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Monroe County Fire Advisory Board > January 2017 FAB Meeting

20 May 2017

Monroe County Fire Advisory Board Meeting

January 23, 2017


Meeting Location:  Monroe County PSTF, 1190 Scottsville Road, Room 117B

Voting Members Present:  Lawrence Ritz, Ken Love, Ken Bowers, Steve Andrews, Thomas Santillo, Chris Fish, Christopher Dunn, Mike Terzo, Kevin Bardeen, Steve Williams.

Voting Members Absent:  John Schreiber, Tom Zsatko, Randy Jensen, Anthony LaFountain, Fred Ancello, Adam McFadden, William Carter

Ex-Officio Members Present: Joe Lisso, Tim Kolmeier, Bob Duemmel, Chuck Marshal, Thomas Indiano, Aaron Hiller, Jay France, Paul Schwartzman, Jim Herbst.

A.             CALL TO ORDER:  1900 HRS

B.             PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  Led by Chairman Fish


D.            QUORUM PRESENT?:  YES




Ø  Motion to accept the September 19, 2016 meeting minutes made by Mike Terzo, seconded by Tom Santillo. Motion carried.

Ø  Motion to accept the November 21, 2016 meeting minutes made by Ken Bowers, seconded by Tom Santillo. Motion carried.


Ø  Letter from Fire Coordinator Schallaba listing the Deputy Fire Coordinators for 2017. The letter will be forwarded to the County Legislature for final approval.




Ø  Mary Sue Libratore will be helping with clerical duties of the Fire Advisory Board.

Ø  Letters going out to all the member agencies of the Advisory Board seeking the names of the voting and ex-officio members for the next two year term. The list will be ratified at the March 2017 meeting of the Board, then forwarded to the County Legislature for final approval.

I.            EMS ADVISORY BOARD REPORT (S. Schalabba reporting for T. Czapranski)

Ø  Announced that in 2017, one of the focuses will be regarding retraining of EMS agencies on scene accountability.

Ø  Training will be provided on the final version of Chempack to fire and EMS agencies.

Ø  Multi-Patient Incidence Response Plan. Dr. Cushman will be providing a roll out of the program at the Executive Chiefs meeting in February. Anticipated start date will be March 1, 2017.

Ø  Initial round of MTK Kits (Multi-patient Trauma Kits) have been didstibuted to the Battalions. Requests for additional kits should be made to T. Czapranski. Training kits are available and can be requested through the various Fire and EMS Coordinators.

Ø  Learning Management Systems (LMS) – training representatives from various fire and EMS agencies will be brought together to assemble the content that agencies can use.


J.            FIRE BUREAU REPORT (S. Schalabba)

Ø  Mark Cholach has been appointed the Assistant Fire Coordinator (Car 810). Currently seeking to hire a Clerk II and a Fire Training Coordinator during the 1st Quarter of 2017.

Ø  Deputy Fire Coordinators Jensen, Hiller, and Indiano will be reviewing and updating the Monroe County Fire Mutual Aid Plan. This plan was last updated in 2012. The plan was successfully put into action during the Christmas Eve fire at the Irondequoit Highway Garage.

Ø  Next Executive Chiefs meeting will be February 8, 2017 at the PSTF, Room 117B. Topic will be Dr. Cushman rolling out the Multi-Patient Incidence Response Plan.

Ø  Union Hill Fire District no longer providing fire response to Town of Webster, effective December 2016. Union Hill Ambulance will remain unchanged. Union Hill fire responses are being dispatched by Wayne County.

Ø  P-25 Trunked Radio System – the Fire Bureau will be reconvening the Operations Workgroup to identify and advance critical issues associated with the functional aspects of the system for the users on the street and the dispatch center.

Ø  The Fire Bureau is partnering with the 3rd Battalion and several other fire service organizations to bring Retired FDNY Battalion Chief John Salka to Monroe County on March 4th for a tactics and leadership based training program.

