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Monroe County Fire Advisory Board > January 26, 2009 MCFAB Meeting

4 Sep 2009

Monroe County Fire and Ems Advisory Board

Meeting Agenda

Date: January 26, 2009




VOTING MEMBERS: D. Coon, G. Johnson, B. Kirchgessner, J. Lemcke, S. McClary, L. Ritz, M. Burnside, J. Schreiber, A. Sienkiewicz, T. Bane, L. Sutherland,


EX OFFICIO: V. Pratt, M. Meisenzahl, T. Czapranski, C. Dunn, D. Pfersick, J. DeLisio, C. Fish, J. Cassin, M. Terzo, P. Schwartzman, R. Jensen, S. Schalabba, S. Bowman


A)            Call to order the Fire and EMS Advisory Boards 7:00 p.m.


B)            Pledge of Allegiance


C)            Moment of silence for fallen emergency services personnel


D)            Do we have a quorum? No.


E)            Introduce any new guests/members in attendance


F)            Fire Advisory Board Report – Mike McHenry


            1.  Nominating Committee for Fire Advisory Board John Lemcke received                         letters of content from the following names:           

            Mike McHenry       Chairman           

            L.J. Sutherland       Vice Chairman     


G)            EMS Advisory Board – and EMS Coordinators Report – Walt Holahan


·      Election for EMS Advisory Board will be delayed. Walt Holahan will be acting Chairman until elections can be completed.

·      There will be an EMS Summit Saturday January 31. This will discuss any issues with EMS.


H)            Public Safety – Steve Bowman

            Nothing new to report

I)            Fire & EMS Communications Committee – Al Sienkiewicz


·      Still working on this project with progress being made.


J)            Fire Coordinator’s Report – Steve Schalabba


·      The New Chief Officer Workshop is scheduled for Saturday, January 31, 2009 from 8:30 a.m. until noon, Room 117A at the PSTF. Please RSVP to Diane Cook at the Fire Bureau if attending.


·      The Quarterly Meeting of the Fire Bureau and County Fire Chiefs is scheduled for Wednesday, January 28, 2009, 7 p.m. in Room 103 at the PSTF. Please RSVP to Diane Cook at the Fire Bureau if attending.


·      The updated Monroe County Mutual Aid Fire Response Plan is completed with approximately 100 changes made. I would request agenda time at the March Fire Advisory Board to present the changes to the plan and vote on its adoption.


·      A revised mutual aid response guideline from the county departments into the City of Rochester is being finalized and will be presented to the chiefs at the quarterly meeting. This process is specific to city fill-ins.


·      The Fire Bureau is spearheading a group that will begin to meet monthly to review and discuss fire-related operational matters from the Emergency Communications Department (911). The group will be led by the Fire and EMS Coordinators and will have several members from the County’s fire service. More details will forthcome at the March Fire Advisory Board Meeting.


·      Public Safety Director Bowman and the Fire Coordinator are meeting with County Purchasing on Thursday, January 29th to discuss joint purchasing project in detail.


·      The new deputy fire coordinators are in place including Mr. Jack DeLisio, representing Battalion 3, and Mr. Chris Fish, representing Battalion 4. The Fire Bureau would like to thank both Steve Schalabba and David Sheffield for their years of service.


·      John Hall presentation – Steve Bowman and Steve Schalabba


            Hazardous Materials Team – Steve Schalabba

·      2 Level 0’s and 1 Level 1 HazMat since the last FAB meeting. Next drill of the HazMat team is scheduled for February 19, 2009



K)            EMS Coordinators Report – Tim Czapranski


·      Meeting at the PSTF on Saturday January 31 beginning at 09:00 in room 117. The purpose of this meeting to determine and document our system problems in EMS. This beginning step will then take the identified problems and focus them into objectives that will be part of the County-wide EMS study to begin later this year.


·      Changes in the Third Battalion EMS Deputy Coordinator position. Jack Delisio, Julie Jordan, Walt Holohan and I will be covering 3rd. Battalion EMS until a replacement is named.


·      Medical Director Contract - due to changes in the contract deliverables the EMS medical director contract needs to be put out to RFP. We are very happy with our current provided and going to RFP is not a reflection on the service we are experiencing. Going to RFP is simply a required process.



L)            Public Safety Communications – Rich Verdouw


M)            Emergency Communications Department – John Cassin


            2008 Stats

·      1,070,772 calls received (1,116,878)

·      1,231,407 CAD events (1,208,759)

·      22,651 increase from 2007, 1.9%

·      1,037,798 police

·      88,065 fire (82,831)(5234, 5.9% increase)

·      105,544 EMS (100,100)(5444, 5.1% increase)

·      EMD

                        11 babies delivered

                        3 choking saves

                        7 CPR saves

·      6901 mobile phones have been registered for hyper reach alerts. We are still looking for agency assistance in promoting mobile phone registration. People can register by going to monroecounty.gov or cityofrochester.gov and clicking the link for 911 cell registration.

·      Tiburon selected as the CAD provider, Red Alert was selected as the FIRE RMS for the CAD project. Currently involved in contract negotiations with both, expect to complete that in March, then contract goes to County Legislature for approval (late spring/early summer). One year for development and installation, so spring or fall 2010, won’t be during the summer.




·      Version 12 update for Emergency Medical Dispatch that began on January 15, 2009 went extremely well! There have been a few minor CAD issues, but they were more related to being able to close events rather than the initial dispatch.

·      Just a reminder to everyone that 911 operators will be screening chest pain calls to recommend 1 Adult or 4 baby Aspirin when appropriate.

·      Several agencies emailed us for the electronic version of the changes. If any agency still needs a copy they can email us at EMDQIU@monroecounty.gov. Any changes that agencies want to make changes to their response file can contact Rich Kirby at RKirby@monroecounty.gov

·      23 people in training for various positions, including a class hired the end of December. We will also have another class in March.

·      We are currently writing Fire/EMS MDT software for use in the ambulances and fire trucks. Once it is complete the costs of the install etc. will have to be covered by the agency but they can have CAD in their vehicles.

·      We are writing a CAD enhancement where all agencies can get jobs once the TCC enters it into CAD just like I/R agencies. The issue is if you chose this you will get every job twice. We will be able to turn this on and off by agency. So the agency can decide for itself.

·      RED E Fox and the robot is available for agency events, contact Tina Carson. Has been present at a number of events such as the Antique Fire Muster, Education Days at Frontier Stadium and is very popular, especially at events involving young children.


N)            Office of Emergency Management – Muffy Meisenzahl


·      Updated Haz-Mat Plan – LEPC adopted the 2009 version. This will be posted on the Monroe County Website and also distributed to all Fire and EMS agencies via the Fire and EMS Bureau.

·      EMS Study Grants – These are hot items with Homeland Security. It is important to pay attention to your needs (equipment, planning, training, etc.) for grant application. Needs should be prepared in detail for possible short submission timeframes.

·      Emergency Management Assistance Teams – 2008 newsletter will be distributed.

·      Changing of Administration at the Federal level has been creating some changes. Some of these changes could affect Grants; including submission, awards, and accountability.

·      State deficit is affecting us with funding reductions. Pay attention to funding deposits from the state as the money amounts might not be as expected.


O)            5 Minute recess while boards relocate for remainder of meeting


P)            Approval of FAB Meeting minutes from prior month - YES


Q)            Communications received – Mike McHenry

·      Standard response for pre-hospital  cardiac arrest memo from Jeremy Cushman

·      Update of mutual aid plan


R)            Committee Reports


            1.            Mutual Aid Plan – Dave Coon


            2.            Fire Investigator – Mike Burnside

·      Total investigations for 2007            253

·      Total investigations for 2008            262

                        Increase of 3.7% over 2007

            Arson/Incendiary rate 8.4% (8.7% in 2007)

·      Fatal fire investigations 4 (5 fatalities)

·      Year to date totals 262

                        Accidental             178                        Vehicle fires            92

                        Natural                        1                        Structure            167

                        Undetermined            51                        Misc.                        3

                        Arson                        22

                        Cancelled            10

·      Calls by battalion

                        1st            46

                        2nd            70

                        3rd            59

                        4th            47

                        5th            50


            3.            PSTF Training – Bill Carter/Vince Pratt


·      As of August 31st, actual revenues were at 92% of budget. This is due to the enrollment shortfall in fire training.

