Minutes > July 18, 2007 Quarterly Meeting Minutes

    Association President Lawrence Ritz called the Regularly scheduled Quarterly meeting of the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association Inc. to order at 7:28 PM on July 18, 2007 at Penfield Company #1.

    Association Chaplain Donald Fox offered the opening prayer, which was followed by the Pledge of Allegiance led by Sgt.-At-Arms Larry Zarnstorff.

    Acting Secretary Alan called the roll and determined a quorum was present.

    1st Vice President Diana Pfersick thanked the Penfield for hosting tonight’s meeting and for serving such an excellent picnic dinner.  Captain Jim Ackerman introduced the committee from Penfield that put on the dinner so all assembled could offer their thanks.  He also stated that the Chief’s were sorry they could not be present but that they were either at another important meeting or on vacation.

    2nd Vice President Michael Smith introduced past and present officers of FASNY, the Firemen’s Home, State Fire Police, Past Presidents of the MCVFA, MCVFPA,  guests and other dignitaries present at tonight’s meeting.

    Donald Fox took this opportunity to swear in Director George Clohessy since George had been unable to attend the dinner or the past couple of meetings due to health reasons.  President Ritz presented George his official badge of office.

    The guest speaker for tonight’s meeting was Jim Wandling, Director of the Otetiana Council Learning for Life program.  Jim gave an excellent overview of the Exploring program and also discussed what is being done to combat the latest problems.  His talk answered a great number of questions in regards to the future of the program and also pointed out how the program is growing. He also stated that the Emergency Services part of the program is not only the largest part of the local program but basically (with Law Enforcement, Emergency Services and Firematic) the only part of the program that is year around.  Learning for Life is a part of the Exploring program.  Julie Malley is the Senior Exploring Executive of the Otetiana Council.  For more Exploring information go to www.rochesterexploring.org.

    The minutes of the previous meeting were approved with three corrections pointed out by President Ritz.  Dick Diehl made the motion to approve the minutes as corrected.  There were multiple seconds and the motion passed.


    There were three communications read – a thank you note (including a picture) from Ella Ernst’s daughter thanking the association for the sweater and for remembering Ella. (picture is of Ella in the sweater sent by the Association)  There was a letter from the Lights and Sirens Foundation listing the proposed activities that will be held on September 8, 2007 at the fist Emergency Responder Appreciation Day.  President Ritz also stated that Secretary Walsh has a letter from Samuel Giuliano resigning as a Director due to personal reasons.  A letter is to be sent to all Battalion I organizations in regards to the opening and requesting letters of endorsement for a candidate for this opening to be addressed to President Ritz.

    Treasurer Princehorn presented the attached list of bills to be approved at tonight’s meeting.  Dick Diehl made the motion to approve the bills presented and that they be paid out of the proper account.  Ken Moyer (Clifton) seconded the motion and the motion passed.


    Treasurer Princehorn reviewed the entire financial picture of the Association.  This report is available from any member of the Executive Board or by contacting Mr. Princehorn.  Dick Diehl made the motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented.  Robert Chichester seconded the motion and all assembled passed the motion.


Audit Committee – K. D’Ambra
    Kathy reported that due to the delay in getting the Association books back they had just met with Treasurer Princehorn.  A full report will be available at the fall meeting of the Association.

Awards – L. Leone
    Jim Wandling had reported on an award we planned to start during his talk that we are looking into an Explorer (Fire/Community Service) Award to be presented next year.  There was no further information given.

Banquet – W. Nichols
    Bill reported that the Auxiliary was very pleased with the way things went and want to continue the joint venture in the future.  I came in $115.00 under budget.

Budget and Finance
    Mr. Hicks was absent at tonight’s meeting and there was nothing reported by any other member of the Committee except Dick Diehl requested that all Committee Chairman needing funds to please submit said request by the September meeting.

Constitution and By-Laws
    President Ritz stated that Mr. Giuliano has said he will remain Chairperson for the time being until the By-Laws are cleared up. 
Drills and Officials – R. Chichester.
    Bob presented a written report that will be attached.

Emergency Services – D. Pfersick
    Diana submitted a complete written report, which is attached.

Explorers – B. Montagno
    After the program given by the guest speaker I have no report at this meeting.

Fire Prevention Education
    No Report

Fire Prevention Safety Trailer
    No Report

Fire Prevention Essay Contest
    No Report

Hospitality Room – A. Way
    Everything went great at Northern Central where we honored the election of Mr. Emma as President of Northern Central and also promoted Bill’s run for 2nd VP of FASNY.  We will continue to do the same next week in Churchville and also thank Forrest Skelton for his great job as President of Western.  We are also gearing up for FASNY in August.  Any help that is available will be appreciated.

Historical – A. Sweet
    Al requested that if anyone had anything they thought should be preserved to please get it to him.

Legislative – W. Nichols
    Bill presented a legislative update.  A copy will be attached to these minutes.

Membership – W. Nichols
    Bill reported that we have 1504 Association members of which 1391 are also FASNY members.  At this time Bill made a motion that the four Rush Firefighters that were the 2005 FASNY Firefighters of the Year be made Life members.  This motion was seconded by Royer Pfersick and passed by all present.  There was a motion that FASNY past President Kenneth Newton be made a Life member of our Association.  The motion was seconded by Donald Fox and passed.  The names of the four Rush firefighters are James J. Bucci Jr., Joseph Cirincione, Peter Henry and Michael Terzo.

Nominating – P. Tracy
    No report at this meeting

Public Relations – C. Dunn
    Chris stated that there have some web site updates and also if you want to be on the mailing list of meeting announcements and other Association information to get him your e-mail address and he will send you the necessary information needed to sign up.  He is also posting some items on the Monroe County Fire Wire.  The web site has been getting a large number of hits.

Resolutions – Chaplain D. Fox
    Chaplain Fox presented the list of members lost from this Association and the Fire Service since the last Quarterly.  2nd VP M. Smith handled the final ringing of the bell in memory of these members.  Chaplain Fox closed the presentation with a prayer. 

Siren – C. Dunn
    All information in regards to the Association is on the web site.

Steering Committee – D. Fox
    Don presented a report on the names that had been presented to FASNY for committee appointments.  A full written report is attached.  Don also reported that the 2008 Convention is off and running.  Representatives of the Committee met on July 7th with FASNY to view the hotel that will be used as headquarters.  There were some questions and concerns that the committee will address.  Don will submit a full written report to be attached. 

Special Events – W. Nichols
    Everything is all set for the FASNY convention dinner in Buffalo.  I will pick up the tickets and hand them out to all that have reserved them.

Topics – D. Doser
    I will have a speaker for the October meeting.

Transportation – D. Sweet
    Reservations are coming in for the bus trip to the Firemen’s Home on September 16th.  There are a maximum of 50 seats available.  I have 19 confirmed and 13 maybes.  Please get your reservations in. 

Year Book – A. Way
The book is done and there are copies here tonight – please take one or more.

    President Ritz requested a motion to accept the Committee Reports as presented.  Greg Laskowski made the motion to accept all Committee reports as presented.  Ken Fuller seconded the motion and the members assembled approved the motion.


Fingerlakes Burn Association – Ken Moyer
    Ken spoke on a spray that the youth are playing with that they spray on surfaces and lighting off.  They are also spraying it on themselves.  He is looking for a second person to attend meetings with him.

Fire Advisory Board – L. Ritz
    The President reported that the Board is off for the summer.

County Fire Chiefs – A. Sweet
    The Annual Fire Show has been moved to the Fair Grounds.  The tickets are $25.00 each.  We are going to see how things work out. 

Safety Officers – Steve Granduski
    Steve made an oral report at the meeting but sent the Association News Letter to the Acting Secretary after the meeting.  It will be attached to the minutes.

Fire Districts – E. VerWeier
    No report at this time

Fire Marshals – C. Dunn and S. Granduski
    They reported on the Codes Conference held in Rochester and the out come of the residential sprinkler vote.  It was defeated by a small margin.  It is being re-looked at and will be presented again.  It is not a dead issue.  Chris also reported that the new codebooks are being printed at this moment.

County Fire Police – President Ken Fuller
    Ken reported that the Association had received a grant from Senator Maziarz.  We are working on acquiring our own equipment to continue the ID program started by Past President Leone. 

FASNY – President Ritz
    No Report

NCNYVFA – G. Burris
Written report attached.

WNYVFA – K. Fuller
    Written report turned into Secretary and will be attached.


State Chaplain’s Association – D. Fox
    No report

Coordinator’s Office – D. Riley
    No representative at the meeting

FASNY – D. Sweet
    Dave reminded everyone of the convention in Buffalo on Aug 22-24.  Monroe County will have a hospitality room from Tues. night on and at the main one on Thurs. night.  I hope to see a large number of Green Coats there to support Bill>  FASNY has partnered with the Masons for a child ID program with the Masons funding 100% of the cost.  Want to offer program into firehouses.  You are to contact FASNY if you are interested.  Kirby Hannan was at the last Board of Director’s meeting to discuss the state commission on affectivity and completeness in regards of consolidating some fire districts.  It could end up costing more.  Training Courses starting in the fall.  There will be one in Bergen on 10/4 on CSI (Crash Scene Investigation).  There will be one on 10/17 at Henrietta #6 mainly for EMS on child abuse and mandated reports.  There is more info on the FASNY web site.
Firemen’s Home – D. Schultz
    Dave reported on the move into the home and how clean and easy it went.  He also reported on the demolition of the old home and the salvage program being conducted on the interior and exterior of the old home. 

State Fire Police – No Report


1st Battalion
    Quiet – Webster had a truck pulled into the city for their large fire.  Webster will be getting their new firehouse and adding onto another one.  If you are having something come up for a vote make sure all your members are registered voters.

2nd Battalion
    No Report

3rd Battalion
    No Report

4th Battalion
    No Report

5th Battalion
    Chief Bucci received the American Legion Law and Order on four levels the latest being the state level.  Rush Explorers won two competitions of three in Bergen.




    The membership drawing was held with Dick Diehl and Sean Glenney being the winners.

    The 50/50 drawing was held with Dick O’Hare, Royer Pfersick and Dave Schultz the winners.


President Ritz – We still need locations for future meetings.  Please go back and see if you can host a meeting and let me know. President Ritz announced that he is the Ways and Means Chairperson for the Convention Committee.  We are having a drawing for a camera and two cash prizes to be given away at the dinner in Buffalo.  We need the help of all the membership to make this go.

1st VP Pfersick – No Report

2nd VP Smith – No Report

    Ray Emma is coming along better.  They have straightened out his meds and things are looking up.  He hopes to make Western next week.

    Chaplain Donald Fox

David Schultz made the motion to adjourn the meeting.  Bob Chichester seconded the motion and it passed.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Alan C. Way, Acting Secretary

Alan Way