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Monroe County Fire Advisory Board > September 21, 2009 Fire Advisory Board Meeting

21 Oct 2009

Fire Advisory Board

Monroe County, New York


       Maggie Brooks                                    Michael McHenry

County Executive                                    Chairman


Monroe County Fire and Ems Advisory Board

Meeting Agenda

Date: September 21, 2009




VOTING MEMBERS: D. Coon, M. Cholach, G. Johnson, S. Manchester, J. Lemcke, D. Sweet, L. Ritz, M. Burnside, A. Sienkiewicz, L. Sutherland, A. Way, W. Lightfoot, G. Johnson, T. Bane, M. McHenry,

EX OFFICIO: V. Pratt, S. Schalabba, C. Dunn, T. Frost, C. Fish, M. Terzo, T. Czapranski, R. Verdouw, M. Meisenzahl., J. DeLisio, D. Pfersick, D. Quartley


A)            Call to order the Fire and EMS Advisory Boards 7:00 p.m.


B)            Pledge of Allegiance


C)            Moment of silence for fallen emergency services personnel


D)            A quorum was present.


E)            Introduce any new guests/members in attendance


F)            Fire Advisory Board Report – Mike McHenry


G)            EMS Advisory Board –Tim Czapranski


Advisory Board

·      Communications will be going out to EMS agencies regarding a future EMS study.


·      The fall semester is underway and enrollment was greater than anticipated for EMS, so we have added an additional section that will start in October and will test in March. We have 126 students enrolled or reserved in an EMT class this fall with space for people in classes in Greece and Henrietta.

·      Effective with the Spring 2010 semester, students will need to submit their verification of agency membership forms BEFORE the start of class. This has always been the NYS Policy for funding eligibility, but we have been advised that there will be stricter enforcement. Similarly, students in the CME Core Classes will need to verify that they are enrolled in the CME program and acknowledge that the reimbursement for those courses will go to the agency providing the core education.

·      Persons interested in the MCC Paramedic Program should contact Jennifer Levey at 585-753-3710 to receive application information. Applications will be screened starting in November. The course will again be 15 months in duration. It will start on January 6, 2010 and will complete on March 17, 2011.

·      The Spring and Summer 2010 EMS Schedules will be released in early October.

·      If you have any questions or concerns about EMS education, please contact Paul Bishop at 585-753-3712 or pbishop@monroecc.edu .


·      Had a meeting w/Dr. Donniger for the command structure regarding H1N1.  Tim Czapranski will be the liaison and Dr. Cushman will be posting information on MLREMS Website.

·      There will be a limited supply of the H1N1 vaccine. 1st available round will be the Flu Mist. The criteria is a bit different but all information is listed on the MELREMS website http://mlrems.org/ .

·      There are two concepts for vaccine distribution to EMS and Fire agencies.

                        1.  East/West distributions

                        2.  Distribute by 5 Battalions, 1 per day for 1 full week.

                                    If your agency is interested in being a hosting location please                                                 contact Tim Czapranski.

·      Monroe County requested 200,000 doses of the vaccine.

                        Q.  Are first responder’s families included for mentioned vaccines?

                        A.  Not at this time.

                        Q.  What are the criteria for the target groups?

                        A.  All criteria is listed on the MLREMS website.




H)            Public Safety – Steve Schalabba


LDC (Local Development Company)

·      Steve Bowman is out of town and Steve Schalabba discussed the proposed funding model being considered for Public Safety Communications which consists of forming a LDC or Local Development Corporation.   This forward funding model would allow us to better refresh outdated technology sooner, provide access to stimulus money, and overall - provide a better environment to manage our complex communications infrastructure.  A special meeting of the County Legislature is scheduled on this matter for next Tuesday September 29th.  If you have any questions or require additional information please contact Steve Bowman.


I)            Fire & EMS Communications Committee – Al Sienkiewicz

Communications Manual: Please see Power Point attachment with these meeting minutes. All questions/comments should go to Al Sienkiewicz at asienkiewicz@rochester.rr.com. All feedback should be given by mid October.


            Q.  Can there be wording in the manual for automatic mutual aid on all working             fires?

            A.  Al will be looking into this.

            Q.  Is or can manual be NIMS compliant?

            A. Al will be looking into this with Muffy.


J)            Fire Coordinator’s Report – Steve Schalabba


Car 800:

·      Effective midnight October 1st The County Fire Investigation Unit will begin handling all fire investigations for the Greece Police’s jurisdiction. All of the fire chiefs in the Town of Greece have been notified and a letter to ECD will be sent out later this week.