·      Last summer’s enrollment exceeded budget projects by 34 FTE’s and the actual rate of FTE is $50 more than what the budget was based on ($2,675 vs. @2,625). These factors caused the annual revenues to exceed budget projections by $1158K or 8%.

·      What all this means is that he Facility remains financially strong.


            4.            Strategic Planning subcommittees – Al Sienkiewicz

·      County wide purchasing committee has been meeting. Appreciation goes to Bill Kirchgessner for all his support.

·      Currently meeting with Monroe County Purchasing and Law Department for ideas on legalities and appropriate items for purchasing.

·      Ideas on a webpage for down the road.

·      Power Point will be created for presentations on this project.


S)            Fire Department Reports:


            1.            Rochester Fire Department – Steve McClary

·      1085 Fire calls

·      572 Residential

·      669 total structures

·      15,425 EMS calls

·      Almost 33,000 total calls

·      991 preliminary arson investigations (515 vacant buildings)

·      147 juvenile related calls with 25 arrests, 16 diversions and 162 interventions


            2.            Airport Fire Dept. – Todd Bane

·      450 alarms

·      4 alert 2

·      New pumper in April

·      Air Show May 30 & 31

·      Possible full scale disaster drill in 2009


            3.            East/West Side Coordinator – Hank Wehner


            4.            1st Battalion – Vince Pratt

·      4 working fires; 1 West Webster, 1 St. Paul Fire Dist., 1 Webster Fire, and 1 Union Hill Fire.

·      Battalion Training event: The battalion’s training officer’s hosted a Line Officer’s Workshop on the 17th of January. A number of speakers and topics were offered at the all day event. The event was attended by 25 officers from throughout the battalion.

·      2 new Chief’s in Battalion 1

                        John Cullati in Point Pleasant

                        Tony Galante in West Webster


            5.            2nd Battalion – John Lemcke

·      5 house fires

·      2 apartment fires

·      3 out of county fires

·      1 fatal fire

·      Appreciation goes to Chris Fish, Steve Schalabba, and Vince Pratt for their assistance at the 4 alarm fire in the Greece Ridge district.

·      2 new Chief’s at Battalion 2

                        Terry Brown in Spencerport

                        Scott Smith in Brockport


            6.            3rd Battalion – LJ Sutherland

·      8 working fires

·      1 fatal fire

·      5 new Chiefs in Battalion 3

                        Aaron Hiller in Brighton

                        Mark Alberts in Bushnell’s Basin

                        Peter Kenney in Fairport           

                        Paul Schenkel in Pittsford

                        Alan Boezi in Penfield


            7.            4th Battalion – Gary Johnson

·      4 working fires

·      1 level 1 haz-mat

·      3 new Chief’s in Battalion 4

                        David Saur in Chili

                        Jim Kurycki in Churchville

                        Mike Burnside in Mumford


            8.            5th Battalion – Dave Coon

·      2 working fires

·      2 new Chief’s in 5th Battalion

                        James Bucci in Rush

                        David Coon in West Brighton


T)            Monroe County Volunteer Fire Chief’s Assoc. – Sherman Manchester


U)            Monroe County Fire District Officers Assoc. – Bill Kirchgessner


V)            Monroe County Vol. Fireman’s Assoc & FASNY – Larry Ritz/Alan Way


W)            Monroe County Legislature – Tony LaFountain


X)            Rochester City Council –


Y)            Monroe County Supervisory Assoc. – Austin Warner III


Z)            Association of Villages – Bill Carter


AA)            Fire Marshal’s Assoc. – Chris Dunn/Don Bowers           

·      Budget cuts are hampering training for Code Enforcement

·      Code books will need to be purchased by municipalities

·      Residential sprinkler bill is still in limbo


BB)            Burn Association – Paul Schwartzman

·      Adult burn retreat will be February 7, 8, & 9

·      Will be hosting a young adult retreat this year April 2-5

·      Fundraising – Burn Walk will be held on June 14, 2009

·      Some trends for children is house wares and wood stoves


CC)            Any Other Reports


DD)            Old Business


EE)            New Business

·      Vince Pratt expressed appreciation to ECD for all their help with the Webster Fire incident.


FF)            Next meeting date – March 16, 2009 @ 7:00 p.m.


GG)            Motion for adjournment – Mike McHenry