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Monroe County Fire Advisory Board > March 2017 FAB Meeting

20 May 2017

Monroe County Fire Advisory Board Meeting

March 20, 2017


Meeting Location:  Monroe County PSTF, 1190 Scottsville Road, Room 117B

Voting Members Present:  Lawrence Ritz, Ken Love, Ken Bowers, Tom Indiano, Aaron Hiller, Chris Fish, Christopher Dunn, Mike Terzo, Kevin Bardeen, John Schreiber, Tom Szatko, Randy Jensen.

Voting Members Absent:  Anthony LaFountain, Fred Ancello, Adam McFadden, William Carter, Steve Williams.

Ex-Officio Members Present: PJ Jakubowski, Al Sienkiewicz, Alan Way, Tim Kohlmeier, Bob Burns, Steve Schalabba, Jeff David.

A.             CALL TO ORDER:  1903 HRS

B.             PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE:  Led by Chairman Fish


D.            QUORUM PRESENT?  YES


Ø  PJ Jakubowski from ECD


Ø  Motion to accept the January 23, 2017 meeting minutes as posted. Motion made by Mike Terzo, seconded by Ken Bowers. Motion carried.


Ø  None





Ø  Mary Sue Liberatore (Fire Advisory Board Secretary) was out of town tonight and Christopher Dunn will record the minutes of the March 20, 2017, Fire Advisory Board meeting.

Ø  Letters going out to all the member agencies of the Advisory Board seeking the names of the voting and ex-officio members for the next two year term. This names need to be submitted by the May 15, 2017 meeting of the Fire Advisory Board, then the list will be forwarded to the County Legislature for final approval.


Ø  No report provided. 

J.            FIRE BUREAU REPORT (S. Schalabba)

Ø  Coordinator Schalabba thanked all the Monroe County agencies for their efforts during the recent weather events (wind and snowstorm). The wind event on March 8, 2017 resulted in a significant call volume that has not been seen since the Ice Storm of 1991. The Fire Bureau will be working with OEM and the rest of the Public Safety Community to review areas for improvement for future events.

Ø  HazMat/Special Operations

o   The Monroe County Hazardous Materials Response Team (MCHMRT) assisted with four Level 0 HazMat incidents since the January 2017 Advisory Board meeting. All of the incidents involved minor petroleum type releases to the environment.

o   Team-based and outreach training with our local fire agencies has been active during the 1st Quarter of 2017.

o   There is a meeting scheduled with our regional hazmat team partners (Genesee County, Orleans County, Wyoming County, Livingston County, Monroe County, and the City of Rochester Fire Department) this week to discuss group purchases for 2017 as well as some planned group training, which will be detailed in subsequent reports.

o   On January 25, 2017, the Special Operations Units from Monroe County and the City of Rochester responded into Lakeville, Livingston County, for a recovery effort of a body inside of a rail hopper that contained fertilizer. Prior to the actual recovery effort, units removed the material in the hopper with the ResQVac system and a Monroe County DES vacuum truck.



o   On March 18, 2017, the Webster Fire Department declared a Level 1 Special Operations Incident as an added resource for an incident they were working at the Webster pier where two people were floating on an iceberg in Lake Ontario. The individuals were brought to safety with the assistance of the US Coast Guard and fire units on scene.

K.                    PUBLIC SAFETY DIRECTOR (B. Burns)

Ø  Tim Kohlmeier has been appointed as the Deputy Public Safety Director.

o   Responsible for the Fire Bureau, EMS Bureau, 911 Center and Public Safety Communications and serve as County Emergency Manager.

Ø  Director Burns shared his observations from both of the Storm Events.

o   Thanked all that were involved in the Storm Event.

Ø  Andre Evans was appointed to the County Safety and Security Administrator position. This job encompasses keeping county buildings and employees safe, runs the county video system, and county security alarms and will be doing active shooter training.

Ø  The Governor has proposed to raise the age of juvenile delinquency from age 16 to age 18. This means that 17 and 18 year olds will be dealt with in Family Court rather than town or county courts with some exceptions (murder). This will increase number of arson cases going through family court. 

L.            Deputy Public Safety Director / OEM Manager (T. Kohlmeier)

Ø  Monroe County is coordinating the assessment of the damage assessment and costs exposures of local municipalities related to the wind storm of 3/8/2017.  There is a NYS Damage assessment team working in our local area to assist with eligibility for State or Federal reimbursements.  There isno commitment or indication that we will reach the thresholds required (Federal threshold is $2.7M, the State threshold is $27.7M), but we will not know until we have the costs summarized.  This calculation is to include the costs of the local fire departments response as a part of the overall impact.   


M.                FIRE & EMS COMMUNICATIONS BOARD (C. Fish / T. Kohlmeier)


Ø  March meeting was cancelled.