·      Thanks to all of the fire departments who participated in the Smoke, Flames and Courage event this past weekend. A special thanks to Assistant Fire Coordinator Schalabba and to all of the deputy fire coordinators who made this event happen.

·      Thanks to everyone who participated in the 9-11 Memorial Service and a special thanks to the Hilton Fire Department for supplying Quint-260 for the flag display in front of church. A first reminder that Monroe County will have the lead role in next years service and that I will be discussing this in detail at Executive Chiefs meeting.

·      Executive Chiefs Meeting is on schedule for Wednesday, September 30th, 7 p.m. at the PSTF. An agenda will be sent to the chiefs later this week.

·      Congratulations and best wishes to the Spencerport and Churchville Fire Departments on the opening of their new fire stations.

·      Deputy Fire Coordinator Gary Johnson has decided to ‘Retire’ at the end of this year after serving the County very well for the past 9-years. We thank Gary and wish him well going forward. A posting for 1 deputy fire coordinator in Battalion 4 has been sent out to the 4th Battalion departments.

·      Earlier in the year, a committee was formulated to review fire related issues at 911/ECD. Based on numerous developments over the summer, I’m re-thinking this committee and our position for this review group. I will explain this in great detail at the Executive Chiefs Meeting next week.

·      The matrix for mutual aid to the City of Rochester is completed, approved and in the hands of the ECD. This topic will be discussed in detail with the county fire chiefs next week.

·      A reminder that the Fire Service Awards & Recognition Dinner is October 8th at the Diplomat Party House. Please call asap for tickets as none are being sold at the door.

·      I want to thank the Henrietta Fire District, Chief Jim Comstock and all of the county companies who conducted a joint purchasing effort for pager batteries last month. Buying in bulk reduced the cost significantly.

·      In August, Monroe County was requested to deploy into Cattaraugus  County for storm related work. My thanks to everyone who deployed with short notice and a special thanks to Deputy Fire Coordinators Chris Fish and Vince Pratt for their leadership. The 9 fire agencies who responded mutual aid were honored by our County Executive earlier this month.

·      Planning for H1N1 virus is active and we’ll keep everyone informed, through our EMS Bureau, of impact to the fire service.

·      A special thank you to all of the Monroe County fire departments who attended the funeral services for the fallen Buffalo firefighters. We estimated that 300 firefighters from Monroe County attended.

·      We are actively planning a hostile action based drill at Ginna Station for late October and formulating a task force response for the drill. This is a federal drill and required. More details will follow later this month.

·      I expect to return to limited duty later this week, thanks to everyone for the calls, emails and cards!!!

Car 810:

·      16 Level 0’s since our last meeting – 8 of these were incidents “over the roadway” and included spills of hydraulic oil, gasoline,  herbicides, and even 2,000 gallons of corn syrup on the Bay Bridge.  There were 5 incidents at fixed facilities and 3 at residential properties.
The HazMat Team celebrated their 25 years of service to the community and recognized Mike McHenry, Jim Buorngione, and Mark Leszczynski for their service.
Special Operations – we were just notified today that we’ve been awarded $99,788 from the NYS Office of Homeland Security’s 2009 Technical Rescue/Urban Search and Rescue Grant Program.  We will be moving forward in the coming weeks to capture this money as soon as possible.  A total of $500,000 was available under this program for the entire State and our application received the largest award.  Good news!


K)            EMS Coordinators Report – Tim Czapranski

            See Letter G


L)            Public Safety Communications – Rich Verdouw


Digital Paging


  1. 2-way digital pager devices

·      Current firmware version: 1.20 build 18

·      M1501’s are available

·      CRS working towards a minimum order of 100 pieces before going to Hahntec

·      Extended service plan for M1501 pagers went into effect July 1, 2009

·      Approximately 90% of the customers have taken advantage of the Extended Service Plan

·      M1503 should be available in late 2010


  1. 2-way digital paging system

·      Gateway – Joe Grillo

·      Acceptance testing data collection has been completed by Radio Center

·      Data is available for review by the Board


Narrowband / Simulcast

·       Skywave Communications should be finished with simulcast of  Fire 2,3,4 right after the end of the year   


Additional Working Frequencies

·      Canadian rejection on several frequencies for 2nd time

·      United Sates Licensing is now re-engineering the applications for re-submission to Canada again  


M)            Emergency Communications Department – Dave Quartley

·      New class starting October 26th approx. 10 people.

·      John Merklinger will be addressing the Fire District Officers on 9/24/09 regarding CAD project progress

·      John Cassman is encouraging all to register their cell phones with Hyper-Reach.

