Minutes > February 27, 2008 BOD Meeting Minutes

        The Director’s meeting of the Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association was called to order by President Larry Ritz on February 27, 2008 at 7:35 PM. 

        Chaplain Fox opened the meeting with a prayer and President led the assembled in the pledge to the flag.

        Roll was taken and it was determined that a voting quorum was present to conduct the Association business.

        The minutes of the January Quarterly were presented and were accepted with a change with a motion by Richard Diehl with a second by Robert Chichester.  The motion passed.

        There were no communications to present to the assembled due to the excused absence of the Association Secretary.

        The bills for the evening were presented by Lynd Hicks.  Mike Smith made the motion to pay the presented bills and charge them to the proper accounts.  Richard Diehl seconded the motion and it passed.

        The Treasurer Report was presented by Diana Pfersick due to the excused absence of the Treasurer.  Diana also reported that the State and Federal Tax Returns were signed and sent in.  Gerry Carberry made the motion to accept the Treasurer’s report as presented.  Louie Leone seconded the motion and it passed.


Awards:    Louie Leone
The winners have been selected and the Firefighter of the Year is Harry Howitt.  This will be awarded at the May 3rd dinner.  The Explorer winner is Carli Nichols.  This will be presented at a future Explorer event.

No report.
Banquet:    Bill Nichols
Everything is set for May 3rd in Fairport at the Green Lantern Inn.  The letters for tickets will be sent out very soon.

Budget and Finance:    Lynd Hicks
No report.

Constitution and By-Laws:    Mike Smith
The proposed changes were passed out at the January Quarterly meeting and will be voted on at the April Annual meeting.

Emergency Medical Services:    Diana Pfersick
Dates were presented including the FASNY Emergency Medical Services conference slated for the following weekend in Montour Falls and also the STEPP Conference.  Diana was in hopes some of the problems that happened on Long Island did not happen this weekend although everything worked out on the Island. 

Explorers:    Royer Pfersick
The Explorer weekend is slated for August 8-10 at the Firemen’s Home.  It may be toned down to a one-day event with local Posts invited due to insurance concerns. More information will be forthcoming.

Fire Prevention Essay Contest:    Donald Fox
We are working on it.

Hospitality Room:    Alan Way
No report at this time.

Historical:    Al Sweet
Ed Riley contacted me in regards to a number of 16 mm rolls of film he has located on early County Mutual Aid Drills from the 50’s and 60’s.  There was a lot of discussion on how they could be preserved on DVDs to preserve them and also so they could be used in the future.  There also a discussion on trying to put more display items in this building.  We had tried to do something at one time that the County did not like and they set up their own and this is all they want.  We could also approach the Genesee County Museum about the chance of setting up a display. 

Legislative:    Bill Nichols
There are two bills that do not have sponsors as yet.  The Scorecard is updated weekly on the FASNY web site.  There will be Legislative updates in Alexander on March 29, Himrod (N.C.) on April 6 and Shawnee on May 3.  People should attempt to make one of them.

Membership:    Bill Nichols
To date, we have 1431 members and 40 organizations.  There were also some questions on Delegates.  We could not vote on the By-Laws due to not finding the proper Delegate List.

Nominating:    Paul Tracy
We are still lacking a one year Director for Battalion I and three year Directors for Battalions IV and V.  All other offices are ready.

Public Relations:
No report.

Resolutions:    Don Fox
They will be presented at the April Quarterly.

Steering Committee:    Don Fox
The next meeting will be on Wednesday March 19th at Fairport #1.

Special Events:    Bill Nichols, Don Fox
No report.

Transportation:    David Sweet
Excused absence.

Year Book:
This Committee is under the Convention Committee.


Finger Lakes Burn Association:    Royer Pfersick
I am starting to understand what is going on and I did not get as many notes as Ken Moyer but I have the dates of the Burn Walk and a couple of other coming events.  June 8th will be the Annual Burn Walk and we are also looking into a fund raising event with Sea Breeze to go along with their 100th anniversary.  March 22nd there will be an all day event at Eastview Mall which will be a fund raising event with a table set up.  They are looking for volunteers.  June 1st the Red Knights will have their annual ride for the Burn Camp along with the Axemen and the Blue Knights.  The City Fire Department sent two representatives for the first time.  Royer has volunteered to go and represent the Association as often as he can.