Ø  Operations and technical committee will begin meeting about radio status.

Ø  Coordinator Schalabba and Deputy Public Safety Director Kohlmeier will meet with all the fire chiefs and representative organizations




N.             PUBLIC SAFETY TRAINING CENTER (J. France) *Note: The notes from Jay France were submitted after the meeting of the Advisory Board.

Ø  Approval was given to build a structure to house the PSTF apparatus.  The anticipated plans call for a 3 bay double deep building at a cost not to exceed $250,000. The building will be situated between the technical rescue building and the current truck bays at the fire training grounds.

Ø  If any department is disposing of any old equipment (hose, tools, equipment), contact Jay France to see if it can be used at the PSTF.


Ø  Currently one Firefighter 1 class going on through June. Looking to schedule Boot Camp.

o   Based on the number of students that sign up, there may be more classes scheduled for the summer and fall.

Ø  All training has been posted through June to the County Training Officers

Ø  We have an instructors meeting scheduled for April 4, 2017 at 1800hrs with our newly appointed OFPC Fire Protection Specialist Kathy Way.

Ø  The State has changed the Boot Camp course.  The new program will be a blended nine week learning course, alternating between hands on and online training. The orientation will be on May 11, 2017.


Ø  Ten trainees out on the floor going through the telecommunicators class.

Ø  Ten people out on the floor training as 911 operators.

Ø  Looking to hire another ten at the end of May – June time frame. Currently conducting interviews.

Ø  Reviewed events during the recent winter events.

Ø  Storm After Action report will be written.


Q.                PUBLIC SAFETY COMMUNICATIONS (T. Kohlmeier for R. Verdow)

Ø  There have been some communications concerns with EMS radios and the Public Safety Communications Department is aware of it. The issues are being addressed with Harris Communications, the EMS Coordinator and the Public Safety Director.





R.                  FIRE INVESTIGATIONS (S. Schalabba for Steve Williams)

Ø  53 Investigations to date.

o   36 Structure fires

o   14 Vehicle fires

o   3 Assists

Ø  Calls of significance since last meeting

o   3/12/17 – 131 Bradford Road, Henrietta (Double Fatal Fire Investigation)

§  Call was dispatched at approximately 0302hrs. Henrietta arrived to find a well involved fire in a single story ranch. Following the fire suppression, (1) female victim was located in a first floor den that was utilized as a bedroom and (1) victim was located in the basement, which was utilized as his bedroom. Fire is undetermined at this time.

Ø  Juvenile Fire Intervention Program

o   6 Juvenile Fire Intervention referrals to date.

S.           ELECTIONS (M. Terzo)

Ø  To be reported on under new business.


Ø  Airport Fire Department

o   No calls of significance since the last meeting.

o   During the wind storm, the damage was limited to part of a wall at a hanger (Kodak Hanger), some loose roofs on hangers and only lost power to one building. Flights were still taking off and landing on the crosswind runway during the winds.

o   During the snow we never closed. Main runway and taxiway were open. But flights were cancelled as we could not fly to the hubs because they were closed.

o   Snowbirds are still coming on Wednesday May 17th. Emergency Services meeting will be the week before the event.

o   FAA Airport Emergency Plan annual review meeting will be in June.

o   Airport Disaster Drill will be in September 2018, probably going to be a weekend. The exact date has yet to be determined.

o   Construction has started at the terminal. Gutting our east and west of the checkpoint.


Ø  Rochester Fire Department (Tom Szatko)

o   Two concurrent classes at the fire academy. One is about half way through and the second will be completed in about four months.

o   RFD just took possession of a new Protectives rig.

o   RFD is also taking possession of two new trucks, one being displayed at the upcoming FDIC.

o   Deputy Chief Stadler will be retiring from the RFD.


Ø  Battalion 1 (Tom Indiano)

o   4 working fires (two in Ridge Culver, one in Pt. Pleasant, and one in Webster)

o   One extended vehicle extrication that involved Webster and West Webster.

o   Ice rescue in Webster

o   Webster and West Webster assisted Penfield Fire at a fire on Creek Street.

Ø  Battalion 2 (Randy Jensen)

o   4 working fires since last meeting (two in North Greece, one in Brockport, and one in Hamlin Morton Walker)

o   Rochester Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

§  Inaugural 9-11 Memorial Stair & Family Walk

·      Saturday, June 3, 2017 – St. John Fisher College

·      7:30am Registration – 8:30am Event starts

·      Firefighters, Fire Department, Family, Friends and Entire Community

o   Climb with turnout gear if you choose

·      $25 per person. Includes T-shirt and FDNY 343 ID Tag

o   Looking for Sponsorship fort-shirts

·      Looking for volunteers

o   11th Annual Golf Tournament

§  Sunday June 4th and Monday July 5th

§  Deerfield Country Club – Brockport, NY

§  9am/10am on Sunday & 8am/9am on Monday

§  $100 per person – Several sponsor package are available

§  Looking for Volunteers





Ø  Battalion 3 (A. Hiller)

o   2 working fires

o   Recent 3rd Battalion Training with Chief Salka from FDNY was a success with close to 250 people in attendance.


