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Monroe County Fire Advisory Board > May 18, 2009 MCFAB Meeting Minutes

4 Sep 2009

Monroe County Fire and Ems Advisory Board

Meeting Agenda

Date: May 18, 2009




VOTING MEMBERS: D. Coon, D. Sweet, G. Johnson, B. Kirchgessner,

A. LaFountain, J. Lemcke, L. Ritz, M. Burnside, A. Sienkiewicz, T. Bane, L. Sutherland,

A. Way


EX OFFICIO: S. DeRosa, S. Schalabba, T. Czapranski, J. Cushman, M. Terzo,

J. DeLisio, D. Quartley, C. Fish, P. Schwartzman, R. Verdouw, M. Meisenzahl,

S. Manchester, R. Jensen, S. Bowman, W. Holahan, J. Bucci, M. Tornstrom, B. Smigel, D. Meitz, P. Bishop, B. Faugh, D. Pfersick, D. Stamps, L. Ruiz


A)            Call to order the Fire and EMS Advisory Boards 7:00 p.m.


B)            Pledge of Allegiance


C)            Moment of silence for fallen emergency services personnel


D)            Do we have a quorum? YES


E)            Introduce any new guests/members in attendance


F)            Fire Advisory Board Report – Mike McHenry           


G)            EMS Advisory Board  – Walt Holahan

·      In the process of reconstituting the EMS Advisory Board. Targeted to be submitted to the Board in the Fall.


H)            Public Safety – Steve Bowman

·      Airshow will be on May 30 & 31.  National Incident Management System is required using ICS for purposes of incidents and special events. Monroe County will be executing the plan for the Airshow. There are 24 major participating agencies with the majority being Fire and EMS agencies. Appreciation to Fire Coordinator Sam DeRosa, EMS Administrator Tim Czapranski, City Fire Department, Commercial and Volunteer Fire and EMS agencies and GRIA Chief Todd Bane. Chief Bane will be the Planning Chief who, in keeping in compliance with ICS, will be putting together the action plan. Final meetings will be held this week. Cooperation has been exemplary between all agencies involved.  


I)            Fire & EMS Communications Committee – Al Sienkiewicz

·      Work on the Communications Manual continues, being approx. 99% done. The manual will be presented at the Executive Chief’s Meeting in May with possible submission to this Board at the fall meeting.


J)            Fire Coordinator’s Report – Sam DeRosa

·      The Fire Bureau has accepted 175 smoke detectors from the County Fire Marshals’ Association. I want to publicly thank President Timmons and the Fire Marshals’ Association for their generosity.  The fire chiefs were emailed all of the information necessary to acquire smoke detectors for their respective agency.

·      Fire related planning with the affected departments for the Airshow is completed. There is a final meeting coming up tomorrow. My thanks to all the chiefs who submitted their ICS forms to the Fire Bureau for the Airshow.

·      In our effort to minimize dispatch issues, 6 training sessions by the Fire Bureau with the fire dispatchers was completed last week. This training will be done on a routine basis throughout the year as part of this effort.

·      My thanks to the chiefs for attending the briefing on H1N1 (Swine) influenza last week. While we all didn’t agree with having the briefing, some good did come from it, i.e. fit testing for N-95 masks.

·      The Fire Bureau does have 1 fit testing hood for N-95 masks, along with a boilerplate policy and video from MCC-EMS, if any fire agency would like to borrow it.

·      The planning continues for the Smoke, Flames & Courage Event, scheduled for late September. Additional resources will be contacted during the month of June.

·      The chiefs received an email from me with respect to revised language for the CDL law. The revisions looked appropriate.

·      The Chiefs of Police have all received the revised policy for making contact for juvenile referrals and there should be no more confusion.

·      The first cut of the Directory was emailed to the chiefs; we have corrected all errors that were reported to us and will get the printing and DVD’s done later this month. Going forward, I’ll be speaking with the chiefs about the future of this Directory, as we know it today.

·      The Executive Chiefs Meeting is scheduled for May 27th, 7 p.m. at the PSTF in Room 117-B. The agenda will be distributed next week.

·      A proposal will be ready for presentation to this Board in September on the re-aligned Fire Advisory Board. This falls into line with the recent changes to the Mutual Aid Plan.

·      The State budget was adopted but I’ve been informed that we will not see specific information regarding the Office of Fire Prevention & Control until the end of this month or early June.

·      Congratulations to the Hilton Fire Department on the dedication of their new fire station.

·      The committee continues their work on job coding for 911/ECD and we’ll be discussing this in great detail later this month.


            Hazardous Materials Team – Steve Schalabba

·      5 Level 0’s since the last meeting. None of these incidents were significant and included a variety of chemicals including propane, ammonia, paint, and butadiene.

·      The HazMat team will be celebrating 25 years of service to the community and we look forward to recognizing the team for their achievement later this year.

·      The HazMat team’s next training exercise will be this Thursday May 21 at 7PM at the PSTF.


K)            EMS Coordinators Report – Tim Czapranski

·      Thank you to everyone for their work and efforts during H1N1

·      World Health Organization warns not to get complacent and countries should prepare for a pandemic that is easily transmitted and is a new virus to humans.

·      N95 Reminder – A memo went out to all Fire and EMS agencies on August 29, 2009 requesting agencies to have a 1 week cache of N95 Masks on hand. Should we have a pandemic it will be large and drawn out, not our typical community emergency. PLAN; personally, as an organization, and as a part of the community.

·      89 2009 honorees will be added to the 2009 National EMS Memorial on May 23 in Roanoke VA. In honor there will be a moment of radio silence on May 23rd for 20 seconds starting at 20:00 hrs. Monroe County will be participating in this moment of silence.

·      Suki Regoni Memorial golf tournament will be held on May 28 at Conesus Golf Club. See Paul Bishop for details.

·      3rd Battalion Deputy Coordinator interview process has been completed. Results will be announced in the next 10 days.

·      Executive Deputy Coordinator posting will be distributed in the next two weeks.


L)            Public Safety Communications – Rich Verdouw


            Digital Paging

                        1.  2-way digital pager devices

·      Current firmware version: 1.20 build 15

·      Extended service plan for M1501 pagers to go into effect July 1, 2009

·      Anyone who has not responded to opt in or out of plan should do so soon, request was by 6/1/09.


                        2.  2-way digital paging system

·      Acceptance test plan setup by the Communications Board

·      Acceptance/coverage testing to begin soon in each District

·      Thank you to all Districts/Departments that responded to the survey

            Narrowband / Simulcast

·      Skywave Communications is continuing work on the simulcast of Fire 2, 3, 4

            Additional Working Frequencies

·      Awaiting FCC license approval         


M)            Emergency Communications Department – John Cassin

·      Thank you to Fire Coordinator DeRosa for providing training Fire Dispatchers

·      14 new hires, 7 of those are fire. Should be certified by October.

·      Mobile Command Unit will be at the Airshow     


N)            Office of Emergency Management – Muffy Meisenzahl

·      OEM participated in a presentation to the Fire District’s Officers Association at their March meeting.

·      Continuing presence with Airshow preparations.

·      Any Public Safety outreach concerning the H1N1 virus planning (ICS) all follow the Pandemic Plan.

·      Ginna – this is a federal year. 1st exercise was May 5th. OEM will continue more exercises/activities throughout the year with various agencies and hospitals.


O)            5 Minute recess while boards relocate for remainder of meeting


P)            Approval of FAB Meeting minutes from prior month - Yes


Q)            Communications received – Mike McHenry


R)            Committee Reports


            1.            Mutual Aid Plan – S. DeRosa/D. Coon/M. McHenry

·      The Mutual Aid Plan was presented for a vote.


                        MOTION TO ACCEPT MUTUAL AID PLAN?



                                    DALE SWEET

                        ALL IN FAVOR?






            2.            Fire Investigator – Mike Burnside

    Fire Investigations           

            Total fires YTD:                        96

            Incendiary:                                    9

            Structure:                                    56

            Vehicles:                                    37

    Juvenile Referrals

            Total Referrals                        48

            Referrals since last meeting            38


            3.            PSTF Training – Al Sienkiewicz

·      PSFT Facility Maintenance Director  position has been filled

·      FTE – 2009 historical year exceeding 645 FTE’s

·      Purchasing new props along with card readers


            4.            Strategic Planning subcommittees – Al Sienkiewicz

·      Purchasing - Currently work with Public Safety Director Bowman and County Law on requirements for this process.

