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Monroe County Fire Advisory Board > March 16, 2009 MCFAB Meeting

4 Sep 2009

Monroe County Fire and Ems Advisory Board

Meeting Agenda

Date: March 16, 2009




VOTING MEMBERS: D. Coon, J. Lemcke, S. McClary, L. Ritz, L. Sutherland,

A. Way,


EX OFFICIO: S. Schalabba, J. Delisio, V. Pratt, R. Verdouw, M. Meisenzahl, S. DeRosa, R. Jensen, C. Dunn, M. Terzo, D. Sweet, C. Fish, P. Schwartzman, J. Bucci,

M. Tornstrom, S. Erb, P. Bishop, J. Cassin


A)            Call to order the Fire and EMS Advisory Boards 7:00 p.m.


B)            Pledge of Allegiance


C)            Moment of silence for fallen emergency services personnel


D)            Do we have a quorum? No


E)            Introduce any new guests/members in attendance


F)            Fire Advisory Board Report – Mike McHenry           


G)            EMS Advisory Board  – Paul Bishop


H)            Public Safety – Steve Bowman


I)            Fire & EMS Communications Committee – Al Sienkiewicz


J)            Fire Coordinator’s Report – Sam DeRosa


·      I’d like to thank all of those chiefs who participated in the Executive Chiefs Meeting on Feb 25. We had good conversation, presentations and information sharing.

·      I had the privilege to do a presentation to the Fire District Officers group 2-weeks ago and have been invited back to meet with them again in the next 8-10 months. Overall, it was a great night and it’s also evident to me that a gap does exist in communication.

·      There are 2 recruit classes starting tonight and tomorrow; orientation is going on as we speak at the PSTF. Tentative graduation date is mid- July.

·      Please remember to respond back to me if you have locking hydrant wrenches given to your department by the City of Rochester. To date, I’ve heard back from only 5 departments.

·      Notifications to county personnel, including the FB and Health Department must go through 911 for all notifications. Like the juvenile unit procedure, no one will call you back to respond unless you go through the fire dispatcher.

·      Reminder that arson checks and the appropriate forms were discussed at the last executive chiefs meeting. Please contact Mike Burnside if you need more forms. A revised letter will forth come from the Sheriff’s Office.

·      The grant for smoke detectors has been submitted and we’ll await the results. The grant was placed through AFT’s Fire Prevention & Safety. We are also working on a grant for the county-wide accountability system. Details to follow.

·      AIRSHOW – planning has begun for late-May of this year. I don’t have many details but I can tell you the air show will not be at the airport. Chief Bane for further details.


            Hazardous Materials Team – Steve Schalabba


·      2 Level 0’s since the last meeting. Nothing of significance

·      HazMat Team participating in the STEP conference this weekend

·      Through our participation in HazWest, we were notified today that this group was successful in securing approximately $44,000 in grant monies for equipment and training associated with various DOT containers and tank systems found over the roadways which will give our team members the opportunity to review and understand the construction and operational features of these vessels.


K)            EMS Coordinators Report – Paul Bishop


·      The second meeting involving the Monroe County EMS Study was conducted on March 7th. Thank you to all who attended and helped develop the EMS study objectives. The next step is a release of the objectives in an RFP for someone to do the study.

·      The EMS Physician contract was awarded to the Office of Pre-hospital Care – University of Rochester. It will begin April 1 and Dr. Jeremy Cushman will remain the primary medical director.

·      The physician fly car is still waiting for contract signatures for the grant. It will arrive 90-120 days after everything is signed.

·      April will be a month of rolling out the recommendations of a REMAC/EMS/Hospital sub group looking at turnaround times at the hospitals.

·      The 3rd battalion Deputy EMS Coordinator position will be going out this week. The Executive Deputy Coordinator position posting will be going out next week.


