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Monroe County Fire Advisory Board > September 2016, FAB Meeting

20 May 2017



 Fire Advisory Board (FAB) Meeting 

Date: Monday, September 19, 2016 

Meeting called to order at 7:02 PM with a quorum. 


• Mr. Robert Burns was introduced to the FAB as the Interim Public Safety Director. 


Communications - No communications received. 


FAB Chair Report – no report. 


EMS Advisory Board Report – no report. 


Fire & EMS Communications Board Report – Chairman Fish noted that Skywave Communications was in attendance at their last meeting on 9/15 to discuss the delays in resolving simulcast issues being experienced for the past year along the NE portion of Monroe County. Fish also noted that the group discussed the current state of the communications project and next steps. 


Fire Coordinator Report – S. DeRosa 

• Overall, a very active summer for the Fire Bureau, field responses for fires, technical rescues, training and community outreach were all quite active and busy throughout the summer months. 

• Two specific incidents that I’d mention include a chemical suicide in the East Rochester area. I’d like to commend our hazmat officers, team members and our EMS and law enforcement partners for a job well done with a very rare incident. I’d also mention an incident in late-August at the Shires of Culverton where over 100 residents were evacuated and medically monitored because of a gasoline leak that sent explosive levels throughout the 3-story complex. Again, a great job to our mutual aid fire companies, EMS and to our hazardous materials response team. 

• Battalion 4 and 5 deputy fire coordinator terms are due to expire at the end of this year and we’re working with the fire chiefs in those battalions to bring this to a close. I’ll have a report on this at the November Fire Advisory Board meeting. 

• Abe Crews, an 18 year veteran of the Juvenile Fire Intervention Program, has officially left the County for a new residence in the South, effective September 1st. I’d like to publicly thank Abe for 18 years of exemplary service to the County of Monroe as a JFIP Officer. We are currently in the midst of bringing on an investigator for JFIP and will be prepared to publicly announce the candidate at the November Fire Advisory Board Meeting. In the interim, Anne Crumb continues to handle the work load for JFIP. 



We are still awaiting approval for a Clerk-II to replace Lauri Ruiz who left the Fire Bureau earlier this year. Hopefully, someone will be on board for the November Fire Advisory Board Meeting. 

• A reminder that Executive Fire Chiefs Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 28th, 7 PM, at the PSTF in Room 117-A. Aside from our normal quarterly reports, we have guests coming to discuss the upcoming stair climb, the mutual aid plan for nursing homes and elderly care facilities and a project update for the Communication Project by the County. 

• As most are already aware, The Pericle Study is completed and has been distributed to all parties involved with the Communications Project. The County is looking at the study and has a somewhat clear path to continue this project. A meeting of all involved parties will occur sometime in late-October or November. For this Board, a project manager will be announced, a project timeline will be discussed as will a deadline date for end user equipment to be ready for conversion. 

• Diane Cook from the Fire Bureau Office is accepting reservations for the upcoming Fire Service Awards Dinner and Program. Please call Diane at the FB to reserve seats or tables for this event. 

• I’d respectfully request that a page be set aside for Past Henrietta Fire Chief and Past 5th Battalion Deputy Fire Coordinator Harold Page, who was laid to rest on May 17, 2016. 

• I’d respectfully request that a page be set aside for Past Egypt Fire Chief and Past 3rd Battalion Deputy Fire Coordinator Harold “Bumps” Mance, who was laid to rest on May 22, 2016. 

Fire Investigation, JFIP, MCFB training and the hazardous material and special operations information were provided as part of the Fire Coordinator’s report. 

EMS – no report. 


Radio Center – no report. 


ECD – no report. 


OEM – no report. 


Mutual Aid Plan – Committee will be in place for the November 2016 meeting. The goal is to have a draft proposal of changes to the Plan at the January 2017 FAB meeting. 



Department/agency/battalion reports were provided (no record of information provided). 


New Business – Chairman Fish reminded attendees of the upcoming collection drive for the Wounded Warrior Program. Chairman Fish also requested that formal agency/battalion reports be emailed to Fire Coordinator DeRosa to assist with the minutes. 


Next FAB meeting is Monday, November 21, 2016, 7 PM, PSTF 117 Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm