maid. 2nd by Mr. D. Sweet.
There was no discussion regarding the Treasurer’s Report from the attendees/delegates.

Committee reports.

Audit Committee.
    The Association Records have been requested by the Audit Committee when they come back from their outside audit by Brassy Associates for internal auditing.

Banquet.                            Mr. W. Nichols
    The Annual Association Banquet is to be held at Logan’s Party House on May 5, 2007. This will be the last event the association has at Logan’s due to the fact the facility has been sold to the University of Rochester.

Budget and Finance.
    No report at this time.

Constitution and Bylaws.                    Mr. S. Giuliano
    The Steering Committee section is under review by the Association Legal Counsel. More information will be forthcoming at future meetings.

Drills and Officials.
    No report.

Emergency Medical Service.                Ms. D. Pfersick RN
    The Report is attached to these minutes.

Explorers.                            Mr. W. Montagno
    Their banquet is to be held on May 4, 2007 at the Fairport United Methodist Church. The NYS Explorers Weekend is to be held in Montour Falls from July 13-15, 2007 and August 3-5, 2007. The registration fee is $25.00 and the cost per attendee is $ 80.00.

Fire Prevention Education.            Mr. L. Ritz for Mr. R. Emma.
    The Expo has been canceled due to several reasons. The most important one is…..the unexpected snow days that has to be made up by City of Rochester Students.

Fire Safety Trailer.
    No report at this time.

Fire Prevention Essay Contest.                Mr. D. Fox.
    Mr. D. Fox gave a brief report of this year’s effort. It was a great success and all awards were given out to the winners. Mr. D. Fox praised the efforts of the people on the committee for all the work they did and a complete report was received by the Secretary.

Hospitality Room.                        Mr. A. way
    All went well at the legislative Conference. Mr. A. Way gave thanks to all who assisted him and Mrs. Way. Especially Royer and Diana Pfersick.

Historical.                            Mr. A. Sweet
    Henrietta #1 will be 100 years old this year. Mendon will be 75 years old this year. Henrietta will be having a Birthday Parade on August 25, 2007 and Mendon will have a Birthday Parade on June 2, 2007.
Mr. A. Sweet will be doing an article for the yearbook regarding local history of the Fire Service.

Legislative.                            Mr. W. Nichols
    The legislative Scorecard is attached to these minutes. Mr. W. Nichols gave a brief overview of legislative items that FASNY will be actively sponsoring at the current legislative session. As always he remains “Cautiously Optimistic”
Nevertheless due to his efforts, the concerns that FASNY will be shared with the legislature on a regular basis.

Membership.                        Mr. W. Nichols
    There are to date 1,504 members of this association. There are 1,391 FASNY Members. There are 51 paid up Organizational members. All of the above are paid up.

Nominating Committee.                Mr. L. Ritz for Mr. P. Tracy
    The Nominating Committee Report is attached to these minutes and the election of the 2007 Officers was conducted according to the rules and regulations of this association. The results are as the Nominating Committee stated in its report….with no additions of subtractions.
This year’s slate of officers will be sworn in at the Annual Banquet to be held on May 5, at Logan’s Party House.

Public Relations.                    Mr. C. Dunn
    Mr. C. Dunn spoke briefly on the updates to the Association Web Site. The work is progressing well and the updating is a constant effort and the results thus far have been a plus for the Association. The address is www.mcvfa.com

Resolution.                        Mr. D. Fox
    Mr. D. Fox, the Association Acting Chaplain read off the names of the recently departed members of the Association and the bell was tolled signifying their “Final Alarm”
The report is attached to these minutes.

Siren                            Mr. C. Dunn
    Mr. C. Dunn discussed the inclusion of the Siren as part of the web site.

Steering Committee.                Mr. D. Fox
    Mr. D. Fox read various Letters of Endorsement for candidates for various offices in the state and local fire service groups.
These letters of endorsement were accepted as approved on a motion called for by the Chair. There was no discussion. 1st by Mr. A. Way. 2nd by Mr. L. Mack
Mr. D. Fox stated that the various efforts regarding the candidacy of Mr. William Nichols for the Office of FASNY 2nd Vice President are underway and the support of all members will be necessary to assure the success of Mr. W. Nichols’s campaign for election.
The 2007 FASNY Convention will be in Buffalo NY
The 2008 FASNY Convention will be in Rochester NY.

There was a motion called for by the Chair to pay all convention expenses incurred by the Association. 1st by Mr. R. Diehl. 2nd by Mr. J. Hendrickson.
The motion was accepted with no discussion.
There will be a fall legislative conference. The dates discussed were Oct. 27-28, 2007. There will be more information regarding this event at subsequent meetings.

Transportation.                            Mr. D. Sweet
    There will be a bus trip to the Home on the Hudson to coincide with the “Official Day of Dedication” this will be on September 16, 2007. The cost will be $50.00 per passenger. The bus will leave the Combined Training Facility at 6:00 AM and arrive at the home at aprox. 11:00 AM. It will leave for the return to Rochester at 4:00 PM and arrive back in Rochester at aprox. 11:00 PM. There will be a stop on the way back for dinner and light refreshments will be available on the bus.
For further information contact Mr. David A. Sweet by phone (it’s on the committee member list)

Yearbook.                            Mr. A. Way
    Mr. Way’s report is attached to these minutes. The Yearbook will be sent to the printer on April 30, 2007. The thanks of the Association go to Mr. A. Way for all the work he has done on this project.

Special Committees.

#1 The Awards Committee.
This year’s Honoree is Mr. William Schlegel. The award will be presented at the Annual Banquet to be held May 5, 2007 at Logan’s Party house.

There was a motion called for by the Chair to approve the Committee Reports.
1st by Mr. G. Clohessy. 2nd by Mr. S. Giuliano.
There were no additions or corrections to the Committee Reports as submitted to the Secretary.

Reports of Representatives and Delegates.

Finger Lakes Burn Association.
    The report is attached to these minutes and supplied by Mr. K. Moyer.

Fire Advisory Board.                    Mr. L. Ritz
    There will be a “Boot Camp” for new recruits. This is a new activity.
Mr. Sam De Rosa will now act as coordinator for all investigations.

County Fire Chiefs.                        Mr. A. Sweet
The Chiefs will be meeting 5/9/07 in Walker
6/13/07 in Bushnell’s Basin. 9/12/07 in Mumford and 10/10/07 Honeoye Falls.
The Equipment Seminar will be held this year at the Dome Arena Complex on August 8, 2007. It will start at 3:00 PM and there will be slight increase to the admission price.

Fire Districts.
    They will be meeting April 26, 2007 in Webster.

Fire Marshals.                        Mr. C. Dunn
    The code hearings will be held in Rochester at the Convention Center in the 2nd week of May. The big issue on the agenda is the residential sprinkler proposal. There is a huge tug of war regarding the proposal to have all new residential construction include sprinkler systems in the package. If it is approved it will go into effect in 2010.
Codes update will be by August 5, 2007.
New Codes Books to be issued this summer.

County Fire Police.                        Mr. K. Fuller
    Meeting…….May 13, 2007 at the Training Center.
June 7, 2007 will be their Quarterly Convention at Penfield FD.
There is a $10,000.00 grant in the pipeline for equipment.
There will be a 6 county seminar May 5, 2007.

NCNYVFA                            Mr. G Burris
    Mr. G. Burris discussed the meeting agendas and reported that the Fire Fighter of The Year has to date 4 nominations.

WNYVFA                                 Mr. K. Fuller
    June 10, 2007 is their next meeting. It will be at the American Legion Hall in Churchville NY.
Still owing dues are Brighton, Chili, Gates and Spencerport. The reported groups are also delinquent in the FASNY Dues also.

Reports of Officials and Delegates

Chaplains Association.                        Mr. D. Fox
    They will be meeting the end of April 2007 in Montour Falls.

Coordinators Office.
    No report at this time.

FASNY                                Mr. D. Sweet.
    Mr. D. Sweet gave a detailed report on several issues that have been around now for some time. The Comptrollers Office has the rights to examine the financial records of fire companies. This amounts to “Financial Oversight”
And any income stream over $200,000.00 must be subject to audit.
All Fire Companies must have a “Code of Ethics”
Officers of Fire Companies MUST DISCLOSE any financial interest in contracts that their fire company enters into. This covers any and all 501 c3 groups.

Firemen’s Home.                            Mr. D. Fox
    Mr. D. Fox gave a brief report on the goings on at the home. All the Monroe County Residents are doing well. Especially Ms. Ella Ernst who is now 100 years old.
Sept. 16, 2007 is the “Date of Dedication” of the new facility.
The web site is www.firemenshome.com

State Fire Police.                            Mr. R. Maid
    The Convention will be held in Colonei NY May 17, 18 and 19, 2007.

Battalion Reports.
    There were no battalion reports at this time.

Old Business.
    There was no old business brought to the floor at this time.

New Business.
    The Association President, Mr. Lawrence A. Ritz on behalf of the Association, thanked the Messrs. William Montagno, Robert Maid and Harry Howitt for their years of service to the Association.
Pictures of the incoming directors are needed for the Yearbook.

Report of Officers.

The President
Mr. Lawrence A. Ritz.
    Locations for meetings are needed for 2008.
    Next Convention will be at Penfield NY on July 18, 2007.

The 1st Vice President
Ms. Diana Pfersick RN
    No report at this time.

The 2nd Vice President

Mr. Michael Smith
    No report at this time.

Good and Welfare.
    Mr. W. Nichols thanked all those who sent him a card, called him by phone or dropped by for a visit during his recent hospitalization or convalescence at home.

    Mr. R. Emma has some serious health issues. A card of a call to him would be much appreciated at this time.

With no additional business being brought to the floor the Chair called for a motion to adjourn the Quarterly Convention at this time.
There were multiple motions made.
The Closing benediction was offered by the Association Acting Chaplain, Mr. Donald H. Fox.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

J. K. Walsh
Sec. /MCVFA (Inc.)