L)            Public Safety Communications – Rich Verdouw


            Digital Paging

                        1.  2-way digital pager devices

·      Current firmware version; 1.20 build 15

·      Discuss extended service plan for M1501 pagers

                        2.  2-way digital paging system

·      New paging sites on line since the last meeting

·      Brockport Village, Rush & Webster Village now on the air

·      Currently at 28 transmitters on the air & 2 Receive only sites for total of 30

·      Kodak Research & Gates fire sites are planned making total transmit at 31 sites with total planned sites 33.


·      Fire 5 & EMS 295 simulcast fully optimized by Skywave Communications

·      Skywave Communications is continuing work on simulcast of Fire 2,3,4

            Additional Working Frequencies

·      Associated Public Safety Communications Officials (A.P.C.O.) has submitted applications for new working channels to the FCC

·      A.P.C.O. awaiting anticipated Canadian rejections and is ready to do what is necessary for licensing

            Harris Agreement

·      Monroe County Legislature passed a resolution last week for a MOU between the County and Harris

·      A press conference was held last Friday at Harris Corporation announcing the partnership

·      Monroe County plans to purchase a multi-band portable radio from Harris that will provide true interoperability between agencies and disciplines


M)            Emergency Communications Department – John Cassin

·      STEP Conference March 20-21

·      New class of trainees starting 30th of this month (4 fire, 4 police, 2 telecommunicators)



N)            Office of Emergency Management – Muffy Meisenzahl


·      Submitted grant application for UASI

·      Emergency Management Assistance Team was activated for plane crash in Erie County. 13 members total were deployed to assist with planning and logistics. Everything went exactly as planned.

·      2009 FEMA year with 2 scheduled traditional exercises for OEM Activation. 1st Ginna on March 24 and FEMA May 5th.

·      Additional (2) exercises are new (Hostile Action Based Exercises) dealing with nuclear power plants. More to come on this.

·      Also 2 state sponsored exercises, 1 with New York State Police and 1 with the National Guard. Both will include County and Rochester Fire Department to engage special operations to become part of the response component for these exercises.

·      Continue to work with the Special Operations Committee to interface resources from our office.


O)            5 Minute recess while boards relocate for remainder of meeting


P)            Approval of FAB Meeting minutes from prior month - Yes


Q)            Communications received – Mike McHenry


R)            Committee Reports


            1.            Mutual Aid Plan – Sam DeRosa


·      Draft of the Mutual Aid Plan was submitted to the Board. A power point presentation outlining all the changes was viewed. A vote for the changes was discussed. All were in favor with no opposition. Chairman advises Coordinator DeRosa to go forward with the plan. The plan will be submitted to the Legislature for approval.

·      Coordinator DeRosa expressed his appreciation to Sherman Manchester, Dave Coon, Sal Mitrano, and John Lemcke for all their help with the Mutual Aid Plan.


            2.            Fire Investigator – Mike Burnside


·      41 fire investigations year-to-date

·      25 structure fires

·      16 vehicle fires

·      1 incendiary fire

·      Juvenile Fire (10 referrals year-to-date of which 4 were in schools)



            3.            PSTF Training –Vince Pratt



            4.            Strategic Planning subcommittees – Al Sienkiewicz


S)            Fire Department Reports:


            1.            Rochester Fire Department – Steve McClary


·      Total incidents YTD = 6388

·      EMS/Rescue Incidents = 2962 = 46% of all incidents.

·      Total Fire Incidents = 199 = 3.1% of all incidents.

·      Total Structure Fires = 121 = 1.9% of all incidents.

·      Private Dwelling Structure Fires (1 & 2 family homes) = 81 = 67% of all structure fires.


            2.            Airport Fire Dept. – Todd Bane


            3.            East/West Side Coordinator – Hank Wehner


            4.            1st Battalion – Vince Pratt


·      5 working fires

·      Battalion 1 looking at having the entire Battalion switch to the “passport-style” accountability system. The current tag method is simply too cumbersome and difficult to track personnel at incidents. More details to follow.