Ø  The Deputy Fire Coordinators met as a group in early January at ECD to discuss a number of Fire Bureau related items.  The group was given an opportunity to review the new fire dispatch area at ECD.

Ø  The Fire Bureau congratulated Chief James Comstock of the Henrietta Fire District upon his retirement from the Henrietta Fire District. Mark Strzyzynski will become the new Chief.

Ø  The Monroe County Hazardous Materials Team responded on 58 hazardous material responses in 2016. Sine the last meeting, they responded to a Level 1 at Kodak Park Building 332 for a chlorine odor. There was also a response by the Special Operations Unit to Honeoye Falls to assist the Medical Examiner with a case.

Ø  The training schedules for both the Hazardous Materials Team and Special Ops team for 2017 are out.

Ø  The 2017 Monroe County Fire Bureau Directory has been sent out via email.

Ø  Spring FF 1 starts on January 30th with a class of 20. There will only be one class in the spring and it will run until June 14th. The two fall classes will start June 19th and run until the end of November. There are also plans in running a boot camp.

Ø  Fire Bureau training notices have been distributed.

Ø  Fire Police – There is an ongoing issue with fire police training and its ability to be delivered by OFPS in our region. While the Fire Bureau does not deliver this program, we will keep the fire service aware of any new developments on this matter.

J.                    PUBLIC SAFETY DIRECTOR (T. Kohlmeier for B. Burns)

Ø  Tim Kohlmeier is the new Emergency Manager of Monroe County.

Ø  Tim Kohlmeier is the new Radio Project Manger for the trunk radio project.

Ø  Currently working on securing the Security Director position and the Weights and Measures Director position for Monroe County.











Ø  Attended Fire & EMS Communications Board on January 19, 2017.

Ø  Sub Groups for trunking sye

o   Operations – T. Kohlmeier

o   Technical – R. Verdow

o   Finance – Chief Financial Officer -  Bob Franklin

§  Ginny Verhagen – Grants

o   Training – Mark Cholach

Ø  Kohlmeier and Schalabba to meet with Chiefs to roll out program and address issues.


Ø  All of the audio visual equipment at the PSTF has been upgraded or replaced. Contact Jay France if you have questions.

Ø  All the classroom computers are being upgraded.

Ø  Purchased two Cyclone engines from Brighton Fire Department. 

Ø  Rescue 4 from Airport to PSTF. PSTF getting more students from Canada.

Ø  If any department is disposing of any old equipment (hose, tools, equipment), contact Jay France to see if it can be used at the PSTF.

M.                PUBLIC SAFETY COMMUNICATIONS (J. Herbst)

Ø  Complaint received about in-building coverage along the lake shore.

o   Equipment and parts are being assembled from stock – Quantar is no longer being manufactured.

o   FCC license application is going to a frequency coordinating agency at this time for F-5.

o   Will work on installation of equipment and antenna system.

Ø  Trunk Site Addition

o   Pericle has recommended a fourth additional site to be located in the Sweden area.

o   County Real Property is working on securing land for site.

o   SEQR is next inline to be completed for all four locations.





N.                  FIRE INVESTIGATIONS (S. Williams)

Ø  2016 Statistics

o   291 Total Jobs ( increase of 7% from 272 in 2015)

o   185 Structure Fires (increase of 5% from 176 in 2015)

o   77 Vehicle Fires (decrease if 3.75% from 80 in 2015)

o   13 Other types of fires (decrease of 13% from 15 in 2015)

o   196 Accidental Fire Causes in 2016 (18% increase from 166 in 2015)

o   59 Undetermined Fire Causes in 2016 (8% decrease from 63 in 2015)

o   17 Incendiary Fire Causes in 2016 (34% decrease from 15 in 2015)

o   3 Natural Fire Causes in 2016 (Equal to 2015)

Ø  2017 YTD

o   15 Fire Investigation jobs to date

Ø  Juvenile Fire Intervention Program

o   2016 Statistics

§  41 Juvenile Fire Referrals in 2016 (increase of 127.75% from 18 in 2015)

§  Zero Juvenile Fire Intervention referrals to date.