·      Recruitment/Retention - committee has been meeting regularly and are close to completing recommendations. Target for submission to Fire Advisory Board is this fall.


S)            Fire Department Reports:


            1.            Rochester Fire Department – Steve McClary


            2.            Airport Fire Dept. – Todd Bane

·      Airshow plans continue. Be advised there will be a tremendous amount of assets assigned to the show. If at any time there is an incident involving any of the aircraft will be a unified command post at the show, please contact through proper channels.

·      Chief Bane expressed his appreciation to P.S. Director Steve Bowman, P.S. Communications, and Fire Bureau for everyone’s appreciation.

·      Airport has a new Pumper in service.


            3.            East/West Side Coordinator – Hank Wehner


            4.            1st Battalion – Al Sienkiewicz

·      Barn Fire

·      Webster Past Chief Roy Hamell passed away

·      Passport Accountability project is moving forward



            5.            2nd Battalion – John Lemcke

·      2 house fires Ridge Road Fire District

·      2 fires outside the county incidents (1 house, 1 apartment)

·      1 emergency plane landing in Brockport

·      North Greece had a overturned lawn rolling machine incident w/1 person trapped


            6.            3rd Battalion – LJ Sutherland

·      1 basement fire

·      1 barn/shed fire Fishers District

·      3 house fires E. Rochester (2), Brighton

·      1 multi unit storage facility fire (multiple units) in Pittsford

·      1 apartment fire

·      Congratulations to Hilton Fire Dept. on their new fire house

·      Bushnell’s Basin Past Chief Sony Love passed away


            7.            4th Battalion – Chris Fish

·      1 working fire

·      2 large scale commercial facility incidents (1 at fire at Wal-Mart, 1 gas fumes at Kmart)

·      10 Alert 2 HazMat incidents

·      Standardized Passport system moving forward



            8.            5th Battalion – PeeWee Terzo

·      Finished Cold Water Rescue Training

·      Passport System is moving forward



T)            Monroe County Volunteer Fire Chief’s Assoc. – Dale Sweet

·      Firefighter Appreciation Dinner will be October 8 at the Diplomat Party House. More information will be made available in the near future

·      There will be no September meeting.

·      Chief Rick Lasky will be in town on September 9 for a seminar. More information will be coming out in the near future.

·      Fallen Firefighters Golf Tournament

·      NYS Chief’s Conference in June 10-13, 2009 at Turning Stone

·      Equipment Seminar is August 12 at the Dome.


V)            Monroe County Fire District Officers Assoc. – Bill Kirchgessner


W)            Monroe County Vol. Fireman’s Assoc & FASNY – Larry Ritz/Alan Way

·      County Fire Police Seminar was well attended (160 pp 11 counties)




X)            Monroe County Legislature – Tony LaFountain

·      2010 – 2015 Capital Improvement Plan went to the Legislature. Total 2010-2015 Capital Improvement Program = $490,487,000, with $47,850,000 dedicated to Public Safety (4,750,000 in 2010 alone)

·      Arial photos for Pictometry have been updated.


Y)            Rochester City Council –


Z)            Monroe County Supervisory Assoc. – Austin Warner III


AA)            Association of Villages – Bill Carter


BB)            Fire Marshal’s Assoc. – Chris Dunn/Don Bowers           



CC)            Burn Association – Paul Schwartzman

·      Burn Walk / 10 K race are on June 14. Pledge cards can be obtained from the County Fire Bureau Public Safety Training Facility. You can get information www.flrba.com . Volunteers would be appreciated. Please contact Paul Schwartzman.

·      Burn Camp is August 6, 7, 8, 9.

·      Ice cream fundraiser is May 26 & June 10 5PM-9PM at Hank’s Ice Cream. They will be donating 20% of all sales to the Summer Burn Camp.



DD)            Any Other Reports


EE)            Old Business


FF)            New Business – Mark Tornstrom, Monroe County fire and EMS Explorers,             wanted to thank Sam DeRosa, Roy Pfersick, and Jim Hare for all their support at             the 2009 banquet.


GG)            Next meeting date – May 18, 2009 @ 7:00 p.m.


HH)            Motion for adjournment – Mike McHenry




Next meeting is scheduled for Monday September 21, 2009 7:00 p.m.

The Public Safety Training Center

1190 Scottsville Road Room

Office of Emergency Management

Rochester, N.Y. 14624