Minutes > August 29, 2007 Board of Directors Minutes

    The regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Directors, Committee Chairpersons, Delegates and other interested parties was held at the Combined Training Center on Wednesday August 29, 2007 at 7:30 PM.  The meeting was called to order by the Association President, Mr. Lawrence A. Ritz.

    The assembly was led in the Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag by the Sgt.-At-Arms, Mr. Larry Zarnstorff and the Opening Prayer for Guidance was offered by the Association Acting Chaplain, Mr. Donald H. Fox.

    With the taking of the roll, it was determined that a quorum existed with which to deal with all business brought to the floor by the attendees.

    The President, Mr. Lawrence A. Ritz had arranged for a speaker at this meeting.  Mr. Jack Dinaburg, President of Prevention 1st Foundation Inc. spoke on a campaign to further fire safety within both Rochester NY and the County of Monroe.  It is a multi-solution agency and Mr. Dinaburg was actively seeking the support of the Association along with various other groups and government agencies.

    Following the address by Mr. Dinaburg, the Directors decided to become actively involved in the effort and there will be additional information posted as it becomes available and the activities of this Association will be shared with the membership as time passes and the program becomes active.  This will be covered under “New Business”.

    The Minutes of the previous meeting were approved with no additions or corrections by a voice acclimation.  The motion was advanced by Mr. G. Loskowski and it was seconded by Mr. R. O’Hare.

There were several communications that were read to the assembly and passed on to the appropriate attendees by the Secretary for their actions on these communications.  One of those received was a thank you card from Ms. Bonny Sweet of WNYLA.

    There were two receipts passed over to the Treasurer for his records.

Treasurer’s Report:    Mr. J. Princehorn
    The Treasurer read and discussed the full report of the Association’s financial situation.  Mr. J. Princehorn then discussed several questions brought up by the Association Audit, which was recently completed.  One of the items discussed was the need for new checks to reflect two signatures on all checks drawn on Association funds.  The cost of these checks will be about $400.00.  Another item of interest was the need now to have a “Uniform Check Request” form for all requests for any Association money either to reimburse or seek payment for goods or services.
The complete Treasurer’s Report can be reviewed by any member by contacting any member of the Executive Board.
The current Association bills were read and discussed by the Treasurer and he asked permission to pay these bills.  This permission was formed into a motion by Mr. L. Hicks and seconded by Mr. R. Diehl.  The motion was passed by acclimation with no further discussion.  There was no dissent.

The following Committees had no report at this time for a variety of reasons: Audit, Banquet, Drills and Officials, Fire Prevention Education, Fire Safety Trailer, Historical, Membership, Public Relations, Siren, Special Events, Topics, Yearbook, Transportation, Legislative and Special Committee #2.

Budget and Finance:    Mr. L. Hicks
Mr. L. Hicks rose to discuss the various audit company suggestions.  He stated that the two signatures on each check would be a hardship, as two persons had to be present to do any check written on the Association account.  Also discussed was the need to have a 6-month budget for review by the Board of Directors.  This is not a problem because the Treasurer has the current budget up to date and ready for review any month of the year.
Mr. L. Hicks had several items that needed Board approval.
        1)    Need to move $1,000.00 from the General Fund to Line Item #202.  Motion to approve by Mr. A. Way.  2nd by Mr. J. Carberry.  Approved by Acclimation.
        2)    Need $400.00 for new 2-signature checks.  Motion to approve by Mr. G. Loskowski.  2nd by Mr. G. Renner.  Approved by Acclimation.
        3)    The signatories shall be two of the following: the President, the Treasurer, the Secretary or one Board Member.  Motion to approve by Mr. A. Way.  2nd by Mr. R. Diehl.  Approved by Acclimation.
        4)    Proposal by Mr. L. Hicks was tabled and required no action at this time.
        5)    Funds for the Trip to the Firemen’s Home to be paid to various vendors.  Motion to approve by Mr. A. Way.          2nd by Mr. R. Diehl.  Approved by Acclimation.
There were several additional items that were part of the Budget and Finance Committee report.  However, they were put aside for discussion at this meeting for a variety of procedural reasons.

Constitution and Bylaws:
    The final instrument is being worked on by the Committee.

Emergency Medical Service:    Ms. D. Pfersick, R.N.
    Ms. D. Pfersick’s report is attached to these minutes and is available on the Association web site. www.mcvfa.com.  (Ms. D. Pfersick, R.N. also supplied a notice that due to attendance at a conference in Syracuse NY on October 18, 2007, she will not be at the Quarterly Convention at West Brighton).