            5.            2nd Battalion – John Lemcke


·      4 working fires

·      Hilton Fire House moving April 4.

·      Old fire house will be demolished

·      Dedication to new fire house is scheduled for May 16 10:00 a.m.


            6.            3rd Battalion – LJ Sutherland


·      February 11 Basin had house fire.

·      Penfield had Commercial Building Fire.

·      Thanks to Battalion 1 for mutual aid fill ins


            7.            4th Battalion – Chris Fish


·      0 working fires

·      3 Alert 2’s

·      1 mutual aid request for water rescue team with a fatality

·      Also looking into accountability system


            8.            5th Battalion – PeeWee Terzo


·      Honeoye Falls skiing accident. 2 fire fighters had minor injuries

·      Henrietta working fire

·      Assisted Avon with mutual aid on a water-boat/car chase incident.


T)            Emergency Communications Department – John Cassin


·      SPIN 911 (Special Populations In Need of Services) concentrates on Mental Health patients and their needs. The general idea is that their addresses and specific information will be entered in CAD. Supervisors only will access to this information. Some of the fields being discussed for entry are; hiding places, locations (group homes), phone information, disability, name, DOB, developmental age, violence, doctor’s info, care givers, emotional triggers.


U)            Monroe County Volunteer Fire Chief’s Assoc. – Dale Sweet


·      August 12th – equipment show/steak roast at the Monroe County Fair Grounds

·      September 9 - Rick Lasky “Pride and Ownership; The Love  for the Job”

·      October 15 – Fire fighter appreciation dinner Diplomat Party House. Please send any nominations to Brian Koster.

·      Formally like to thank Coordinator Sam DeRosa for his participation at the quarterly chief’s meeting.


V)            Monroe County Fire District Officers Assoc. – Bill Kirchgessner


W)            Monroe County Vol. Fireman’s Assoc & FASNY – Larry Ritz/Alan Way


·      Quarterly meeting April 30 @ Barnard Fire Exempts


X)            Monroe County Legislature – Tony LaFountain


Y)            Rochester City Council –


Z)            Monroe County Supervisory Assoc. – Austin Warner III


AA)            Association of Villages – Bill Carter




BB)            Fire Marshal’s Assoc. – Chris Dunn/Don Bowers           


·      Annual Seminar May 20 & 21 at West Webster Fire House.


CC)            Burn Association – Paul Schwartzman


·      Elections were held with the following results

                                    President Paul Schwartzman

                                    Vice President Greg Merrick

                                    Vice-President/Treasurer – Scott Valpey

·      Would like to express gratitude to Vice Presidents Matt Klapetzky and Steve Grandusky for their service. Matt will continue to serve as a Burn Camp Director and Steve will continue as a Director representing the Monroe County Chiefs.

·      Burn Walk is June 14 with a 10K run. For more information www.FLRBA.com



DD)            Any Other Reports


EE)            Old Business


FF)            New Business


·      Letters of recommendation for Chairman and Vice Chairman. Elections were held with a confirmation stipulation.

John Lemcke:


                        Nomination submitted for position of Chairman of the Fire Advisory                                     Board is Mike McHenry

                                    All in Favor – YES

                                    Opposed – NONE

                        Position for Chairman of the Fire Advisory Board to Mike McHenry


                        Nomination submitted for position of Vice Chairman of Fire Advisory                                     Board is L.J. Sutherland

                                    All in Favor – YES

                                    Opposed – NONE

                        Position for Vice Chairman of the Fire Advisory Board to L.J. Sutherland


                        *Elections are pending confirmation at May meeting*


GG)            Next meeting date – May 18, 2009 @ 7:00 p.m.


HH)            Motion for adjournment – Mike McHenry




Next meeting is scheduled for Monday May 18, 2009 7:00 p.m.

The Public Safety Training Center

1190 Scottsville Road Room

Office of Emergency Management

Rochester, N.Y. 14624