Ø  Battalion 4 (C. Fish)

o   With the exception of the storm events, it was quiet.

Ø  Battalion 5 (M. Terzo)

o   Two working fires since last meeting. One in Honeoye Falls and the fatal in Henrietta.

o   Mark Hanson is the new chief in Honeoye Falls and Mark Cholach is a new career chief in Henrietta.


Ø  March meeting was cancelled due to poor weather

Ø  Email was sent out with 2017 Goals, and meeting dates

Ø  We are looking for a 5th Battalion host for the November 8, 2017 meeting.

Ø  The Board of Directors has decided to vacate our seat on the Communications Board. A decision on a delegate for the future to be announced.

Ø  The County Chiefs will be solidifying our 501(C)(3) status to become a federally tax exempt organization.

Ø  The Chiefs made a $500 contribution towards the 3rd Battalion training with FDNY John Salka.

Ø  The County Fire Chiefs also supported the County HazMat team at their end of the year gathering.

Ø  The next meeting will be May 10th at the Bushnell’s Basin Fire Department. This will be a joint meeting with the Fire Bureau. We will cover any Association business then go into an Executive Chiefs meeting. This was designed to reduce the number of meetings that we attend.


Ø  Monroe County Fire District Officers Association’s Past President Ken Preston is running for 2nd Vice President of AFDSNY.

Ø  The 2017 Annual Meeting for AFDSNY will be held on April 20-22 at the Desmond Hotel in Albany.

Ø  Next meeting for the MCFDA is April 27th in Henrietta.



Ø  MCVFA is sponsoring a bus trip for the 125th Anniversary of the Firemen’s Home in May. Applications for the trip are available at mcvfa.com.

Ø  MCVFA will be sponsoring a golf tournament on August 21st out in Chili.

Ø  Last years Essay Contest winners have been announced and all recipients have been awarded.

Ø  In conjunction with receiving their new piece of apparatus, the Protectives will be holding an open house at their quarters.

Ø  MCVFA President Christopher Dunn reviewed two pieces of impending State Legislation.

o   Senate Bill S.773 and Assembly Bill A.1691 regarding the endangering the welfare of a first responder by making illegal modifications to structures that create a safety hazard.

o   Senate Bill S.1411 and Assembly Bill A.771 regarding the expanded cancer coverage in the fire service.

Ø  FASNY Home Trustee Al Way reported:

o   FASNY Convention August 9-12 in Liverpool. Training and golf tournament on August 11th.

o   Recruit NY is scheduled for April 29th and 30th. Press conference scheduled on April 25th at a location TBA.

o   The Firemen’s Home is up to 86 residents.

o   The plans for the 125th Anniversary of the Home are underway.

o   If anyone has books, CD’s, DVD’s or fire department items to donate, please send them down.


Ø  The annual Monroe County Fire Marshals and Inspectors code enforcement training seminar will be held at the on May 16 -18, 2017 at the West Webster Fire Department.

Y.            Monroe County Supervisors Association (R. LaFountain)

Ø  Absent – No report submitted.

Z.            Monroe County Legislature (F. Ancello)

Ø  Absent – No report submitted.

AA.              Rochester City Council (A. McFadden)

Ø  Absent – No report submitted.

BB.            Monroe County Association of Villages (W. Carter)

Ø  Absent – No report submitted.

CC.            FINGER LAKES REGIONAL BURN ASSOICIATION. (S. Schalabba reporting for P. Schwartzman)

Ø  On April 29, 2019, there will be an annual benefit event for the Finger Lakes Regional Burn Association known as the Gateway to Healing. This 7th annual event is an art showcase & auction at the Paley Studios. For details visit their website at www.flrba.com.

DD.             OLD BUSINESS

Ø  None


Ø  Nominating Committee Chairman Mike Terzo conducted the elections for the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Monroe County Fire Advisory Board. There was one candidate for Chairman (Chris Fish) and one candidate for Vice Chairman (Christopher Dunn).

o   Election results:  Chris Fish, Chairman, Christopher Dunn, Vice Chairman.

NEXT MEETING DATE:  May 15, 2017, 1900 hrs, PSTF, Room 117A


Respectfully Submitted,


Christopher Dunn
Vice Chairman / Acting Secretary