O.           ELECTIONS (M. Terzo)

Ø  There has one nomination received for Board Chairman and one nomination for Board Vice Chairman.  Voting will be conducted at the March meeting of the Advisory Board.

P.              AGENCY REPORTS

Ø  Airport Fire Department

o   Firefighter Matt Krym has been promoted to Captain and will be the new Training and Inspection Captain.

o   Hired a new Firefighter, starts January 30, 2017 and is going to Montour Falls in February.

o   2016 Statistics

§  371 Events for the year

§  21 Alert 1’s

§  15 Alert 2’s

§  11 Ground Incidents

§  1 Ground Emergency

o   December call of significance – December 29th – bomb threat.

o   2017 Statistics

§  15 events

§  3 Alert 1’s.






Ø  Battalion 1 (Steve Andrews)

o   2016 – 22 working fires, 2 Special Ops calls and 2 Hazmat Incidents

o   Training – Situation Awareness training in 2016.

Ø  Battalion 2 (Joe Lisso)

o   2016 – 42 working fires

o   Since last meeting of Advisory Board 10 working fires, (4 in North Greece,  3  Spencerport, 2 Brockport, 1 in Hilton) and a Level 1 at Kodak.

o   Five new Chiefs in the Battalion

Ø  Battalion 3 (T. Santillo)

o   1 working fire in Pittsford, 2 in Brighton, 1 in Fairport

o   7182 fires in the 3rd Battalion with 33 that were working fires)

o   Three new chiefs in the battalion

Ø  Battalion 4

o   One new chief (Clifton FD)

Ø  Battalion 5

o   Two working fires since last meeting.

o   Three new chiefs in the Battalion


Ø  New Officers

o   Ken Love – President

o   Doug Case – 1st VP

o   Scott Zampatori – 2nd VP

Ø  Next meeting March 8 at Spencerport Exempts at 7pm.


Ø  MCFDOA held its 75th Installation of Officers dinner on January 14th.

Ø  President Tim Warth has reorganized the officers into two lines of responsibilities.

o   Ken Bowers will focus on external organizations and the lines of communications and representations from and to our organizations (example, Advisory Board, County Leaders, etc.)

o   2nd VP Linda Andreano – will focus on internal matters such as education of members, membership, speakers at meetings.

Ø  MCFDOA has begun collecting data from all member organizations on where they stand with their position of being ready for meeting the 2020 transition to the trunk system.


Ø  MCVFA is in the process of collecting membership dues for 2017.  It should be noted that MCVFA is no longer collecting dues for FASNY membership.

Ø  The essay contest is being judged at this time.

Ø  MCVFA sponsoring bus trip for the 125th Anniversary of the Firemen’s Home in May. Applications for the trip are available at mcvfa.com.


Ø  2017 Officers

o   President Rick Tracy

o   Vice President Jeff David

U.            Finger Lakes Regional Burn Association (P. Schwartzman)

Ø  Greg Merrick has stepped down as President of the FLRBA but will remain on the Board.

Ø  New Officers

o   President – Anne Marie Gefell

o   Vice President / Treasurer – Scott Valpey

o   Secretary – John Spalding

Ø   Burn Awareness Week – Week of February 5th

Ø  Albert Paely Event, April 29th.

V.             OLD BUSINESS

Ø  None


Ø  A motion was made to have Steve Schalabba as Sam Derosa’s replacement on the Operating Practices Council.  Motion voted on and carried.

NEXT MEETING DATE:  March 20, 2017, 1900 hrs, PSTF, Room 117A


Respectfully Submitted,


Christopher Dunn
Vice Chairman / Acting Secretar