    Their next meeting will be at the Rush NY Fire Department on September 13, 2007.

Fire Prevention Essay Contest:    Mr. D. Fox
    The material is going to the printers this current week.

Hospitality Room:    Mr. A. Way
    Mr. A. Way supplied all reports and they are attached to these minutes.

Nominating:    Mr. P. Tracy
    Mr. P. Tracy discussed the need to find replacements for Mr. D. Doser as a Director, Mr. F. Skelton as a Director and Mr. R. Diehl as a Director.

Resolution:    Mr. D. Fox
    The list of departed members will be ready for the Quarterly Convention on October 18, 2007 at West Brighton.

Steering Committee:    Mr. D. Fox
Mr. D. Fox rose to thank all those who did so much work at the recent FASNY Convention that was held in Buffalo NY.

Special Committee #1:    Mr. L. Leone
    Award letters are being formatted.  There will be more information shared as it becomes available.
There was a motion called for to approve all Committee reports.  1st by Mr. F. Skelton.  2nd by Mr. R. Chichester.  Motion passed by acclimation with no dissent.


Finger Lakes Burn Association:
Mr. Moyer is seeking an Assistant Chairperson.

Fire Advisory Board:
No report at this time.

County Fire Chiefs:    Mr. A. Sweet
Their next meeting is scheduled for September 12, 2007 in Mumford NY.
The Equipment Seminar went well and the food served was very good.  Several plusses discussed were the air conditioning and the great space for the entire event.

Fire Districts:
The group had a picnic on August 30, 2007. (Rush NY.)

Fire Marshals:
No report at this time.

County Fire Police:    Mr. K. Fuller
Their Quarterly Convention will be held in Churchville NY at the Park Lodge on September 6, 2007.
Mr. K. Fuller reports also that there is a delay in their equipment grant.  The delay is procedural in nature and it’s not a serious complication at this time.

FASNY:    Mr. L. Ritz
Association President Mr. L. Ritz reports the Convention was a great success and the final count of Association members signed in at the registration desk was 29.

No report at this time.

WNYVFA:    Mr. K. Fuller
Mr. K. Fuller reports that their Convention was great.  The Convention next year will be in Albion NY.


Chaplains Association:    Mr. D. Fox
Mr. D. Fox sadly reports that Rev. Greg Bremens died in a tragic boating accident.

Coordinators Office:
No report at this time.

Mr. K. Fuller was appointed to the FASNY Fire Police Committee.

Firemen’s Home:
The events surrounding the Official Dedication of the Firemen’s Home on September 16, 2007 were discussed:
There will be tours of the Home.
There will be a great parade.
There will be food and drink available for all those attending.
There will be tours of the museum for all attendees.
The bus has been sold out.

State Fire Police:
No report at this time.

1st Battalion:
West Webster had a fatal plane crash.  There were two men aboard the sea plane that crashed shortly after take off.

2nd Battalion:
There will be a new Training Building dedicated on September 29, 2007.
On September 11, 2007, Brockport will be dedicating a new memorial sculpture and holding a vigil in memory of the emergency personnel that were killed in New York City on September 11, 2001.

3rd Battalion:
No report at this time.

4th Battalion:
No report at this time.

5th Battalion:
Henrietta had an apartment fire that destroyed the building.
Henrietta had their 100th Birthday Parade. They had a great time.
Rush will be hosting a Fire Safety course on October 6, 2007

The Fund Raising Proposals from two fund raising groups were turned over to Mr. D. Fox for his review and recommendation of who to select to represent the Association.

There was a motion called for to approve the proposal of Prevention 1st and Mr. Jack Dinaberg.  Motion to approve by Mr. F. Skelton.  2nd by Mr. L. Hicks.  The motion to approve was carried by acclimation with no dissent.


The President:    Mr. Lawrence A. Ritz
Mr. Lawrence A. Ritz had on report at this time.

The 1st Vice President:    Ms. Diana Pfersick, R.N.
Ms. Diana Pfersick R.N. had no report at this time.

The 2nd Vice President:    Mr. Michael Smith
Mr. Michael Smith was absent from this meeting.

With no additional business being brought to the floor, there was a motion to adjourn the business meeting brought by Mr. J. Carberry and seconded by Multiple Members.  The motion was carried by voice acclimation.

Respectfully Submitted,

J. K. Walsh
Sec. /MCVFA (Inc.)