·      Currently preparing for H1N1 virus

·      Fire dispatchers are currently going through mandatory training


N)            Office of Emergency Management – Muffy Meisenzahl


·      Storm units were sent to Cattaragus County (Gowanda) to assist with flooding.

·      Emergency Management Assistance Team also went (3 deployments) to assist setting up incident command.

·      Currently recruiting members for the Emergency Management Team

·      Wildfire Academy at Brookhaven Lab the last week of October is being attended by 16 members of the Emergency Management Assistance Team. (12 from Monroe County). The UASI grant will be covering the costs for these people.

·      Hostile Act Task force Team will be training on site for the first time at Ginna.

·      H1N1 – ICS Planning Committee will be looking into all resources in the community.

·      Mark Leszczynski’s father passed away unexpectedly.


O)            5 Minute recess while boards relocate for remainder of meeting


P)            Approval of FAB Meeting minutes from May 2009


Q)            Communications received – Mike McHenry


R)            Committee Reports


            1.            Mutual Aid Plan – Dave Coon

                        Mutual Ai Plan will be presented to the Legislature at October’s                                                 meeting.




            2.            Fire Investigator – Mike Burnside

                        Year to Date            194            (184 on 9/19/08)

                        Incendiary:            21            (10.8% up from 8.7% in 2008)

                        Structures            114

                        Vehicles            74

                        Juvenile Referrals                        93

                        Referrals since last meeting            41


            3.            PSTF Training – Vince Pratt

                        Enrollment exceeding anticipated level 

                        FTE’s up

                        Many improvements and upgrades to Training Ground

                        New Facility Manager at PSTF


            4.            Strategic Planning subcommittees – Al Sienkiwicz

                        Nothing new to report


S)            Fire Department Reports:


            1.            Rochester Fire Department – Steve McClary


            2.            Airport Fire Dept. – Todd Bane

                        Crash of Classic Jet w/minor injuries to pilot, no after crash fire

                        Training with Gates Fire District (cross training)

                        Will be training with Rochester Fire Department


            3.            East/West Side Coordinator – Hank Wehner


            4.            1st Battalion – Vince Pratt

                        2 Working Fires

                                    Ridge Culver 2 story house

                                    Fatal Fire St. Paul 2 story house

                        West Webster had a high speed motorcycle crash (fatal)


            5.            2nd Battalion – John Lemcke

                        13 Structure fires (10 house, 2 Comm Build, 1 Apt.)

                        8 Structures outside of Battalion (2 Kendall, 3 Holley, 1 Medina, 1                                                 Hulberton, 1 Clarendon)

                        2 Rescues requiring off-road vehicles

                        1 Rope rescue


            6.            3rd Battalion – LJ Sutherland

Several working fires

1 Technical Rope Rescue in Penfield District

Training scheduled for Saturday

Adopted a Battalion OPS Manual

Thanks to 2nd Battalion for help with Laski presentation


            7.            4th Battalion – Gary Johnson           

                        1 Fire in Chili

                        1 Fire in Gates

                        Multiple Fatal accidents

                        Search in Churchville Park           


            8.            5th Battalion – Mike Terzo

Car hit by lightning

Water Rescue Training                                               


T)            Monroe County Volunteer Fire Chief’s Assoc. – Dale Sweet

Appreciation Dinner October 8th at Diplomat

Next meeting October 14th


U)            Monroe County Fire District Officers Assoc. – Sherman Manchester

                        Next meeting October 24th, John Merklinger will be at this meeting

                        Topics of interest:

                                    Commercial Drivers License

                                    Consolidation information

                                    Chapter Amendments

                                    Spoke at Dallas East Division meeting

                                    Fire Chief’s/Dist. Officers still pressing state in a lawsuit on                                                  Rope legislation


V)            Monroe County Vol. Fireman’s Assoc & FASNY – Larry Ritz/Alan Way

                        State Chaplain’s Assoc. lost their head Chaplain at a Line of Duty Death


W)            Monroe County Legislature – Willie Lightfoot

            Nothing new to add


X)            Rochester City Council – Ben Douglas


Y)            Monroe County Supervisory Assoc.


Z)            Association of Villages – Bill Carter


AA)            Fire Marshal’s Assoc. – Chris Dunn

            Meeting in October

            YMCA Inspections will now be done by the Department of Health           


BB)            Burn Association – Paul Schwartzman


CC)            Any Other Reports


DD)            Old Business


EE)            New Business


GG)            Motion for adjournment – Mike McHenry

                        Meeting adjourned at 2014 hrs.



Next meeting is scheduled for Monday November 16, 20097:00 p.m.

The Public Safety Training Center

1190 Scottsville Road Room

Office of Emergency Management

Rochester, N.Y. 14624