Fire Advisory:    Al Way (Larry was excused)
Nominations were presented for the Chairman for 2008/2009.  Mike McHenry from Hilton was nominated.  The big item discussed was the change in the frequency for the City and the Airport.  City Dispatch will be channel 1 and channel 2 will be the work frequency.  Channel 2 will still be available for the County if the City does not need it and for mutual aid.  It will get rid of the question of which channel they are dispatched on.  The Airport will be dispatched and work on non-aircraft emergencies on channel 4.  This will save problems when Gates and Chili are called in.  The City will go to 4.  There was a lot less discussion than there was at the Communication Workshop at the Airport a few days ago.  The Chief was at the meeting to discuss the reasons for this and it was also found that the Radio Procedures had not been updated in a number of years.  With Narrow Banding coming down the pike more changes will be coming so a committee has been set up to see if other changes should be recommended.  The Monroe County Volunteer Firemen’s Association went on record of favoring the channel change and made the motion.  Larry said a number on the Fire Advisory received thank you letters from the RFD Chief.  It was mainly done for safety.

County Chiefs:    Al Sweet
FEMA Grant program will end in 2010.  At the February 13th meeting, there was a speaker on how to fill out the grants.  Sea Breeze will be celebrating their 100th anniversary and this will be the 20th Burn Walk.  The pumper purchased from Penfield Fire District is working great (Penfield could use it back as they are down a pumper right now).  There was a good presentation on the Happy Ice elevator accident and what went wrong and right.  The next meeting will be on March 13th at the PSTC.

Fire Districts:
No report.

Fire Marshalls:    Bill Nichols
Dean Smith called Bill requesting support in attempting to get a ban of the sale Novelty Lighters in Monroe County.  There was a motion to write them a letter offering our support.  The letter is to go to Jeff Wilkenson – Monroe County Fire Marshall’s Association – Town of Henrietta – 475 Calkins Road – Henrietta, NY  14467.  Mike Smith made the motion to offer our support with a 2nd from Diana Pfersick and the motion passed.  The Burn Association is doing the same thing.

Monroe County Fire Police:    Al Way
The host Department of the March 6th meeting will be Brockport.  Due to a couple of booking problems, it is being moved to the Brockport First Baptist Church.

Northern Central:
No report.

No report.

State Chaplains:    Don Fox
Conference on Long Island in April.

Firemen’s Home:    Don Fox
All members doing well.  There have been some small problems.  They lost heat for a short time.  The old home is down and the area is being turned into a parking lot.

State Fire Police:    Al Way
The Quarterly meeting is this weekend in Plattsburg and the State Convention will be in May 15-17 in Syracuse.


Battalion I:
No report.
Battalion II:    Bill Nichols
The Barnard Carnival will be June 25-28 with the parade on June 26th (Thursday).
Battalion III:
No report.
Battalion IV:
No report.
Battalion V:    Royer Pfersick
Battalion V Departments responded to an accident in Mendon and a Town Storage Garage in Mendon/Honeoye Falls and all worked together very well.


Larry reported that the Safety Trailer and Scottsville is not a dead issue.  The paper work they have requested has not been found.  Dick Diehl said he will solve the problem tonight.   Do we want to donate the trailer to Scottsville?  Larry said that the Board voted last year to donate the trailer to Scottsville but they have requested a title and or registration.  Dick reported all we have to do is write a letter to Scottsville stating that we are donating the trailer to them and he will go to the Department of Motor Vehicles to handle the necessary paper work.  This letter will be sent so we can get it off our insurance.  Larry has been holding off meeting with Gary Johnson until this matter is taken care of.

The only new business was taken care of under committee reports.


No report.
1st Vice-President:
No report.
2nd Vice-President:
No report.


Bill Schlegel – doing OK.
Ted Summers – walking around the firehouse – accepting visitors.
Dave Schultz – having some problems and may lose a toe.

Benediction:    Don Fox

There was a motion by Gerry Carberry with a second by Glenn Klingenberger to adjourn the meeting.  The motion passed by a vote of all present.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Alan C. Way, Acting Secretary